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So, I can stream my Steam games on it? Which would be shit considering that when I try to stream my PS4 games to my Laptop or my Xbox One smart glass through my laptop it's LAGGY AS FUCK. It takes up too much bandwidth. I even have high speed internet.

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Well of course, all consoles have the same hardware. Unlike PC, where everyone has different setup.

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I could care less, i'm not buying it for different reasons. Like, it has the name Ubisoft attached to the game...

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Announce partnership with Sony for Cross plat play.

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Let's not forgot if you already owned Minecraft on the 360, you get the Xbox One version free.

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Super Mario Maker is the only game i'v really been playing. Nintendo doesn't have a great library imo.

The last couple of generations all of Nintendos games are brightly colored, fruity pebble looking children games like Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Zelda, Wonderful 101 and Sonic Boom. Or even further more, games for all the Weeaboos out there with their anime related games.

Where are all the gritty games? ZombiU was a start but it all went down hill. No Rema...

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I stick to making levels based off the original games. None of this retarded Kaizo crap or whatever it's called.

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Unless the Half-Life movie is actually a continuation and titled Half-Life 3, I don't see it being too good. I'll watch it for what it is though.

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Battlefield 1943 was 30fps and it turned out to be pretty damn good. idk

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I should try to trademark the name Kardashian.

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I just used my Xmas bonus to buy an Xbox One last weekend. I know own all current gen consoles. So fuck you. I do what I want.

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I have a 360 and a PS4. I really only want an X1 for Forza. PS4 has no racing simulators out right now.

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This list is pretty terrible.

No gears of war? No Soldier of Fortune: Double Helix? ANY Mortal Kombat game? Lame article.

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Bought this the day it came out without a pre-order and traded it 3 days later. Stopped playing after Blops1 because the series is getting stale. Got this hopping things changed. Nope.

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How the fuck would anyone from Valve know? They don't even make games anymore. lmao

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Nice, instead of a hand full of dick bags running you off the road now there will be 3 hand fulls.

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Quake Wars: Enemy Territory should have gotten more love. The Battlefield fans should have liked it.

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I liked Rage. What I didn't like abut Rage was the fact the MP was only combat racing. An iD game with no FPS deathmatch? Lame.

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Your everyday person walking past the TV will NOT notice a difference. I'm sorry.

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So is steam refunding them or is the developer?

I mean, if I made a game that was incomplete (or even complete) and people were trying to get a refund, it would be pretty hard for me, the developer to refund their money because i'd probably already had spent it all on a nice new Lambo. lol

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