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^^ Was you there?? .... No, Nobody know's what happened apart from JC and the presenters #1.4
DX11 current version moving to DX12 API is my guess for one of the delays, along with other reasons.

I am happy to wait regardless, got so many games to get through as it is #17
I agree with the scope/scale thing but come on,
"Fully Antialiased, Anisotropically filtered, 1080p, 60 FPS"

This will never happen with consoles, they can barely manage FXAA/SMAA #3.1
Another one bites the dust #7
Fine for me. Its not been down at all #14
Alienware Alpha is being sold as a console and btw, consoles are closer to Alienware than they are the old gen systems so you could say that it is a console #1.1.3
Same for me, is yours a digital copy? #6.2
You keep saying stupid low price like its a bad thing???

And people are disagreeing with you because of your statement, "when u look at this for a bundle its really desperate" #1.3.7
Agreed but still, Razer headphones imo can produce good quality sound whatever price bracket.

I was looking to get some turtle beach headphones but from past experience, you need to spend at least £150 on a pair to be satisfied with both audio and mic quality.

I hope these deliver a great experience on both at a reasonable price #2.1.1
When you look at the recommended and minimum requirements for PC, this is no surprise. There is a hell of a lot going on in this game on screen at once be it AI or game world debris.

A solid 30 fps should still be fine though #11
I have a pair of Razor Tiamat's 7.1 for PC, I love them, especially if you have a decent dedicated sound card with 7.1 output. I have pretty high hopes for these as I am yet to invest in a decent pair of headphones for my xbox. #2
Near on 2GB and I still can't run it properly on a GTX 770. Oh and to top it off, I am now crashing which I never had problems with before :/ #2.1
Agreed #9.1
@Salooh " If they want to be gay then they should keep it to themselfs " Want?... I am not sure if you know but being gay is not a want or choice. For goodness sake, some people. #10
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Motorbikes confirmed #19
Unlocking the framerate on ps4 may give you 60fps, but I would not get your hopes up it will be solid. I can guarantee the fps will fluctuate alot. Some people may be able to put up with it but others may just lock it to 30 for a better overall experience. #2.2.4
Also on PC, has been for a while in early access. Exclusive is not the phrase that should be used here #3
@Hellsvacancy - Most modern PC games use around 4GB of ram. Some games at higher settings can use near on 6GB or ram #1.1.2
Wow the OP must be bored or something. Why would you compare betas for two completely different games with two completely different audiences? #3
Agreed, the way they circle you rather than charging at you. The way they stop and stare at you and the way they clamber around trees and jump from cover to cover is very creepy indeed. #1.1
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