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Will never forget the Christmas I got the N64 with Goldeneye, F-Zero and Ocarina of Time. Doesn't get much better than that.

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I'm sure if I had an Xbox that would hurt ;)

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@ Eonjay

Sites need to give realistic scores to remain relevant now?

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Damage display? Not very Monster Hunter.

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Was just reading IGNs list, Chrono Trigger at number 1, have to try it some day!

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Relax, it was never an 89% game anyway.

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The Switch can also be plugged in to a TV dock so that it's games can be enjoyed on a big screen. You should do a quick Google search, just type Nintendo Switch into the Google search bar for more information on Nintendo's new system.

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Not bad for a March release. Don't think anyone was expecting it to beat PS4 or Xbox sales figures but still very strong. Hope it does well.

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"Horizon has a higher user rating than Zelda on Metacritic. Zelda is held to a different standard by critics."

You seriously go by User ratings on Metacritic? Every negative User review for Zelda is no doubt actually a Sony fanboy jealous of the fact a game superior to anything else like it isn't available on the PS4. It speaks volumes of Zelda's quality that it has received a near perfect score from every reviewer out there, no matter how many petty excus...

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@ Datriax

Wrong comparison buddy. I would say it's more like comparing a game which has received a 98 on metacritic to a game which has received an 89 on metacritic ;)

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@ foxtrot

Yup, Zelda gets great reviews across the board and it's odd but any low scores for Horizon and it's a click bait site. Zelda has received better scores, people need to get over it and move on.

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Nintendo fanboys claiming Zelda is better having not played Horizon and Sony fanboys claiming Horizon is better having not played Zelda. Also, Zelda is getting high scores due to nostalgia while Horizon is receiving high scores because it's GGs first foray into this type of game.
All pointless arguments, both games are receiving stellar reviews from all sites only because both are stellar games. If one game isn't on your system of choice it doesn't mean it's not a go...

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@ gamer7804

You're coming off as an extremely petty person. Quit while you're behind.

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Can't wait to play it! Next Christmas :(

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Thought the phone app for matchmaking was fake news, is that actually real??

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@ AcidDvl

You've gone way overboard with your exaggerated example but yeah, if a console is good then it's good regardless of price. You really think the price you pay actually affects the products quality? That's mad. You're basically saying that people who buy Uncharted 4 now are buying a better game than the people who bought it day one, just because it's cheaper now. Quality is not affected by price.

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Thought Nintendo ditched E3 and just did their own thing now?

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@ pixlz

This, thought MK8 was near perfect except for battle mode, they really messed it up getting rid of the arenas. If they bring back the arenas along with all of the touted additions then Deluxe will be a 10/10 game IMO.

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