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Wow, I hadn't thought about it like that but you're right - very astute of you ;)

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It certainly was! Metro: Last Light looks to take 2033's creep factor to a whole new level - maybe even ten! It's incredible, really looking forward to it.

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Who knows! ;)

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Pretty sure non-Elite members will cry foul, while Elite members are happy to get what they can for their subscription.

I'm personally not a believer in Elite's system, where players are segregated until maps are released for 'regular' users, but Activision will no doubt forge ahead with the service.

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The reviewer in question has been playing and dissecting games for roughly 14 years and has thoroughly enjoyed games that use PS Move, like Killzone 3 (he played the entire game only using Move and preferred it that way), Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet 2 with Move and a collection of downloadable titles.

If he says that the controls in Datura aren't up to scratch, I'm definitely going to believe him ;)

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Great article, it'll definitely help out!

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Definitely - it's awesome having tools like that to tinker with on a handheld or mobile, not being forced to sit down at a PC just to make something quick and fun.

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Thanks Gigawatt ;)

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A fantastic read - I wish more journalists would take a step back and look at the industry in such a personal way, using their experience talking with developers and working in this industry to provide such thought-provoking commentary.

Thanks for your insight!

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Definitely! The only question in my mind about the game now is how it plays and controls. Once I've played the demo and I'm satisfied it plays well, it won't be able to release soon enough - Dragon's Dogma looks epic!

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It looks as though there are going to be two full missions to play through - one fighting against the Chimera in the dungeon, and one against the griffin in the fields - quite sizeable I would say!

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Going by recent trends, I don't think the SP is going to be longer, but it will be more impactful and more quality than 2010's game.

Better MP is a given - they'll need to compete with Call of Duty and EA will need to even compete with itself and Battlefield, so I'm guessing something a little different (no vehicles) and perhaps targeting CoD crowd? A two-pronged attack seems likely.

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Very much intrigued!

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Looks and sounds fantastic! The Captivate event has cleared away any doubts about Resi 6 - October 2nd must come sooner!

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It seems no-one can ever agree on Silent Hill ;(.

Our reviewer was enthralled by Downpour, but after reading this review I went looking for other opinions and, sure enough, people hate it.

Welp, combat in Silent Hill has always been its downfall, so hopefully other gamers (and horror fans) and endure it to see everything that Downpour does so well.

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It's an amazing shoot 'em up! A little on the short side for your MS Points, but it can be played over and over, also with lots of extra challenge modes. An awesome game!

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We can hope ;)

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Then you're going play 200 in Borderlands 2! This is going to be an amazing game and with their focus on balancing co-op play, an even better co-operative game.

Like you, I can't wait!

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Thanks for your comment, I'll pass it on to the author ;)

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The DS and Wii are dead *just* yet, if Nintendo and its partners have anything to say about it ;)

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