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ND is owned by Sony, all their IP's are owned by Sony as well. You'll never see a ND game in any other platform besides a Sony platform.

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Don't forget all the fleets of the galaxy are stuck on Earth (either devasted or not) because all Mass Relays were destroyed.

Also don't forget that you get a better ending in the singleplayer by...playing the multiplayer! That can't be fixed with cutscenes lmao that just plain ridiculous, just like all the choices you made throughout 3 games didn't matter in the very end.

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Let's hope it's not the 'it was all a dream' ending also known as 'The Indoctrination Theory' lol

It will determine either Bioware completely ruin the game with the poor writing and storytelling if it was indeed something else and brilliant.

Sincerely, ME3 reminded me of 2 endings. The inFAMOUS 2 endind (chose one, save all and sacrifice, chose another, put everything at risk and stay alive) and the end of Evangelion (that creator thin...

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I'm srls addicted to the Vita.
I bought it last month, finished Uncharted and well, then I dropped it. But now I've been play FIFA and Rayman, and I even prefer playing them on the go than on my PS3.
And I'm buying Gravity Rush soon as well as MGSHD and AC Liberation. I don't need dozens of mediocres games, I just need a handfull of great games and it's on!
My DS is collecting dust since Pokemon Black (I only have the DS for FF and Pokemon xd)

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This is hilarious. Multi play games that came out months ago. More Mario. A generic Zombie game. Ok, Rayman Legens, but that's it? Oh wait, they have Wii Fit U and SiNG!

Srls, can people be so blind about Nintendo? Face it, Nintendo is pure shovelware and casual crap now.

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No one cares about hardware. People care about games. Give me a consola or a potato, I'll take the one that offers the best games.

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It's just a big ass 3DS. Atleast it could have a significant hardware improvement. But no, it's just the same 3DS, just with a bigger screen. I'd expect a 3DS Lite or something like that, but a XL version? I don't remember the DS XL being that sucessful...

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Just wait until he discovers about Beyond lmao

David Cage vs Roger Ebert!

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GTAIV was awful and sold millions and has a current 98 metascore so R* has nothing to worry about really

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WatchDogs was not playable. How do you judge a game by a trailer?

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How is this a killer? It's just a generic Zombie game that uses some gimmicks in order to make the Wii U look actually necessary.

The game looks good, it looks fun. But far from a killer or a great launch title.

I wonder if Sony or MS announced a game like this, it would be a disaster and a fail...

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Apple dominates the online music industry with iTunes and has both the iPod and iPod dominates the mobile market with the iPhone and dominates the tablet market with the iPad, and has a significant margin of market with the Macbook Pro. At any market Apple is in, they're winning, they're dominating.

MS can't do the same. W8 and W7 are just poor copies of the MacOS. This Surface tablet seems like a poor atempt of finally entering the tablet marke...

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You have the WiiMote and WiiMotion+ so it's not that stupid to mistake the WiiU to a Wii peripheral...all you see about the WiiU is a controller. All you read about it, it's about the controller. Nintendo never talked about the console, no specs, very few photos. Besides, calling it WiiU is plain absurd.

Besides that, casual gamers buy the Wii. If they hear about the WiiU or see a photo of the controller, they will surely think it's a Wii peripheral.

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Batman and Mario? You're delusional...Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, Mass Effect, CoD, Portal...those should've been there.

CoD shaped FPS and Uncharted shaped the action/adventure games, what did SMG and Batman did? lol

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Journey is my GOTY until now, fantastic work thatgamecompany.

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I remember buying a 64mb memory card for the ps2 for 69 euros...daaamn it sure looks ridiculous now, but it was a huge improvement from the 8mb memory card the ps2 had.

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So you're comparing a puzzle game to a fighting game?

That's like comparing chess to MMA. That's just ridiculous.

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Than that means games like TLOU and Beyond running in a 6 year old hardware are pretty much humillianting the pc games that are supposed to look 24x better that those!

Hey, but let's pretend Uncharted 2 never existed and never owned all the other games graphics back in 2009.

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And if you really think SMG reviews make it the best game of this generation...lmao

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So the PS3 and Xbox360 Slim would also be next generation? They're the next iteration in the consoles cycle, just not technology wise, but specs wise.

The ones who are confused about this next gen thing are Nintendo. They are afraid to show specs or release dates. Why? Even if it's not that powerfull, it can outrun a 6-7 year old hardware. Or it cannot?

We ask these questions because Nintendo has given no information at all. We know the same about the...

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