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I think its really because of the whole "I'm not paying $40 for a puzzle maze game"

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Why do a lot of people play it? Well they don't and whats really going on here is sellouts like polygon are creating false articles to advertise more of bungies shallow shooter and get easy money.

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*cough* Pirated copies *cough* *cough*

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all those stretch goals...a lot of people will be disappointed when they leave out all that content because people didn't pay enough.

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Damn straight the ps4 version is perfection. I played a few hours yesterday. No stuttering, no glitches, no bugs.

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Yes you can play without a NPC follower, which is my personal preference when playing open world games. I seen in the stage demo you have an option to yell at the dog and have him scamper off.

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Hell no!

Bring me more dark souls/ bloodborne/ souls games. I rather have these well made triple A games then awful ubisoft, ea, and ubisoft games they pump out every year.

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I have been noticing frame stutters every 2 seconds while running around beaches on skellige after the latest patch. Great game, but man they need to stop messing with it, i never had this problem before.

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Ugh reminds me nothing of the fable series. It looks like they want to make it a mere button smashing co-op beat-em up.

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That's the problem I've always had with the Elder Scrolls games, you can be who you want and most of time it makes the story boring/ unimportant. Jack of all trades but master at none.

Oh and Geralt is a witcher.

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that video is just awful. First of all that is an 11 year old game and second of all its textures have been reduced to ugly flat polygons. If that is the future of cloud gaming, count me out.

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How incredibly ironic.

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They are all on smart phones now.

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What's to hate? you support the people that make the mods so they can make more mods.....people these days..they don't recognize how much work and time goes into these mods and want everything for free...

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I feel Online/Offline games have flip-flopped within a decade. Games a decade ago where mostly offline with optional online support, now games are mostly online with optional offline support. Hilarious.

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I agree completely. Actually I have been replaying Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask recently and I still stay with the same opinion that Marjoas Mask is a lot better than ocarina. Don't get me wrong ocarina of time was an AMAZING intro to 3D zelda, but when compared to majora's mask it doesn't even hold a candle to it. I can list reasons and explain in great detail why majoras mask is better but since this is an age old argument I am not gonna even waste my breathe.

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IGN- "This game has shields" 10/10

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Not gonna happen. Sony buys talent, not IPs.

However I can see Microsoft buying Sega and run them to the ground just like Rare.

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ehhh i was hoping it would be purple 3ds... something like this.

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HAHAHAHA im not gonna even click on this click bait crap. Lords of the fallen doesn't hold a candle to dark souls 2 let alone dark souls 1 and LET ALONE the king demons's souls.

Just look at the reviews. lords of the fallen sucks!

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