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QFT metal gear > all

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Awesome bro I just ordered mine yesterday!!! Cant wait till it gets here!!!

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fuck yes! kz shadowfall is gonna be my first ps4 game!!!

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Sony has more and better exclusives than pc does
pc has nothing but a few mmos and rts left
even those are headed to consoles

PS3 and soon PS4 FTW

come at me pc fanboys
lol they have to wait god knows how long just to play gtav and will never get TLOU

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Amen to that!!!!
i want to play dark souls 2 and MGSV on PS4!!!!!!!!!

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You cant stop the kaz train!!!!!!!
what few xbone exclusives M$ has will soon be ported over to the godstation 4 after it obliterates the RROD 2.0 box worldwide in sales

dead rising 3 and titanfall are already on their way over :)

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i still have to preorder my ps4.... let the domination continue

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cant wait for the xbone to fail like it deserves to
whats really funny is all the diehard xbox fans finally seeing the light after years of abuse and now jumping ship lol

get yourself a ps/pc combo and dont look back

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F U M$

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Sony cares about the core gamer and have since ps1
which is why i support them

new ips, ps plus, free online, bluray, quality hardware
1st party studios, diversity,
just look @ the ps3 lineup this year :)

when sony leaves the gaming industry i go with it

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PS4 will the the hardcore console next gen with sony making new core ips left and right this gen (just look @ this year)

WiiU will have nintendo exclusives and and barely any 3rd party support

Xbox3 will have kinect and halo/gearz/fable/forza and prolly a lot of timed exclusive dlc

sorry core xbox fans, M$ has abandoned you again

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hows red dead on pc?
and GTAV? better sign the petition lol

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have fun with kinect 2.0 box rofl

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Mass Effect 1 on PS3 December 4th


time to suck it up xbox fans and buy the best platform this gen

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wheres MGS1 on xbox?

360 dont even have the best one

how can you say your collection will be complete lol

portable ops as well (psp)
its still part of the story

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call me old fashioned but shouldnt it be about GAMES first and all that other crap secondary?

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id rather play metal gear, demon's souls and dark souls than all the shooters and generic crap that american puts out every year

japan has better taste in games
guess what im american

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if sony leaves the gaming industry, i leave with them
they by far are the ONLY company that cares about the core gamer

sadly these days it seems its all about call o dooty and casual shovelware

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my two cents, this game will be fantastic and do as well as uncharted (or better) in sales

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dont feed the troll articles!!!!

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