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When will the day come we all realize a release date posted on a retailer before the official announcement means nothing? R* probably doesn't even have a date yet.

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Good for them, was a really great experience and I hope we see more from them soon.

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This is from the same site that said the Uncharted DLC would be based on Sam, so.....

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Really? So how much are you/did you buy The Bioshock and Skyrim Remasters for? Cause we got them for free :). If that's second class along with better graphics and mods, i'll take it.

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Breaking news: Game creator likes games.

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Where did you buy it? If it was eBay you should be able to get your money back.

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Um, you know the codes were for Xbox and PC right? your comment makes no sense regardless.

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Why would you want them to announce a game long before it's ready to be released?

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What a non-story. Yes nothing will really be out until PS4 Pro.

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Too bad you won't be able to afford the game :P.

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@Paytaa I don't think you know what the word literally means.

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Will save you a click, you can't.

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I hate false narratives, Oculus is doing fine shipping issues aside which have improved a lot.

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Wow, to one of the nicest guys in the industry too.

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Um how is any of that what you mentioned?

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What? GT isn't even doing reviews anymore.

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Pretty sure they have that already.

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God no don't do that. Talk about a huge waste of thier talent that have matured far past a simple platformer.

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More colors doesn't equal better graphics. The amount of detail and attention given to everything is unrivaled.

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You can't kill what was already dead. They are just letting it rot out in the open for longer.

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