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The point is that this blog isn't of a quality I consider worthy of being approved (the 24 other reports seem to express the same opinion).

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Can someone please explain to me why this persistent troll has 6 bubbles?

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isn't it ironic that you've approved this blog when someone with the exact same username is a contibuter on the blog site.

Call it a hunch, but I think that there's something suspicious going on here.

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Well maybe people like myself can't afford to have a HDTV in my room because I'm still in education. I do have access to a single HDTV downstairs in the living room but I don't think my parents would be to happy if the PS3 was there all the time.

This means I only take the PS3 downstairs for watching Blu Rays or occasionally playing games (if my parents are out of the house).

Also I dont know about the US, but in the UK, HD programs are currently only availiable via...

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Wow, you can actually see 4 fps difference!

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Gamedaily have always been anti PS3, there's no surprise in the score here compared to their 360 review.

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Problem with releasing a patch is than not every PS3 is connected to the internet.

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It has always been in the normal browser, but until 2.50 you couldn't zoom in with the browser on LWP - a godsend to SDTVs.

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No, it goes above and beyond Super Mario.

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Are they now the only 'technical' advantages remaining that Live has over PSN and if they are then can someone please justify to me why it's worth £40/$50 a year more?

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They should replace it with a user review system and average out those scores (like N4G).

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Java is actually made and owned by Sun Microsystems and has nothing to do with Microsoft.

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Was the story about the avators requiring 256MB of storage wrong or something?

If it was true then what will happen to owners who only have a smaller than 256MB memory card?

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I think you might have missed my sarcasm/fanboy impersonation there, Alex.

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...and we see the same old flame wars continue.

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That comment seems strange since you can more or less get to the size of a planet with a Katamari ball on the PS2.

Oh and isn't it ironic that the 360 is a 64-bit console.

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Well I've heard that they're running the servers at 30% capacity to simulate unexpected heavy traffic.

It just sucks that it's happening on my first full day with the beta. :(

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Let's just wait to see what Team ICO can do.

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Is laughing at people less well off than you really worth it?

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Well if anyone doesn't believe that I got in then they can just add me on PSN (OgTheClever) and see that I'm playing it - the download will take another hour or two though.

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