I never asked for this


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The real-time action combat makes me want it more than before.

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Hmmm, I'm less interested now, I thought it's a story driven game, not a big fan of online focused games.

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Where is Hollow Knight? it's #6 on Metacritic. #1 for me so far.

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Superman is lame, look at his movies they're so boring.

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The gameplay is lame and the main weapon is a joke compared to DS2, nice graphics though.

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I don't care if similar to HZD or not, the first one was good and that's enough for me to look forward to the next one.

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Played it 2 years ago it was good but short.

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I can wait since I'm not that interested, I played P4 last year for the first time.
I don't think it will be that long anyway, BloodBorne and TLOU remastered are already 20$ on Amazon.

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No, I might give it a try anyway when it's around 20$.
I played P4 for 10 hours and get bored.

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Not interested, I would like to see RDR2 instead on PC this year though I know it won't happened.

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You don't have to, I didn't like Skyrim or TLOU or GTA, and it doesn't matter, there are many other games to play and like.

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I only have tow issues with the game, Story is meh and voice acting is bad, I don't care about the other problems.

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Nice math!
it should be 0.725 not 0.5

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Great game, deserves more attention than Shovelknight and Ori.

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My personal scores are close to Game Informer's scores most of the time so I guess I will like this game.

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Still ugly.

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Not surprised, how many times have we seen this shit in the last 3 years?

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I guess we need more good games to kill porn industry.

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Japanese developers most of the time, they're not used to the PC yet.

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I only played 5 Zelda games and the best of them is WW easily, I wonder if BOTW can beat it.

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