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oh christ....the season pass costs more than the damn game!

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Terrible one? no. Arkham Knight was the terrible one.

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ed boon is the biggest troll.....he's salty that MKXL was a medicore game now he wants to bring MK characters in a good fighting game.

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Witcher 3 is a high class game. There's nothing like it. It topped all the previous Witcher games before it. The reason why Skyrim was not as good is because there are plently of elder scrolls games that were way better. Oblivion, Morrowind, Daggerfall all better than skyrim. They were complex, deep, and satisfying. Skyrim was dumbed down to cater to casuals. That is a fact.

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That's what I am talking about! Respawn is undisputed king of FPS.

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I knew ouya was gonna fail from the beginning, but im giving ataribox the benefit of the doubt. I think it's name alone can make it sell pretty good, at least by the people who still game and want to bring back that nostalgia of playing on a wood grained gaming console. But at the end of the day it's all about the games. Every console needs it's AAAA and AAA games.

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konami please sell your franchises to Sony and Nintendo.

Sony should get castlevania, zone of the enders, silent hill, suikoden, and metal gear
Nintendo should get Contra, bomberman, adventure island, and gradius

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xbox always had the fewest first party exclusives.

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after platinuming every souls really...

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I hope so! Only game that made me want a Wii U.

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I would like a FPS dark souls type game. If anyone has played one of those excellent DOOM (2016) dark souls Snapmap levels you know what I am talking about. The dark souls formula doesn't just exclusively work for a third person sword and magic type game, it can go beyond to other genres.

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Nioh was soooo good that it spoiled the rest of the year for me because I never played anything as good as it since it was released. That was the first game for me to be like, "Okay these developers are giving from software a run for their money."

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yes please. I want dark souls on my dark souls.

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one of my favorite snes games. Great 2 player game.

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"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
-George Santayana

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Awe I was hoping he would stick around for the next killzone game.

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Underwhelming if you own a Xbox One......DAMN AMAZING if you own a PS4.

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They should fix the game first before they start banning people, I bet most of these glitches are unintentional.

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lol you are seriously mental.

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Why blame the scalpers? They will always exist...only thing to fight against scalpers is if Nintendo just increases it's production so anyone can go to the store and pick one up. If anyones to blame it's Nintendo.

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