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I disagree, I think it's efficient if they do have them fixed on time, it means no time has been wasted.

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To be honest, I don't think many of those titles were actually underrated. MM, BG&E, Okami, ICO and Grim Fandango are very frequently referred to critically. Crash Team Racing is something most people I know have played at some point, and Far Cry 2 sold well and got good reviews, even if people were a little disappointed once they had bought it.

As for criticising the list, I felt that the more I played FC2, the more I saw the same things happen over and over again. W...

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The lighting and the backdrop look amazing, but everything else looks surprisingly lacklustre for CryEngine 3. Is this a Work In Progress? If not, I'm a tad disappointed (assuming this is PC).

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I'm not so sure. People are really hating on Metacritic at the moment, but I find it's an excellent judge of what games I enjoy, aside from the occasionally over-hyped game that gets too much praise. If you're talking about User Reviews, people do spam it a lot so that's a bit of a pain.

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Day-umn. Nothing has made me want to complete my Mechanical Engineering degree more than Abrash saying they hire people with it :D. 'Tis the dream.

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Why do people feel like strong opinions and passionate vision for the landscape of gaming makes someone a tool? I really don't understand why people expressing themselves strongly is bad? Gabe Newell gets panned for it, Jonathan Blow gets panned for it, Phil Fish is getting panned for it (to be fair, he was kinda rude). All of these guys make great games, and it's because they have this passion and vision. You really think it's a bad quality?

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Honestly, I started playing this game about a month ago, and while the story is mildly interesting, the gameplay is incredibly boring and puts me off playing through to see the rest of the story. I'm surprised, because I usually love story-driven adventures, but this one isn't doing anything for me :/.

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I think it was more of an open statement, that as ever they are willing to react to the market if needs be, but I think that would've been obvious if you know how Valve work.

On the flipside, Valve have taken a year so far since announcing Big Picture mode. Is it far-fetched to think they could have developed this with dedicated hardware in mind? I myself have been hoping for a method of booting up the PC into Steam and controlling it exclusively with a controller, and I ...

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Hm, well I'm me and I'm not you, so it's difficult to say I know how you feel. But surely spending hours and hours grinding in a game is less efficient than how Valve does it? They manage to make you feel as though you've progressed on the whole without nearly as much time-wasting. I mean, I understand this desire for progression, and how it can feel rewarding in games. After all, I've spent hours in RPG's, especially Fallout 3 & New Vegas, and that feeling of powe...

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I find it interesting. I hate grinding, it IS a chore. No-one can genuinely have pure fun and happiness performing a repetitive, often thoughtless task. The answer is when you say you enjoy it, you are talking about the compulsion and addiction you feel to complete a task simply for the reward at the end.

This is akin to saying you enjoy finding needles in haystacks because you get paid to do it. I would say that other than a very rare type of person, you won't enjoy find...

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I think I believe this despite it being an unfounded rumour. Valve has been successful with this model, and it's the biggest money suck on the software market. I think it's a typical Microsoft move to do that. Whether a whole chain would close its stores due to this I have no idea, it certainly seem farfetched to do that. But yes, if all next-gen platforms banished support for used games, people would just get on with it. I say that, because I use Steam and I've gotten used to it...

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It is slightly worrying that motion controls seemed absolutely amazing but on the whole were a little disappointing, and this is just a pretty cool gimmick.

It'll be interesting to see what they do, but Nintendo aren't untouchable, it's entirely possible this won't do well. Seems like it could go either way.

In any case, I'll probably end up buying it, interesting gimmicks are great and I couldn't miss Pikmin 3 et al.

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It's been leaked FYI. I was tempted to play on the Dolphin emulator, but you can't emulate the Motion+ yet and I don't own an actual Motion+. Looks like I'll be getting the £50 box at Christmas. Should be a hell of a Christmas present anyways :D.

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I agree, considering this game is most certainly going to be looked upon as a major event in the shaping of gaming, and personally I would say the most mainstream/popular game that could be seen as art. I don't think Notch should be nervous either, poor guy should be partying over such an achievement at MineCon instead of worrying, so hopefully that's what he'll do :P.

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100 percent agreed, I don't see this advert working very well at all, it barely shows any gameplay to make up for it either.

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I concur, does anyone know how we can get hold of this or is it just a demo?

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I'm going to agree with everyone, both games are different enough to not need comparing. And let's face it, this is going to cause a flamewar. Personally can't wait to play both. Which I'm gonna play first is something I'm grappling with in my mind atm.

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Well yes, see my comment on the article (posted as Olly), I tried to answer what I thought the article was about but I looked at how people were answering here, and ended up realising he just meandered and didn't particularly make his point.

But yes, this whole concept applies to a multitude of things, it's a decision-confirmation bias. That is to say, 'I've invested in it, it must be better than the alternative or I wouldn't have bought it'. And yet i...

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I preferred Fallout 3 and New Vegas so much to Oblivion. I think Bethesda may just have taken the systems that work best from Fallout and put them in Skyrim (designed dungeons, better levelling, perks, etc).

But at the end of the day, I couldn't give two craps about the gameplay, because this game is so freaking beautiful, it's just gonna be a massive tech demo for my new PC. And I don't mind paying 30 quid for that scenery haha.

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I'm just gonna put this argument here:
It cost me £350 to get my PC built for me by a company about 3 and a bit years ago (plus a cheap surround sound kit). At the time the PS3 was more expensive and the Xbox 360 a little cheaper.
The only thing I've changed in my computer is adding some extra RAM for about 50 quid.

According to the wild claims around here of PC's being monstrously expensive, my computer ought to be fairly useless. It's no...

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