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You must post your coment on Nowgamer site then autor of this article can see it stupid idiot. #3.1
Tell that to Nowgamer site not me stupid idiot. #4
I am not write this review you stupid kid first read a
headline its METRO #1.1
Bring a Half Life 2 episode 3 or Half Life 3 alredy. #3
Uncharted series is on of the best games on this gen.
I whant Uncharted 4,5 on PS3 or PS4.Just don't kill a franchise N.D. #15
True gamers respect every platform no matter it is PS3,X360,PC. #4.1.2
Is pretty same graphic. Only advantage on PC side is slightly
better textures,better lightning and Uber Sampling method. #7
Good name X720 #3
Good to hear that #3
Pretty good graphic. #11
Mirror's Edge is most originally and innovative title in this
gen. #7
Killzone 2 has amazing A.I. #4
Every PS3 owner should buy Uncharted 3 its a masterpiece #31
Every ps3 owner should buy uncharted 3 #28
Graphic is on par with pc version #5
Best looking game in this gen #85
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