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iPhone X was my choice for the X hardware this year. Already have a gaming PC, so not much point to upgrade my S.

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Um what are you talking about? They released a few patches with a big one fixing the animations and looks of NPCs in ME:A.

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This is a very shoddy analysis. They base that "ultra" is the same as XB1X just because it says 4k. There are a lot of settings that could be on the PC version that you adjust that might be lower and can't be changed on XB1.

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Can we stop with these stupid "release date leaked by retailer" stories? They are guesses on the retailers part, I bet Sony doesn't even have a solid date yet.

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FYI A TV having hdmi 2.1 does not equal having all the features.

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Nor will any probably until 2019.

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Thanks! This will help me afford all the P5 DLC!

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Article is a bit out of date now. It should be recommending the 7 series lineup from LG.

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Sounds clickbaity. Was anyone really caring how it compared to FFXV? They are totally different games.

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Yeah, after playing the first few hours myself and reading through this I can say this article is pretty off the mark. Like taking their opinion of the script and story direction so far as undisputed fact (it's fine so far). Also gotta love how this writer put in "no one plays Mass Effect as a guy, right?" when BioWare's ME3 statistics show 82% of people played ME3 as male shep.

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Yeah, CDKeys doesn't really count as a place to cry doom for a game. You could get it for just as cheap a few weeks before launch there.

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I'll always be a resident of Vita Island.

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When will the day come we all realize a release date posted on a retailer before the official announcement means nothing? R* probably doesn't even have a date yet.

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Good for them, was a really great experience and I hope we see more from them soon.

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This is from the same site that said the Uncharted DLC would be based on Sam, so.....

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Really? So how much are you/did you buy The Bioshock and Skyrim Remasters for? Cause we got them for free :). If that's second class along with better graphics and mods, i'll take it.

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Breaking news: Game creator likes games.

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Where did you buy it? If it was eBay you should be able to get your money back.

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Um, you know the codes were for Xbox and PC right? your comment makes no sense regardless.

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