I miss a good arcade.

Omega Zues

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I love the creativity and dedication Nintendo fans have, and absolutely respect that.

However, given Nintendo history of armed lawyers with an almost cult-like view on destroying every fan made project in existence. Why bother?

Why put hundred, if not thousands of hours into a project, just so Nintendo can smash it into the dirt?

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Bingo. The Jaguar Cpu, while affordable is far from a benchmark breaking piece of hardware. Depending on how a title is developed, it could be heavily CPU dependant. As you pointed out, there's very little difference between the Pro and X CPUs.

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I might get some flack for saying this, but honestly, this is nothing new when dealing with Nintendo. In fact, I wasn't surprised in the slightest. This really has become Nintendo M.O, dealing with a product that has some popular buzz but underproduces any decent amount of units necessary for demand. Its why scalpers LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Nintendo.

Not kidding about that, Scalpers love Nintendo like you wouldnt believe. They made so much bank from Amiibo, their still rollin...

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I expected nothing less from gameondaily. Wished N4G had slightly better filters to prevent such obvious abuse for clickbait. Some articles rightfully bring up just arguments but this is not one of them.

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Well don't forget that when a game sells the studio doesnt get the full $60 of profit. For example:


Now thats not the most legit graph out there but it more or less shows depending on the situation, publishers, ect that for some studios, they only make around 50-60% of the full retail price.


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Hey Nice! Great memory there. Its always crazy to read a post from like 2001.

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The article is actually doing the opposite. Its trying to trim down people expectations. Also the site doesn't have previews or reviews...

Kind of hard to stop reading what it doesn't have.

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haha, Its ok to dream.

It would be interesting to see a single player component, maybe some side games you can play offline?

You never know, Yoshi-P is always listening to fans.

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Whew, talk about spinning and taking something completely out of contexts.

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I still remember the huge advertising that Samsung had for the big 3Dtv debut and sadly no one is talking about 3D anymore.

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Satya Nadella is committed to the Xbox Brand, that doesn't necessarily mean hes committed solely to the Xbox One.

Think about it.

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uadf hiwl wj ii en gf jwf cg uwgdh dsksh

Sorry about that, my jaw dropped to the floor. Made it hard to talk.

Bloodborne cant come soon enough.

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Honestly, I wished they stuck with the original design. In many ways the previous version represented what Valve trying to be and also bring to the living room. Something different.A choice to have PC in the living room.

Now it appears their trying to directly compete with other consoles with this controller. Sure the previous version touch screen could of been some what distracting but it wouldn't be a deal killer. It could open so much to customization and notification ...

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I hope this isn't true. I want a game console, to play games. Not some bloated os that I can watch hulu+ with. There's already 100 other devices that can do that. All cheaper too.

Come on Sony, give us the PS4 we dream of. 7gb for games!

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What I hope they do, is have a version for it on the PS4 with additional graphical touch ups. So if you have a PS4, you would receive some benefits to owning it. Faster load times, better textures ect.

I would be perfectly happy with that.

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Wait? Whats that? You want us to continue waiting?

Man, where have I heard that before?


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My money is on that MS next xbox will be aimed more towards a tv set-top box. Its been known for a long time MS has been wanting to be the number 1 media device for the home theater. They've also mentioned that its other devices out side of gaming they see more of an competitor for the living room space.

Not to mention MS been working with content providers for years, all the leak specs point towards a multimedia approach.

Which in all honesty. Is a good...

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This is why I love Kojima and his studio.

With each product, they continue to push the envelope. Its something this industry needs.

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When you break down each piece and look at the cost, The PS4 should cost Sony around $499 to produce. So, if they sell at $449, their only losing slight profit. A consumer would only have to purchase 2 two games and that loss on the console sold would already be made back.

Of course retailers will also have tons of bundles as well.

However, while I agree $599 is a tad to high, $499 seems reasonable. For consumers the $499 price has been the sweet spot, for ...

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Personally, full native 1080p at 30fps is all I could ask for. While 60fps is neat, I cant say it did any wonders for Rage. But im sure theres going to be a ton of games supporting 30fps & 60fps.

However, anything below 1080p would be insulting.

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