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Doesn't matter. This happened to me aswell and had to restart the save #1.1.5
No, meditation and good preparation with potions are your best friend. Bloodborne lol #1.1.4
Lol the downvotes? Wtf, you console guys have no idea haha #1.2
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Its f**king awesome with a wheel. Thats all I can say.

I have played 1000s of hours on forza series and loved the handling model.

Now I can't go back after PCars. I'm sorry if people disagree but imo.... its up there with the big boys #5.1.2
@rdgneoz3 Pcars is most certainly releasing on all platforms minus Wii, on the same day. I also was a backer and have had the game since 2012.

Here is some gameplay of the final PC build #1.2.2
@darthv72 - The S4 doesn't work from what I read.


Projection of premium content is not supported. Projecting from apps like Netflix or Hulu+ will be blocked by your device as this is protected content.

Devices that enable HDCP protection at all times will not be able to project. like: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

In some instances you may need to remove your Console from your device’... #1.1.4
DC may look better but its what is happening behind the scenes is what you don't see.

Project CARS has a sophisticated physics engine of which greatly makes driving in the wet on DC and P CARS to completely different experiences.

Yes DC looks better, but i'd rather go with rain that actually simulates tyre to tarmac friction,traction,temperature etc #11
^^ Was you there?? .... No, Nobody know's what happened apart from JC and the presenters #1.4
DX11 current version moving to DX12 API is my guess for one of the delays, along with other reasons.

I am happy to wait regardless, got so many games to get through as it is #17
I agree with the scope/scale thing but come on,
"Fully Antialiased, Anisotropically filtered, 1080p, 60 FPS"

This will never happen with consoles, they can barely manage FXAA/SMAA #3.1
Another one bites the dust #7
Fine for me. Its not been down at all #14
Alienware Alpha is being sold as a console and btw, consoles are closer to Alienware than they are the old gen systems so you could say that it is a console #1.1.3
Same for me, is yours a digital copy? #6.2
You keep saying stupid low price like its a bad thing???

And people are disagreeing with you because of your statement, "when u look at this for a bundle its really desperate" #1.3.7
Agreed but still, Razer headphones imo can produce good quality sound whatever price bracket.

I was looking to get some turtle beach headphones but from past experience, you need to spend at least £150 on a pair to be satisfied with both audio and mic quality.

I hope these deliver a great experience on both at a reasonable price #2.1.1
When you look at the recommended and minimum requirements for PC, this is no surprise. There is a hell of a lot going on in this game on screen at once be it AI or game world debris.

A solid 30 fps should still be fine though #11
I have a pair of Razor Tiamat's 7.1 for PC, I love them, especially if you have a decent dedicated sound card with 7.1 output. I have pretty high hopes for these as I am yet to invest in a decent pair of headphones for my xbox. #2
Near on 2GB and I still can't run it properly on a GTX 770. Oh and to top it off, I am now crashing which I never had problems with before :/ #2.1
Agreed #9.1
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