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Thanks very much for your thoughts on the game - Legends is really terrific ;) #1.1
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Hey Mister_Dawg,

Titanfall is a fantastic game, but there's no way I would recommend buying an entire console or expensive gaming rig to play that game alone. If there are other games on the platform that you want to play, then it's a good reason to go ahead with the purchase, but $500 for a dedicated Titanfall machine isn't worth it.

I wouldn't recommend buying any platform just to play a single game - that's wasteful. The Last of Us is a... #1.1
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Fair enough, but the South African team's progress is notable from being unranked in 2010 to becoming a ranked entity in three years.

Also notable is that all of the other countries in the top ten have excellent internet infrastructures allowing teams to practice and play competitively online before attending major events. South Africa's internet infrastructure is severely lacking in comparison.

Maybe the rankings don't mean all that much, but the... #1.1
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Thanks for the heads-up! ;) #2.1
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That's exactly right - the game has been on promotion for quite a few weeks now with the price dropping to £5 and below, so it's probably worth it as a curiosity and piece of gaming history. #1.1
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Pushing digital in the future is necessary to keep prices down, you're right. It'll just take more adoption of the service to make Sony and Microsoft (and Nintendo) brave enough to undercut retailers and cut physical disc-based games out of the equation.

Currently, if platform holders and publishers were to undercut major retail chains with less costly digital games would make their co-dependent relationship very rocky indeed. #2.1
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That's certainly an option that needs to be explored and mentioned in the article - dividing up singleplayer and multiplayer games would lower prices and give players choice over the experiences they want.

It is very strange that prices (mostly outside of the US) are going up by such a lot for the next-gen. #3.1
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That definitely bears mention - it's strange that the US prices are locked at $60 but in the UK (and South Africa, too), next-gen game prices are going up by some margin.

Fight the good fight! ;) (But Killzone is looking worth it... sigh ;( ) #1.1
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It's all perspective, I'm glad you had a flawless time with the game ;) #2
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Currently only looks like it's announced for PC, but we can only hope. #4.1
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Wasn't comparing sales at all, the key word here is 'ahead.' Once GTA V is out, the UK Charts will be dominated for weeks so this is the last time Saints Row IV will be at the top. It had a very good run, though, with four weeks at No. 1. #1.1
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Hope so too - it seems like such a fantastic game, but rather empty, gameplay-wise. Great for family fun and young children, but I want more from it. Maybe the gadgets will also help with the depth. #1.1
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Pikmin 3 showed up at No. 2 last week on debut, but fell to No. 15 without much change in the line-up which means that sales of the game must have dropped significantly. That's the tragic part. #1.1
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I think the PS4 will be closer to R5500 - even directly converting the $399/£349 prices points ends up in that region. If it approaches R6000 and over, it's going to have a tough time.

As for Xbox One, it'll definitely be over R6000, but hopefully Xbox SA can keep the price from creeping any further than that. R6500 already sounds far too much. #2.1
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Hopefully it's working soon, then ;) #1.1
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Whatever it is, there's no way it's going to be ordinary... a space-faring dolphin? What could it mean... #1.1
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By all accounts, Driveclub is somewhere in the middle - almost arcadey like a traditional Need For Speed game, but with realistic elements, like in Gran Turismo. #1.1
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What makes you say that? Have you played it yet? #2.1
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Hi there - we've made a change to an advert rendering issue and the site should be more legible on mobile devices.

We're still working on a dedicated mobile version, thanks for the feedback ;) #1.1.1
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I'm afraid it still looks a little shaky in terms of spit and polish and there's no apparent drive to play the game consistently after the novelty wears off, but I think if the game can get its hooks into you, that's when you begin to pick it up everyday and toy around with your creatures and expand your collection.

It just has a very small window in which to get those hooks into players, which is a shame - it seems like a really cool experience with creatures sca... #1.1
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