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Thought the phone app for matchmaking was fake news, is that actually real??

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@ AcidDvl

You've gone way overboard with your exaggerated example but yeah, if a console is good then it's good regardless of price. You really think the price you pay actually affects the products quality? That's mad. You're basically saying that people who buy Uncharted 4 now are buying a better game than the people who bought it day one, just because it's cheaper now. Quality is not affected by price.

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Thought Nintendo ditched E3 and just did their own thing now?

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@ pixlz

This, thought MK8 was near perfect except for battle mode, they really messed it up getting rid of the arenas. If they bring back the arenas along with all of the touted additions then Deluxe will be a 10/10 game IMO.

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Went looking for a second hand copy of Zelda A Link Between Worlds a few weeks back in GameStop here in Ireland, found one for 44 euros (!!!) while just across the way from it was a brand new copy of Gears 4 for 30 euros, hmmmm.

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I would have thought his previous comment would have gotten more attention, "they tie their identity and self-worth to a thing, so anybody criticizing any aspect of it is the enemy. Real smarties, these."

Anywho, he's right on both counts.

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It's been 7 years,Christ get over it.

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They absolutely have to maintain a constant drip feed of information from here until March to keep people interested. Don't make the same mistakes as they did with the Wii U.

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Would be cool but imagine the cost.

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For Gods sake, it hasn't even been released yet, if yer that badly stuck try playing your old games on the systems ye bought them for.

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Mario Galaxy 3 at launch. Bring it.

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@ Segata

Excellent, would love to see a Nintendo resurgence and a 3 way battle between them, Sony and Microsoft. A real 3 way battle would only be a good thing for all gamers.

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They need to fire the Wii U's PR/marketing team and advertise the living [email protected] out of the NX, can't make the same mistakes twice. A lot of people out there still don't even know the Wii U is a separate console to the original Wii.

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It's Gears of War. If you like Gears of War get it, if you don't then don't get it. Simple.

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Porn VR! The new cause of wide spread "selfie elbow"!

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"While walking down the street you'll hear Christmas songs coming from a radio far away, or the screams of victims feeling rioters"

Lol, screams of victims feeling rioters? This is not the genre of video game I was led to believe it was.

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That weapon looks a little like the chainsaw guns in Gears.

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Because you touch yourself at night.

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@ ShinMaster

"we've been tracking and updating a complete list of all install sizes for the Xbox One with the goal of providing a handy resource for those trying to make the most of the Xbox One’s primitive 500GB hard drive."

Would be a bit strange to see Playstation exclusives on a list of Xbox One games to be fair.

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@ XBL Skull

I believe the subject of this conversation is the matchmaking element and I think that is what DeadlyOreo is referring to when he says "how's that working out for 343?". Didn't the Master Chief collection have some serious problems with its matchmaking? I tried it a few months back at my buddies place and the disastrous matchmaking made it impossible to play online. Don't think he was referring to the quality of the games themselves.

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