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It might come as a shock but there is some British people play xbox too.

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CEX has a lot of used stock in already. 6 of my local store are all showing 4+ available

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Maybe add that this is US offer. Not available in UK (EU too?)

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Forza 5 had Rarified Air which had you complete Spring Break, Red and Bleu! and Snake Bit achievements

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Just tried ordering this and when you hit place order it gives an error stating - Please enter a valid voucher code and try again. It applied the £5 discount on the previous page but will not complete order. edited to add this was for ps4 version

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It always rains when I race there.

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when I saw that most wanted was $4.99 I went to check UK store to see its still £39.99. My lads really want this game for their vita's but I'm not going to pay that price for 2 copies of a game that was released almost 2 years ago.

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I miss the days of trading in one game and a fiver for something new

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The quartermaster sells all the vanguard stuff. you still have to buy with in game cash (forgot name of stuff)

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I agree that dlc should be around 6 months after game launch but I also think that if a game has a season pass they should not be releasing extra content that is not included in that.

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I wish i could pay $60, a lot better than the £60 we pay from most retailers now, yes i know we can get them cheaper from some places but i have lost so many items in the post using some of these i have given up

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But then you have to consider that ghosts launched on a lot more platforms than GTA. So GTA still did better

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Agreed, people should make their own opinion, not what someone else says or thinks

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My ps1 used to spend a lot of time on the carpet when i had the chance to plug it into the main tv downstairs, way better than the 14" portable i had in my room at the time

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me too, i love my csr

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Graingers are big up north, dont think they have any stores south of Derby

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now if only they could release it nearer to the start of the season and not the end

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Are people still buying ps3's and 360's with the new machines so close to release now? I know if one of mine fails now i wont be replacing it.

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This is what im wondering too, would be nice to have racing games with my choice of music not some crap someone else thinks i should listen to

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Nothing new really about no difference in price. Just look at price of grid 2 on psn £47.99 yet GAME, who are quite possible the most expensive high street retailer are selling the same disc version for £34.99. downloads have always been a ripoff for the console. bigger profit margin is all they see

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