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"This item is not available for shipping to
# European Union
# Iceland
# Liechtenstein
# Norway "

So unfortunately it looks like a localisation will be the only answer.

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I did that as well so I hope it gets through.

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I think it sounds just about right and suits the naming style of the previous PixelJunks, yet I am slightly worried that it's too cliched to be considered, also I doubt I was the first with this naming suggestion.

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the placement and feel of the analogue sticks - not to mention that they have a smaller dead zone than that of the 360.

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Yet Square Enix lied about FFXII only being on PS3 and I think we all know which is the bigger game.

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I personally find the placement and sensitivity of the PS3's analogue sticks superior to that of the 360, yet I would expect there are far fewer people to vouch for their preference of the 360's D-pad.

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The speed of light unfortunately limits this to completely replacing how we play games conventionally.

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But god I hope it's true.

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Going by past experience, they are almost guaranteed not to be.

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I don't know why people are disagreeing with me. The only type of Chimera that could be mistaken for a zombie are the grims. The main enemies are called hybrids because they are half human and half alien. Still quite a difference from mindless zombies.

Also I presumed the ones disagreeing did actually read the article since I am responding to the uninformed section called "Exclusive zombie-themed games go multi-platform" where Resistance and Left 4 Dead are shown.

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Resistance is a zombie game? That one's news to me.

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This is a bit annoying. I waited for like an hour to get through a queue of 20,000 and arrived at the page to download and install the plugin. I did this and it told me that Firefox had to be restarted. I just did this and went back to the site only to find that I have to wait in a queue of around 40,000 now :'(

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Problem is that I don't think Uncharted had a pre-order demo exclusivity deal.

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The free MMO, Free Realms, is coming to PS3 via PSN so I would consider the possibility of BH appearing in the same way more than just a "pipe dream".

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Unless they can implement some kind of worldwide free internet connectivity then I hope it at least utilises physical media in some form. There is also the problem with the amount of available local storage, for example my PSP only came with a 1 gig memory stick, and that isn't large enough for even one downloadable retail release.

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I'm looking forward to further adding to the trophy collection for my favourite game of 2008 (I already have platinum).

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We can hope, but it's been rumoured that they would show up at pretty much every games convention for the past year and nothing has come to fruition yet. All I'm saying is don't get your hopes up to much yet and they'll blow the gaming world away when they're ready.

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Unfortunately bandwidth caps are coming into existence.

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Well since Mirror's Edge is my own personal Game of the Year, it seems like Infamous won't be able to go too far wrong.

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I wonder if more people will have to go through Konami ID hell just to play the MGO demo?

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