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What's to hate? you support the people that make the mods so they can make more mods.....people these days..they don't recognize how much work and time goes into these mods and want everything for free... #4
I feel Online/Offline games have flip-flopped within a decade. Games a decade ago where mostly offline with optional online support, now games are mostly online with optional offline support. Hilarious. #8
I agree completely. Actually I have been replaying Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask recently and I still stay with the same opinion that Marjoas Mask is a lot better than ocarina. Don't get me wrong ocarina of time was an AMAZING intro to 3D zelda, but when compared to majora's mask it doesn't even hold a candle to it. I can list reasons and explain in great detail why majoras mask is better but since this is an age old argument I am not gonna even waste my breathe. #9
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IGN- "This game has shields" 10/10 #1.5
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Not gonna happen. Sony buys talent, not IPs.

However I can see Microsoft buying Sega and run them to the ground just like Rare. #12
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ehhh i was hoping it would be purple 3ds... something like this. #8
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HAHAHAHA im not gonna even click on this click bait crap. Lords of the fallen doesn't hold a candle to dark souls 2 let alone dark souls 1 and LET ALONE the king demons's souls.

Just look at the reviews. lords of the fallen sucks! #44
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The biggest problem I have with single player is that I feel like in singleplayer I am the best player, where as in multiplayer there is always someone better than you. Much like in life. But still Video games are my brief escape from reality, and I am afraid a few years down the line single player games will not exist. Most likey will start a new hobby. #16
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They should let developers remove bad reviews only if it leaves a marker in place of the old review saying "Removed by this pussy Developer for silencing people's opinions" #3
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Thats the thing, it is not a MMO but it TRIES to be an MMO. It TRIES to have an open world map, It TRIES to make players grind for better tier gear, It TRIES to do a lot of things MMORPGs offer but fails so fucking hard. #9.1.1
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After 250 hours of game time, I put it down a few days before the launch of the newest DLC and never went back. Best decision I have made. #10
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haha bad analogy. Gran Turismo DOES in fact encourage people to become real race car drivers. #1.12
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yea i dont know about her. Just imagine...."Ey Joel ya bloody wanka, thanks for saving me life" #7
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so true.

watchdogs? Over-hyped Crap
Assassins creed unity? Over-hyped crap.
Far Cry 4? Over-hyped also not as good as far cry 3.

Im not touching a ubisoft game for a while. They are becoming worse than EA. #6.1
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leagues away? ehhh no. They were equally good and equally hard. #31.1
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great news! hopefully the FPS will be locked on current gen consoles. Definitely buying this! Now where is my Uncharted 1-3 and Batman Arkham series remakes? #36
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who buys this shit ? seriously? Why is sonic still alive? wtf? #5
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abused in what sense? And also at number 4? Seriously? Thats dante's inferno...idiots... #2
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Remastering a game that came out last year does not make it any cheaper. Last of Us for the ps3 cost around $30. Last of Us Remastered was actually $50. That included the main game in 1080p / 60fps, the Left Behind DLC story, and tons of multiplayer extras. I think the price is justified. #1.20
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But you still you need to rank up that last bit of your cryptarch rank just so you can get another disappointing 2 blue engrams and do it all over again lol. I feel like this game is the devil sometimes. #13.1
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