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Haha, awesome - glad we could help! ;)

Enjoy the show... tonight!

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I agree, the look is very important, especially when the console is first being revealed. There's the possibility that the audience will have an immediate negative reaction which will never really be remedied. First impressions count ;)

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We asked for official information and got details back from an Xbox representative - update included in the post.

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Maximum Time Spent Playing the Beta!

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I agree, Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo could have swooped down from on high and taken Darksiders, for example.

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I think this is just the beginning of the consolidation to come. THQ has been unhealthy for a long while but it managed to limp along for at least two years on core franchises alone, similar to Take 2's strategy.

I wonder if that's the best method of running a company? Relying on hits doesn't seem smart.

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In order for Darksiders to remain 'Darksiders' in the future, you would need to have at least the leads continue to work on the series, in my opinion. Getting Joe Mad back would go a long way to ensuring the look and feel of the franchise remained in tact.

Hopefully Platinum (or some other hero) can come along and save the series. I want to play Darksiders 3 - imagine four-player co-op!

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That would be very interesting, but someone else on another comment suggested a pairing I'd like to see even better than Epic - Nintendo!

Imagine Retro working on a version of Darksiders, providing an answer to Zelda for more mature audiences (or those growing tired of Zelda conventions).

But yeah, Epic would be an interesting fit, too.

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It would make sense, too - Vigil had a great admiration for Platinum's combat mechanics in Bayonetta and Vanquish. Image Darksiders was as tight as Platinum's games?

A little bit of drool just escaped...

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I'm liking this idea more and more - get the leads and talent from Vigil and let Retro work on it... Dreams hopefully can still come true... ;)

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That's a very interesting proposition... that would be a great fit, I think!

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That's unfortunate, Darksiders 2 was fantastic on consoles ;(

Definitely, it would be great to see the whole of Vigil put back together again, or at the very least have someone pick up the Darksiders license and hire the leads.

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Who is upset with the situation? Vigil?

I would imagine so, that's their lives and hopes and dreams taken away from them.

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There's been a lot of concern about God of War's multiplayer, for sure, but it is about time the developers gave fans another (and extended) way to enjoy the series without playing the campaigns over and over again. I'm happy to see even a hardcore God of War fan is enjoying it.

Agreed, it's getting to be very close to The Last of Us, and without E3 before launch to reveal multiplayer, we might hear about it at next month's PlayStation even in the US.

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I certainly didn't mean to downplay Ni No Kuni, sorry - I've been looking forward to the game for years! I'm also very much looking forward The Cave sometime this month.

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There's even more classic DOOM stuff here than DOOM 3: BFG Edition (arguably the best part of that particular package).

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It was intentional - Bleszinski doesn't have to take up any positions anywhere for the foreseeable future and may even want to start his own studio. He might consider an offer from Ubisoft, but he can certainly refuse it ;)

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Wow, thanks for that info - final day one (and week one) sales for Black Ops 2 are going to be very interesting...

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Haha, nice ;)

We're also getting the Nintendoland bundle (the Premium version), but there's an additional ZombiU bundle for a little more. It'll be interesting to see how quickly that bundle sells out versus the Premium and Basic editions.

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Are you a BF3 Premium member?

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