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"While walking down the street you'll hear Christmas songs coming from a radio far away, or the screams of victims feeling rioters"

Lol, screams of victims feeling rioters? This is not the genre of video game I was led to believe it was.

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That weapon looks a little like the chainsaw guns in Gears.

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Because you touch yourself at night.

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@ ShinMaster

"we've been tracking and updating a complete list of all install sizes for the Xbox One with the goal of providing a handy resource for those trying to make the most of the Xbox One’s primitive 500GB hard drive."

Would be a bit strange to see Playstation exclusives on a list of Xbox One games to be fair.

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@ XBL Skull

I believe the subject of this conversation is the matchmaking element and I think that is what DeadlyOreo is referring to when he says "how's that working out for 343?". Didn't the Master Chief collection have some serious problems with its matchmaking? I tried it a few months back at my buddies place and the disastrous matchmaking made it impossible to play online. Don't think he was referring to the quality of the games themselves.

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Correct, as the Wii U is technically inferior to the PS4 and Xbox One it's games have to knock it out of the park when it comes to gameplay, which they do on a regular basis. Have to hand it to Nintendo, their games may be aimed at a different audience but their quality is phenomenal when compared to the majority of next gen games.

Just to add, it's not just excellent gameplay, Nintendo's games have been absolutely beautiful to loo...

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Ah not this entitled bull again. Hope they don't cave and make another ending for these fools. Or if they do, make 'em pay for it, that'll learn 'em! :D

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@ hay

You think informing a mother that her child is making rape threats is as bad as the rape threats themselves?! You studied psychology and STILL came to this conclusion?! I weep for mankind when people like you open your mouth and vomit your opinions.

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"Xbox has always possessed the shooter crowd."

You do realise this means 47% of sales were on Sony consoles?? And that 35% were sold on PS4, more than any other console?? SMH

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Agree with you 100% Bansai and also with the article. Stopped playing a couple of weeks ago when the realisation kicked in that I had been playing the same few missions over and over again with little to no reward. Off with its head.

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@ dedicatedtogamers

"I find it incredibly ironic that the main feature of the original restrictive Xbox One DRM (the fact that you could share your library with friends by just logging into Xbox Live) is now available on PSN and no DRM required."

You do realise that DRM means the console would need to be online and that in order for Share Play to work the console would also need to be online? So it's pretty much the same thing. Ironic indeed.

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Nice to see the Wii U doing a bit better.

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Man, I love Resident Evil but RE5 is [email protected] and The Last Of Us is an absolute classic.

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"From software said themselves that sony did not want demon souls 2 and that they wanted something new. The comeplete oposite of what microsoft is doing with gears LMAO"

Something new like Uncharted 4? Infamous 3? Little Big Planet 3? The Last Of Us Remastered? Killzone 4? Big hitters like these will continue to spawn sequels as long as they sell well, Microsoft and Nintendo are no different, get over it troll.

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Excellent, bubble for you sir.

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Looks good alright but isn't Mario Italian? Why would he climb in to an American flag?

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Not sure why anyone would doubt how Zelda Wii U will look, Nintendo's games tend to look better when released than they do in their reveals.

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You couldn't possibly know that. All we have seen so far is action from one level, and all we've heard is praise from pretty much everyone who has played it. And from this you can deduce that no one except current Wii U owners would be interested? I'll have to disagree with you 60.

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"I envy everyone who plays it on PS4 for the first time."

Same here, especially the part where you get separated from Ellie and fall to the basement. Man that was tough to play through! What a game.

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Think the critical acclaim comes from awards/nominations received at the E3 event itself from journalists and critics, not actual review scores or anything like that. Mentions them in the article.

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