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Excellent, bubble for you sir. #5.1
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Looks good alright but isn't Mario Italian? Why would he climb in to an American flag? #1.1
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Not sure why anyone would doubt how Zelda Wii U will look, Nintendo's games tend to look better when released than they do in their reveals. #1.1.6
You couldn't possibly know that. All we have seen so far is action from one level, and all we've heard is praise from pretty much everyone who has played it. And from this you can deduce that no one except current Wii U owners would be interested? I'll have to disagree with you 60. #1.1
"I envy everyone who plays it on PS4 for the first time."

Same here, especially the part where you get separated from Ellie and fall to the basement. Man that was tough to play through! What a game. #1.1.11
Think the critical acclaim comes from awards/nominations received at the E3 event itself from journalists and critics, not actual review scores or anything like that. Mentions them in the article. #1.6.1
"Who even mentioned inside?"

It has it's own section in the article. #1.1.6
I'm a fan of Nintendo but I have to say this game doesn't look particularly good, is there something I'm missing? #3
Wouldn't be a very long game if you could shoot and kill the only alien in the game. #1.6
Yeah, because Sony's Uncharted 4 and Microsoft's Halo 5 (among a load of other continuations of their franchises) really shook things up. Go away troll. #41.1
@ UltimateMaster

Surely you're not under the impression that the Wii U has no storage space? If so, you have been misinformed.

@ GotHDGame

Agreed, I used to love the distraction that battle mode used to provide, they really need to bring back a load of classic arenas, maybe even the coin battle mode, they were both fun on the Wii. #1.1.3
@ Talidan

Yeah, guess you're right, forgot you would need buttons for movement and such! #5.1.3
I'm not trolling here (seriously!) but wouldn't the Kinect be more of a perfect pairing for VR? Having to use two sticks (the Move controllers) as hands seems very unnatural compared to what might be possible with Kinect. Maybe Sony should look in to developing gloves for use in VR? That'd be pretty cool.

OT, the demo for Morpheus looks good, really looking forward to getting one on my head, I'm guessing first hand experience would be a hell of a lot better t... #5.1
Yeah Nevers0ft, the online races are tough at first but once you get to know the tracks and start to compete properly they get pretty intense! On a side note, when playing 2 player splitscreen the split is down the middle which I don't like, anyone know if you can change the split to across the screen? #5.1.3
It is fun as hell! Multiplayer is excellent, both online and off and the 32 tracks are a masterclass in design and extreme polish, brilliant game, just a little p!Ssed Nintendo messed up Battle Mode, for the first time ever I'm hoping for DLC to fix it! #5.1
Looks excellent already! I wonder the shotgun and other firearms will work? Maybe they will operate the same as the likes of Pyromancy from other Souls games? #1.1.13
Agreed, but a good portion of the blame must be laid at the door of Nintendo's absolutely terrible marketing team. #1.1
@ Puppy_Farts

"I love the insecure weird defense mechanism fanboys have: "Copied from GoW". Yup, Gears totally came up wit cover-based gameplay, totally. It was a sneak peek to garner excitement, and it was pretty awesome."

I'm no fanboy, have all the consoles so in no way am I insecure. Never said Gears created the cover shooter either so I'd appreciate it if you didn't put lies in my mouth to create your own petty arguments.... #1.7.13
Seriously? All they've done is reskinned Gears Of War, not sure why all the hype for this game, can't even play co-op.

EDIT: The graphics don't even look like a huge improvement over the best last gen had to offer. Think people are hyping this up so much because there isn't a lot out there at the moment. I'm sure it will be good but it just looks way too much like Gears Of War to excite me. #36.2
Well that was...underwhelming. Seem to have copied quite a bit from Gears Of War. #1.7
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