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I wonder what kind of perks Nintendo would give for being an ambassador.

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Great question. Meh answer. Let's just hope it never comes to that

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Wow, that is sexy. Someone should make that as a decal when it comes out

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I really hope there is some exclusive stuff for day one pre-orderers.

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Love the DualShock 4. Don't really care about the touchpad, tho.

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OMG can't wait. Stop teasing me!

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Not one for wallpapers but these look nice.

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Homebrewing was mainly good for two things -- emulation and enhanced media capabilities. Newer devices don't need the latter thanks to improved firmware, and the former can be facilitated by any decent computer these days. It's just not as important or desirable as it used to be.

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Quantic is by far my favorite studio not named Rockstar. Heavy Rain was a masterpiece, and Indigo Prophecy will always hold a special place in my heart. Can't wait to see how Beyond will turn out.

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Nintendo needs to find some third party support to fill in these large gaps.

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Yes. Do you?

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I am so tired of these gimmicky Pokemon titles for Nintendo consoles. They could do so much more with the RPG but refuse to move away from handheld. Maddening!

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Just give me more Watch dogs game play. And go more in depth with the sharing features. Wouldn't mind a next gen metal gear teaser either.

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New Zelda and an actual console pokemon rpg are all I want.

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I'm guessing they'll have unveiled the final design by then. I can't see them kicking off a major ad campaign without it.

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I wonder if that belief is for his own company or stock as a whole. GameStop tends to get the shaft these days when it comes to unit count. For instance, Vita and Wii U were impossible to find at GameStop but it's because they only got like 3 per store, while big box retailers got dozens.

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Hopefully EA stops acting like arses and end the personal grudge over Nintendo. It's stupid that they pulled support for wii u just because nintendo didn't want origin. They need to realize that their huge status as a publisher does not mean other companies will submit to their every wish.

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Only a week and a half!

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I still want to buy some kicks from him. But they have to be for the right game.

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lmao. Short and sweet.

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