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I call it therapeutic persistence

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People should prove to not be idiot before posting articles on internet.

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I think some Japanese devs are tards.
It would help a great deal to make the game in Japanese (voice over and text) and English (text only) from the very start.
That would cut costs and make games ready for EU/US distribution.

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30+ years of gaming didn't tought him anything.
What an idiot

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The point is very very simple.
PS3 owners will move to PS4.
Not every XBOX360 owner will move to XBOX1.
Not every multiple console owner will buy the XBOX1 or will buy the PS4 first.

That's the simplest and most realistic way to see things.

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Absolutely a perfect gift.

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Cliff Of Duty

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Save the WiiU.
Put it out of his misery and shame.

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Big question to the WiiU owners...
If the WiiU fails and Nintendo releases a new hardware in 2015, will you buy it?

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Can't say clearly means it's not exclusive and it's ok.
Third party devs should stop making exclusives because it's not good for the business.

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Tameem begged for the hate he received and then started to whine.
You reap what you deserve.

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I pity everyone that still believes to Microsoft.

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@Dj7 and Brucis
That's the kind of silly reasoning Nintendo fanboys in denial use.
It's only in a store...poor morons, if the fanbase wants to support a game, they move their asses and buy it.
Also...blaming piracy...1.8 mil pirated copies.
Besides you might have pulled that number from your sorry ass, that means that part of Nintendo user base don't buy games.

The series would have been better dead wi...

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Then you make some other dishes because you don't have that famous meat available, that are good but not as good (Vanquish, Anarchy Reigns, MGRising).
One day you get again the special meat and someone (Nintendo) pays to have that meat to a party open to some friends (Bayonetta 2).
The dish is prepared with care and few show up to the...

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You my sad little prince charme, are just in denial.

See them bomb hard won't be the developer failure if they make a good game.
It's a business choice failure, and it's worse than making a bad game.
So didn't understood anything

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The limited line-up is what killed the game first and foremost.

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Can't wait to see them bomb hard.
Really, someone smart that wants a future in game developing wouldn't put stuff exclusively on a WiiU

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As a Sony fanboy I signed it for the LULZ :p

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Hello Grib! ;)
I'll buy PS4 because it's a gaming system first and foremost.

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Good read.

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