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Damn, your internet must be fast as I've only just reached 11% on the download.

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I just logged in with an account made ages ago and got a key straight away.

If you live in the UK/Europe then your well being depends on going to the site right now and trying.

4% down, 96% to go...

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Even though it's not technically a weapon, I believe that the Groovatron deserves a special mention.

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Leon, you should probably mention your PC specs if you want to avoid lots of disagrees.

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But I will persevere!

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I had no idea that Microsoft force you to pay a subscriptiom for each gamertag, I've always presumed that it was �40/$50 for an individual 360 system. I could never dream of having to share my PSN account with my younger brother so I can appreciate this being a very frustrating issue for some users of live.

Overall I could also argue that despite it being more streamlined than PSN, Live offers little more in functionality to warrent the �40 cost (plus extra subscriptions).

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Don't forget about DMC3 on Dante Must Die mode, arguably one of the hardest gaming experiences ever made.

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I have to disagree because my PS1 and PS2 were not once connected to the internet.

(BTW I presume that the article is referring to the 16 bit and earlier consoles)

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After trying out the FireNes addon for Firefox, I can quite happily say that I hope the 'good old days' of gaming stay firmly stuck in the olden days.

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Maybe some 360 owners are better off not seeing their reflection.

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Just why doesn't that list surprise me?

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Does this mean there is now a playable English version or are they just reviewing the one from the Japanese PSN store?

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Some people might disagree with me but I'm actually glad that the trophies aren't retroactive. I've been holding of playing the game fully until the trophy patch came out whilst my brother pretty much has 100%.

This means that I should be able to get them all before him now and have some real bragging rights!

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The only thing to do now is hope and waitl

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and 12 is better than 5+6 ;)

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I would agree with the point made about the loading time to see other peoples level and trophies. It takes around 10 seconds for me to load other peoples gamer-cards.

Hopefully in the future Sony will streamline it so less data needs to be loaded and you be able to see the information almost instantly.

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Why not preorder - you might get it a day early.

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I think it's finally time to upgrade my 40gig hard-drive.

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Can you please watch this video and then tell me again that you can't make your own shapes.

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