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It probably was a similar situation to MS and Gears. I bet it cost them nothing to get exclusivity considering Epic hadn't made many massive hits.

I wonder how much Agent cost Sony, must be a hell of a lot considering GTA Timed DLC cost $50ml.

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Actually he says "Xbox Play".

OT: I can kinda understand why they wouldn't allow this but they should have the option for "Xbox Off."

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LOL at the "TM" in the title.

Every year its the same, people should just give it up now.

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So Killzone, price cut, MGS4, LBP, GT5 etc all failed to do it so whats next on the list then?

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This should teach the fanboys don't hype a game just cause it a PS3 exclusive. I can see a lot of them saying sales equal quality now.

Either the games industry has very low standards or you are wrong, I'm gonna go with your are wrong.

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Does he think we are all blind or something. >_>

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They just spend too much time on it, games that take over 5 years to complete after being announced don't seem to live up to their hype.

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So they decided not to give it a score, clever tactic, should help the meta score.

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No need to cry now, you still got the second best driving sim :)

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Wow they even brought Forza into it, very shocking scores so far.

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And there you have it. Solid game but not AAA.

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I think its all due to the delay.

I'm not 100% sure about this but when it comes to TV ads etc you have to book your slot in advance, my guess is they had slots and had to give them up due to the delay and now all future slots had already been taken.

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Wow, lets hope this doesn't reflect the majority of reviews or there could be some serious meltdowns tomorrow.

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I can see all those things happening except for:

1. Buying a big publisher like ZeniMax. That won't happen, if a studio is making tons of multiplat games it doesn't make sense to go exclusive since all the people who can program for multiple platforms will be wasted, plus the company will be making a third of the profit they would normally. Bizarre or Harmonix are more likely.

2. Live being free won't happen. It makes MS around 1bl a year they won...

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"Those games got to reviewers early - the embargos were to ensure magazine exclusivity and no bad reviews before release"

And GT5 is no different.

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So the review embargo is for release day, interesting...

@Cold 2000
Exactly, when MS did it with Kinect there were tons of articles saying it was because MS was scared of the scores. So what does this say about Sony's confidence in GT5...

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Thats pretty surprising considering the PS3 version had the exclusive ad campaign.

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I guess this is only for the US cause in the UK Kinect is all over Coca-Cola bottles and I'm serious btw.

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