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...No, it probably won't.... #1.1
Someone please give saint_fanboy a hug. He's having a bad day. #5.3
That's nice. #3.1.1
Actually, the proprietary memory cards are really expensive. IMO, its the only downside to the Vita. Whatever though, I don't have to worry about it. I received mine as a gift! (Really though, I do need a bigger memory card. I hate how the vita doesn't keep my savegames if I delete a game.) #3
SECRET SAUUUUUUUUCEE........ Delicious in theory... but is it real? #121
Every mmo gamer you know, huh? Wow. Even if you weren't lying, guess where all those people are going back to after a month of ESO? Yep, back to whatever game they were playing before this piece of garbage called ESO was released. Also, titans9999 is the target audience. Every single gamer is the target audience if Zenimax wants to make its money back. #3.1.1
Save the Vita? What, is it going somewhere? We have a lot of retarded armchair analysts putting their two cents in here. "Vita is dying." FFS. Just like the PSP, Sony's handheld is in second place to Nintendo's where, in my opinion it will probably stay. The Vita's price makes it much for niche than the 3DS and the fact that it doesn't get Pokemon games doesn't help either. Regardless, it has a slowly growing library of quality games and now and then it ev... #24
Could it be that the M$ secret sauce really exists!!?!?? When will this tech be ready to go? #138
Oh the butthurt over this. I know things are bad for the WiiU but I don't see why the fanboys are.... never mind. Fanboys. #33
Got an invite...and I live in Nebraska... #30
Well, I don't have a ps4 but I do have a nice gaming pc, though. Still, I skipped it. If it goes on sale on Origin for less than $20 (unlikely) I'll pick it up. That's the most I'd want to pay for a MP only game. #26.1
Call me when you're streaming from your WiiU to your 3DS or any other system to any other handheld. You can't? Oh, well I guess its newsworthy, huh. The Vita is a $250 handheld that you can play PS4 games on. I can't believe I fed the troll but come on...Get your asperger's under control. #1.1.9
@Meltic: On the contrary, it IS better. Way better. Blizzard fixed so much about the game that even though I couldn't bring myself to do a single full run-through before, my friends and I are playing the shit out of the game now. #1.2.2
Yeah, that is strange. #2.2
@Maniac: Why so negative, Nancy? #2.2.3
I've put a lot of time into this game... its really good. #1.1.3
Funny you should say that! http://www.ign.com/articles...
"We don't compare to The Witcher" They already know they can't hang with CD Projekt Red. #1.2
He has an amazing sixth sense when it comes to deep butt-hurting. It compels him to comment. #2.1.1
"What long-term appeal Warframe has comes from the ongoing levelling and upgrading of your character. Your suit and weapons level up with use, though you'd be hard pressed to notice any practical improvement in their functions."

"As well as a primary and secondary firearm, you go into battle toting a sword. The R1 button lashes out with this weapon, while holding it down delivers a slower but more powerful blow. It's functionally useless though, with a... #4
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