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Somehow I do not believe them. Now if it was Microsoft okay.....but Sony?...Yea I really don't think so. I sense a lot of saltiness from the RiME devs......

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because obligatory $60 skyrim every year. that's why.

I mean damn skyrim isnt even THAT great....Witcher 3 is light years better and Cd Projeckt red released a full game at launch while not gloating about it.

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I have a feeling this is viral marketing for Blade Runner 2049. In the trailer you can see the Atari logo. It will probably be a classic console like the nes classic.

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It's your money flushing down the toliet after you bought one of their games.

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How about you try stop playing it like killer instinct???

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Character customization in a FPS is so useless. Now if the game was 3rd person like Ghost Recon: Wildlands....

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Pretty neat. I've been playing all night with a couple of my buddies. I like how they give you access to all characters to try out until level 10. Then after that you got to purchase them with real money or eternity crystals. Still a little hesitant to fully get into as I don't know their full business model. I feel like games like this you have to spend money to keep up with end game content.

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Multiverse complements the gear system and the gear system complements multiverse mode. It's almost perfect. I just hate how rare source crystals are...they really made it so it's almost necessary to buy source crystals with real money if you want to customize all the characters. It's kinda of scummy to see them adopt mobile game business strategies with in-game purchases.

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Definitely one of the best FPS game this generation. In my top 5 shooters.

54d ago 5 agree3 disagreeView comment give it to the people that ported black ops 3 to the ps3/ 360? ......oh Christ....

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Well if it has multiplayer it needs to be just as polished as the single player and not just tacked on. I am a huge metroid fan and when I hear multiplayer it scares me lol

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EA RPG NPC character 1's dialogue : "what do you need hero?...FYI i'm transgendered"
EA RPG NPC character 2's dialogue : "what do you need hero?...FYI i'm homosexual"
EA RPG NPC character 3's dialogue : "what do you need hero?...FYI i'm a feminist"

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Hell to the NO for multiplayer. I want a strictly single player open world game. Preferably first person like metroid prime series, but it doesn't have to be. They also should do away with the long unskippable cutscnes from other m. Metroid needs to retain its subtle approach to story telling like it's past iterations. They need to get this one perfect, cause its been a while and as of late Nintendo keeps screwing its metroid fanbase.

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Drawn to Death surprised me on how good it is. When It was first announced at E3 I had no interest what so ever, but after playing it I can't not playing. It's super addictive, fast, fun, and deep for a arena style shooter.

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I was 60 hours into Nioh and my 2TB SSHD failed on me. Lost all my save data and everything else. I was devastated. I switched back to my launch 1tb and installed Nioh and in two days I got up to where I left off. That is a testament on how good Nioh really is.

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This month pisses me off. Drawn 2 Death was suppose to be free to begin with. So regardless it would be free for everyone to play. Now they added it this month of PS+ a service we pay for??? This is beyond stupid.

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Game is hard as hell, but I'm lovin' it.

Japan has been killin it lately.

Final Fantasy 15
The Last Guardian
Resident Evil 7
Zelda Breath of the Wild
and much more

Keep it up!

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