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Quake Wars: Enemy Territory should have gotten more love. The Battlefield fans should have liked it. #4
I liked Rage. What I didn't like abut Rage was the fact the MP was only combat racing. An iD game with no FPS deathmatch? Lame. #1.5
Your everyday person walking past the TV will NOT notice a difference. I'm sorry. #1.7.5
So is steam refunding them or is the developer?

I mean, if I made a game that was incomplete (or even complete) and people were trying to get a refund, it would be pretty hard for me, the developer to refund their money because i'd probably already had spent it all on a nice new Lambo. lol #5
Have a PS4 at the moment and been waiting for a reason to get the X1 and now I need to relive one of my favorite 360 series. #9
Not sure why. Most people don't even notice a difference between 720 and 1080. #1.7
But PC master race... lol yea right. #1.11
I see the value. It's worthless because at the end of the day all those nifty and costly features aren't going to keep you from being rekt. #41.1.1
"somewhat cartoony" You mean like the majority of Nintendo first party games?

Yawn. #32
I better see some penis insertion. #8
Yes it is. It's a piece of plastic. The meterials used to make it are inexpensive. In fact even the standard PS4, X1 controllers aren't even worth the $60 price tag. They are worth $45 at most.

The Wii U game pad is the only one I can see that should cost around $100 give or take due to the fact is had a damn touch screen built into it.

So you added a new d-pad and added little plastic finger things on the back. That doesn't warrant an extra $50.... #41
I would love it if Turn 10 made a Rally game. DiRT 1 was the best. Then they went down hill. #11
Borderlands, I disliked that game. I wish they had stuck with their original plan of having it look more life like than a cartoon. #2.2
I hate water levels! I already know some sick minded people are going to create abominations that take place in the water! lol #2
They are working on some big games. They wouldn't just create source 2 just for a game such as Dota 2. #2
Well, BF2 was also great fun as well as 2142 and even the original 1942. I think that's the reason I liked them the most. They didn't have all these weapon attachments and hundreds of gadgets. It was simpler times and everything just clicked and work and everything was balanced. So IMO, Star Wars should be a great success. #1.1.1
I'm ok with an Arcadey Battlefront. Battlefield 1943 was arcadey and it is my favorite BF game aside from BC2. #1
As a PS4 owner I disagree. I think Microsoft destroyed.
Morpheus wasn't even shown at all. They had no new peripherals or hardware to show. The only thing that is getting people talking about Sony is FF7. Then I watched MS and they have that Holo deal with Minecraft which looked damn legit and a new game pad... i'm jelly. #14
That's the issue. All they had was Zelda. People tire of the same old games from Nintendo. Mario and Zelda. Whoopy...

Although, Mario Maker is legit... that's about all i'm interested in from big N.

Nintendo needs to bring in third party companies or they will continue to produce crap focused towards children. Nintendo's generation is grown up and requires more grown up games. #2.3
I would love to know what blockbuster games you're comparing it too.

It's not Call of Duty.
It's not Battlefield.
It's not GTA.
It's not even up there with Mario... #11.1.1
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