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@ paintedgamer

Do you not think a game running at 720p on such a small screen would be clear enough for you? Do you just sit there analysing the screen or do you actually play the games? Why do young rapscallions like yourself always seem to worry about frames per second, resolution, etc.? I just play the games and enjoy them no matter the resolution, fps, etc. You and others like you should do the same, that's what gaming is about.

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@ Pistol

It's 2018 now 😁

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No need to be such a salty troll.

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@ Jaguar

Back in your cave you lieing troll.

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"Lol. The switch is losing to consoles released a generation before it."

The PS4 is losing to the original Wii which was released several generations ago. Lol.

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Nintendo have stated they believe another 20 million Switches will be sold this year so they must have something big planned, maybe this is it?

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You could ride a horse in Orcarina of Time, does that mean SotC borrowed from that? Every game has it's influences.

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Uncharted 2 vs The Last of Us...tough one to call.

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Nintendo have stated they intend to sell 20 million more Switches in 2018, they must have something pretty big in the pipeline to be that confident.

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PS4 AND Xbox fanboys started off by encouraging the success of the Switch as a secondary console to their console of choice but as the Switches popularity has grown at record breaking speed those encouraging comments have turned in to baseless, childish and vomit inducing put downs. It only shows that they see the threat to their consoles dominance is real and how insecure they are about how it's all playing out.

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Was waiting for someone to say "nostalgia"! If that's the best and most common criticism that fanboys can level against Nintendo's top games then they're definitely doing something right!

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@ jaguarevolved

You keep mentioning "fanboys", you do realise you're coming off as the biggest fanboy in this conversation? This is compounded by the fact that you're trolling a comment section for a console you obviously blindly hate. Grow up and move on.

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It's for children and was announced beforehand as being aimed at kids. Calling actual children "fanboys" shows how twisted and toxic you are.

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Not sure what to do with this information.

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On top of your lap. What an age that will be.

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Same here. It's just another weapon for fanboys to use against each other as far as I'm concerned.

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Think I'll keep my money until the game is actually released.

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Go on...

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If they're expecting to sell 20 million Switches this year they had better have some pretty big announcements!

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@ badz149

"That is contradictory to your ignoring of the Meta you said previously. You are bias as hell."

Says the incredibly biased PS4 fanboy!

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