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I personally believe that this is better than Tetris (by the way, Lumines is my most played PSP game - even more than Monster Hunter Freedom 2).

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Actually I'm pretty sure that PS3 Warhawk is the spiritual successor to the PS1 version of Warhawk.

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Don't forget that LittleBigPlanet is both casual AND hardcore.

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You are actually going against the N4G guidelines by using this article instead of the original interview. It should really be the original source getting the hits, not this story.

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Cant find one but if you're itching to sign something then this is for you: http://www.petitiononline.c...

Remember if it gets to half a million then Uwe said he will exit the film industry.

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Also it's been said before that each area will be limited to something like 100 users at once so will have to be duplicated many times over to accomodate so many people.

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Here ladies and gentlemen we have the cause to fermcr's problem.

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Trading Mirrors Edge for Rock Band seems fair enough in my eyes.

(By the way I would be almost certain that there was money involved in both situations)

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Maybe a glitch in the N4G system?

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Hmmm, 'creeped' apparently isn't a real word:

I've found an unnerving unofficial definition:

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Forgive me for asking but how exactly does this share any resemblance to Heavy Rain?

Unless you just mean to say that you're getting all three games then I'm mistaken.

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I think, like LittleBigPlanet, it would depend on both quality and quantity of marketing.

I also do maintain that I would buy a Happy Meal for the first time in around 10 years If I got a Sackboy with it.

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Lol, anyway the original picture was one of the top results on google images for 'xbox 360 lips'.

Being only 18 myself I don't exactly have extensive knowledge on the comparisons it might draw so i hope you can forgive me on this.

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The picture is of the original tech demo which was only really to show off an early version of the games engine and the emotion it can produce.

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By the way I only changed the original pic of a microphone with lips because people were complaining. Did they think it resembled a sex toy or something? (I've never heard of the term 'fleshlight' tbh)

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It said that he already has one.

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It's a very accurate artists impression of what Lips will be like when it comes out.

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It seems that this uber fanboy developer has struck again!

a minor glitch has struck again as well and I'm the 0.1 comment!?!

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I reckon it will be a slightly more advanced version of the tamagochis (a short craze from a few years ago which involved looking after a pet on a crappy mini lcd screen).

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That has actually been confirmed to be coming some time next year.

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