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Steve Gibson said 'during fiscal 2013,' so anytime after March 2012, I think.

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Oh yes, good prediction! A Move bundle at a better price would be most welcome, and sure something SCE would be considering!

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Can't wait to play the games! So much exciting stuff! ;)

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Stonecold and Rrobba, do you mind if I add those to the list in El33tonline's article, with credit?

There's not a lot of chance most of those game will show up (EyePet and Friends is confirmed, I think, and Agent would be interesting to see at gamescom), but it's all about what we want, not necessarily what will actually be there! ;)

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Definitely! That game is still quite murky in terms of details, but it's sounding very intriguing already. ;)

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Oh dang, I forgot about that!

Do you mind if I add it to El33tonline's editorial? With credit, of course.

*Edit:* Excellent, thanks - added to the article! ;)

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But they're so much 'fun,' especially countdown clocks! ;)

Remember those teases for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Metal Gear Solid Rising? Epic!

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Fixed! ;)

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Thanks for your level-headed response - rare around these parts! ;)

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If you read the full text, you'll see that Tom's request for an 'easy' setting has to do with decreasing the repetition and grind of White Knight Chronicles II, rather than outright ease of play.

Tom played and devoured Demon's Souls and has finished that game multiple times - he thinks it's a high watermark for games in general and loved every second of its difficulty because of the resultant rewarding gameplay. It sounds as though White Knight Chroni...

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Agreed - I don't think a single day would have made an enormous difference (unless the schedule of Sony and its partners ahead of E3 next week is too crazy and it had to go up today).

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Sorry for the market research-sounding questions, but I'm just incredibly intrigued by the visceral negative response Skylanders is getting here. ;)

I had no idea Spyro was a franchise that was so beloved and cherished!

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So what would you rather have in a new Spyro game?

It seems as though everybody would like a return to the original look, that's for sure, but what gameplay features would you rather see over and above what was available in the older games?

Also, Skylanders is directly aimed at a younger audience - do you think a 'grown up' version of Spyro would be better, kind of in the way that Link 'grew up' in Zelda? Or would you still prefer the ori...

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I like that you're so passionate about the original Spyro the Dragon game, but this new one is looking pretty cool, too.

It may be different, but it could still be really awesome! ;)

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Awesome, glad someone else is on the same page! ;)

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It's former self? How long ago was that? ;)

I was referring to the location itself - I've never been to Paris, let alone The Louvre, but I have friends who've been who says it's brilliant. It's probably the number one place in the world I'd like to visit (going later this year - yay!).

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And it's fitting that ole' Christophe Balestra gets to go show the game in France! ;)

Yeah, I'm hoping for some new information and perhaps a few confirmations on recent news - possibly a full demonstration of that Château level!

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Yep, it was already date for the 18th - Electronic Theatre goofed.

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Haha - that's what I played *after* the record attempt! ;)

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I also participated - it was pretty cool knowing that at least thousands of other people were also in there, all contributing to a world record. ;)

Sorry, I don't think they've announced when the shirts will be sent out, or which country has won just yet - we're waiting on press release so maybe they'll let us know then.

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