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"Whole damn game" lulz #4
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Never cared for any of the Halo endings, besides Reach. Definitely agree with Metal Gear choices, i this list was meant to be in order, I'd put 3 on top. #15
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5. A great, "fun" game.

In all seriousness, the backbone of what made RE4 and RE5 fun was there; it's the extra fluff that was added to it, that was bad. 'Too much', is the problem, not what we didn't see/want. #4
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Whether or not Sony is in the legal right, I feel suing the awesome Kevin Butler, would only be hurting Sony. When they think they're protecting their brand, they'll only be shooting themselves in the foot.

The people who don't know who he is, they won't know what this is all about anyway. The only people that would dive into this kind of situation, would be us gamers that know who he is. Taking the time to sue him, would rub us gamers the wrong way and our vi... #27
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Aw, Shenmue III. *sniff*

Looking on how successful the Yakuza series is doing, Sega might see Shenmue as a step backwards or not appealing to today's audiences. I do know that at least twice, developers and the creator himself said they wanted to do it. There was also supposed to be Shenmue online.

To be able to play as Ryu again and walk down the streets of Japan. Ah, memories. #5
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Yes and no.

Yes, because there's a lot of trust issues between us fans and Capcom. And sometimes that mistrust influences our take on the recent games. I don't like Capcom for many reasons, but I feel a 3/10 or below, like all those '0' scores from users on Metacritic are an unfair grade for RE6.

And no, because clearly the game HAS problems with it. This is besides the fact that RE derailed so far from what it used to be. Even when it's t... #16
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That, and I was surprised that it was actually insightful. #1.1
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Turn it into an RPG or Resident Evil racing. Race through the streets of the infested.

What else did Mario and other sports games too. Resident Evil Party. #5
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The charm of Angry Birds was that it's one of the easiest/simplest games to play on the go, since Tetris. Plus it's cheap, with free updates of new levels.

3DS makes sense with the touch screen, though not for $30. Even $15 would be a lot. PS3/360 I don't get however. No touch screen, you're not on the go, and it'll set you back $40.It's just a cash grab. #2
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Though I agree about people being frugal; cause if we have enough disposable income for gaming, XBL isn't that much more. I myself have all three of the systems.

I think it's the principle that's at stake, not necessarily the price. If I paid for the system and games, the internet to play/watch/browse online, Netflix account per month, etc; XBL is just charging me to access what I already am paying for and should have access to from the get go.

It... #19.1
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Krew was simply pointing out, when you said, "Also with XBL, you keep the games, demo's and content even if you stop paying for XBL." As if you can't do demos or the like with PS3 or PS+. Anything besides a free game or 60 minute demo; you keep, including discounted games, DLC content, discounted/exclusive free avatar/themes and such.

To download paid games at all, you need XBL, but PSN doesn't restrict you. The only thing I slightly agree with you is So... #17.1.2
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I've been on many arguments before and don't want to go into much detail, so:

1.) The need for 'online' play on XBOX exclusives I feel is higher than single player campaign games. Therefore, going online for 360 no longer becomes a choice, but something that you 'need'. Besides having a child, I can't imagine any gamer that can survive playing on a 360 without XBL for years. But even if PSN charged for internet, I'm able to live off of the gam... #16
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Agreed. Though I just started, some additions I liked, but some of the stuff that wasn't a problem before sprung up. Camera, moving the character, etc.

It's not really mentioned in reviews and though it may come with practice, the inventory screen is terrible. Like you said, it's still not a 4.5 bad like Gamespot stated, but it's also not anything above a 7. #31.1
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I was expecting an actual statement from Capcom Japan. Not a small comment from Capcom America on a forum before locking a thread.

The game just came out, so I'm not expecting to hear anything until a full week or so, regarding the reviews and/or sales if they were unsatisfactory too. #34
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No, I'm talking about Gametrailers' review of Peace Walker, not my opinion. I thought it was great. Gametrailers basically trash talked it the entire 10 minute review and their score of 9.1 did not reflect what they were saying.

Geez, N4G and Metal Gear man. #13.1.1
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Silent Hill died a while ago, as well as Resident Evil (giving 'some' props to shattered memories). Dead Space 1 & 2 = Resident Evil 4; then that means Dead Space 3 = RE5 with its co-op.

Play Amnesia and be merry, though I should say scared. #11
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So using that logic, only new games should be played and every old game should be discarded?

Because we all know that just because a game is new, it has to be a winner. #3.1.3
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It's Gametrailers, it's expected that their review doesn't fit with the score.

Look at their review of Peace Walker. Nothing but bad points about the game and it still got 9.1 somehow. #13
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Oh wow, October came up sooner than I thought.

While everyone is playing RE6, I'll be playing Sonic Adventures 2 and Nights. #3
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It's rare for me to agree with everything on the list. You also need to ignore Dino Crisis's plot, to enjoy it more.

If I had a list, I'd add Amnesia in there. Condemned should also get some spotlight. #1
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