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You seem to know your stuff. Thinking of buying the new warriors game and your summary has helped, thanks 🖒

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You "couldn't get in to the controls" of a 2D platformer? It's not Fifa man, the controls aren't that complicated!

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@ Foxtrot

"you judge a game on what you get at launch. End of."
So Diablo 3, Batman Arkham Knight and Skyrim are bad games because they weren't perfect at launch? I would disagree with you there.

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I'm a Switch owner since December, bought it because if the great games released in the first year and thought Nintendo would ride that wave with a steady release of AAA games. Nearly half way through this year and I'm sad to say my Switch has become stale. If last year hadn't happened I can honestly say I don't see anything on the horizon this year that would make me run out and buy one. Got so impatient that I bought a PS4 last month to play Monster Hunter and since then m...

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It's pretty easy to see you don't actually have a Switch, go away you troll.

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Rob Schneider.

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I was actually thinking of the first game with a cover system like Gears of War, that would be Syphon Filter. As Kirby said, Tomb Raider is the earliest 3rd person shooter I can think of.

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@ fastNslowww

I think Syphon Filter got their before Splinter Cell. And even then, I'm sure someone can come up with an earlier example than that.

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Mainly Monster Hunter at the time, long time fan and only had a Switch so something had to be done! God of War looks amazing, should be next on my list but I also haven't played Uncharted 4, Horizon, Shadow of the Colossus or Persona 5. Don't have a massive amount of time (2 small kids) so not sure what to get after MH. There's an incredible selection though!

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Bought mine at the beginning of April so can confirm it has since risen to 79,000,001.

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Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

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@ Rippcity

Agreed with you up until you start talking about Zelda, it then becomes apparent you have no idea what your rambling on about.

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Thought God of War being a GOTY contender kinda went without saying.

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Ah wish World had underwater battles like Tri, loved the Lagiacrus battles, usually started underwater and then moved on to land before going back underwater again. Maybe in Worlds 2?

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Well maybe you can enlighten us all on how Nintendo can create software to facilitate an infinite number of possibilities? This should be good...

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"why are you here defending if there is no bias?"

Possibly because someone said there is a bias?

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@ AnubisG

It's cardboard man, people are gonna get creative with their kids.

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Japan is weird.

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This boring grind of a game can fuq right off.

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Wish there were more games that followed Left 4 Dead's formula, love that game. Will definitely give this a try.

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