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They may be looking for 1st place, but the reality is that they can only get second. If they can't even take second place, how can they expect to take first? Think about that.

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indeed sir

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yea there are so many these days, it's ridiculous

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Yea generally the fan side of things this generation has just gotten bad. I remember when people just played games and that was that. Not anymore.

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You do make an interesting point. Sales suddenly became a huge factor after GamesCom 09.

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54 was the number that GameInformer got when surveying random gamers, and GameInformer could've asked people who had theirs for more than 2 years before breaking. This study specifically says that 23% fail within the first 2 years

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Key term being "usually". This isn't your usual Sony announcement, with evidence of major things (including price drops and the PS3 Slim) coming left and right. It has nothing to do with anyone's education (or lack thereof) or them needing to goto school, so please dismount from the high horse.

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Agreed. the XMB, IMO, is a lot smoother and better organized than Xbox's current set up, but the features are lacking and Sony really needs to stack up quick. Give me in-game/cross-game chatting with more than 1 other person, voice messaging, cross-game invites, and i'll be very happy. Even at a fee.

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why do you still login these days? Get a life.

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I personally find nothing wrong with the PS3's current size, but if Slim is the way to go to reduce the price (no matter how much smaller it actually is) then I'm all for it. I bought a PS3 for 500 and I still think it's took expensive at 400.

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Exactly. People act like Infinity Ward is the first to provide cheap night vision goggles (although, if thinking about the value of everything else that comes in this package, it is indeed much cheaper). But this still isn't anything new.

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This isn't even exclusive to the Xbox 360...

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Right, a 2K Sports rep would knowingly post a screenshot of NBA Live.

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Yea but why not cater to both crowds, then? People always prefer one thing over another, put it all in and make everyone happy, I say.

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It should matter because people like to play thru a story together. Yes i love the new modes, Im not saying they're bad, im askin why are traditional modes being sacrificed now for it? co-op campaign should be first priority, in my eyes.

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But its the fact that they keep calling it co-op campaign. first Terminal REality with Ghostbusters, and now Bungie with ODST. Who next?

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Lol Im sure they could if they really wanted to

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Wow, I actually agree with DragonWarrior for a change.

I didn't think 2K9 was as great as it could've been either. 2K always did piss me off with their stupid menu system, and clipping and animation issues MUST be addressed. Still, even with its flaws, its lightyears ahead of any NBA Live game.

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Every developer always makes the same promise, but it's usually not to the tune of them first saying they know their game sucks. +1 for that alone.

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Dude, seriously?

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