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it's brilliant for browsing N4G - what more could you possibly want?

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If that's really a problem than just increase the brightness and/or contrast on your TV.

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How can you doubt Ratchet and Clank?

It pretty much looks like something from Pixar on an HDTV.

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This isn't confirmed, but I've heard that the game takes up around 40GB.

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We are now officially f*cked.

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Well then evidently you are not familiar with the sewer that is The Sun.

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To get onto the application page in the first place you have to click on the box that says 'PREORDER (US ONLY)', so I haven't got very high hopes of this working for me right now.

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I'm actually planning on buying it around Christmas because I won't have time to play it earlier due to the heaven that is LittleBigPlanet.

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I submitted a source about this story the other day but it got failed (strangely people were reporting mine for being a duplicate of something that was submitted AFTER mine).

My submission for reference:

For the people disagreeing with me can they please explain why.

I also link to the Edmonton Journal (which is the original sou...

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This shows some nice community features that I haven't heard of before, such as staying in groups and following specific players into other levels.

I will also probably be using the quick play option a lot to jump into random levels with other players.

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I would agree that the story left a lot to be desired, but I enjoyed the gameplay (especially the gambit system) more than any previous Final Fantasy.

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This is completely ridiculous since for them to really be experienced GTA players they would have to have played every game. (Not to mention that 13-16 year olds are below the games age ratings so this is very irresponsible on the directors part)

To put it in perspective, a 13 year old would have only been 2 when the first game came out.

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The term HALO actually existed long before the Xbox games came out.

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but judgement day has now arrived.

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Good thing then that nobody wants to get any closer.

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Hey, I'm only using the original headline.

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The game's title is Sky Gods whilst the gameplay focuses on HALO insertions.

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So how long do you reckon this will take to reach 1000 degrees?

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It will be funny to see you PP your pants when proved wrong.

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By the way, have a look on Youtube or go here: to get a feel for the game first.

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