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Hello everybody! ^_^

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It must be nice for them to get the PS4 out with its competition. Greatness is here fellas. ^_^

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If it was a Legend of Dragoon sequel or even a remake, I would squeal unspeakable things. That is my all-time favorite game. :D

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I seriously can't wait for this! I started this series back in 2002 and here's hoping that I can finish the Xehanort Saga in 2015. :D

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I absolutely can not wait for this game! Here's hoping that Sora gets to meet Darth Vader, Iron Man and the Toy Story crew (since Disney owns these franchises,) along with traditional Disney characters! I'm so pumped! :)

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Oh my goodness....that translator. :o

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Assassin's Creed: Modern Warfare
Coming to a store near you holiday 2015

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Multiplayer ruined gaming. So many games this generation did NOT need a multiplayer mode. Seriously, Dead Space 2, Bioshock 2, the Uncharted series, GoW: Ascension, and Mass Effect 3 didn't need that crap.

The XBone isn't going in a direction that interest gamers. It can only do anything!....oh and it plays games too. I can't wait to see which company puts up a bigger fight to stay in the game.

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Seriously, this makes me kind of annoyed. Microsoft will NEVER be the place for gamers. I have nothing against the fans, and I truly wish for MANY great games (like Titanfall) to be released on the XBone for you guys; $500 is a lot for a console with no support. Their direction for the XBone as a home console includes it doing "everything" and as a gamer, that is bad news. Personally, I had all 3 consoles this Gen. Each had their ups and downs but sadly I never had online capabiliti...

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It's because games five years ago were actually worth my time and money. Games today are just DLC, DLC, and more DLC (with a few exceptions). But seriously, I want it to be like it was in the past, where I could actually unlock things in-game (secret levels, characters, guns, etc) without dishing out a dime. The "flair" is gone now, only to be replaced by graphics...

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You can have any color, as long as it's black.

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Okay, this is literally the coolest in-game hint ever if this is true! Naughty Dog is seriously an amazing company, and I simply cannot wait until The Last of Us! :3

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Folderception. :o

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I mean...it DOES look cool, but I just wish GameFreak could funnel their resources into more original ideas. Hopefully the next gen is full of *new* Pokemon, not just add-ons of the previous ones; I hope that they don't use the 3DS only to showcase all of the available Pokemon. There just has to be that "flair" that was their when I was a kid, and the game will be amazing. :)

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This is amazing, and I had a few laughs. Stuff like this makes me happy that the internet exists. xD

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That was a good read; Luigi's my guy, so I'm happy to see Nintendo focusing on him more than his brother for once. :)

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After great sales from the acclaimed X-Men Series, A-Men tries to step into the limelight.....aaaand trips. :/

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I seriously hope Square Enix is planning on localizing this game. I know that Jesse McCartney tweeted about himself voicing Roxas in a new Kingdom Hearts game, but still. Only Japan has gotten the Final Mix versions of the games so far, and this would be a GREAT idea to bring them to the rest of the world using HD remakes.

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Well, there still could be a small chance that it is Stahl, but even if it isn't, and it is Visari or Orlock, why would it take 30 years for them to extract revenge?

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So.....what happened to Stahl?
Who is that guy?

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