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Extremely niche and yet... It made you and people like you get all butthurt. The great thing is, it was sold out in Japan for the first couple weeks after its release. I wouldn't be surprised if they made another one. Anyways, if I had a fedora, I'd tip it at you. Stay an impotent white knight! We wouldn't get as many laughs if you ever changed, Kalebninja!

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lol kalebninja...I can't think of a user on this site that people take less seriously.

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@Deadpooled Kaleb has 9 bubbles on this site because the moderators agree with him. He was making racist comments about the Japanese and people who tore into him about it had half their bubbles taken away. Classy.

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Uh-oh... You triggered Kalebninja. How dare you point out Zangief's barely-there outfit. If its a guy, it doesn't count because...patriarchy... I guess. Now that you mention it, I never noticed that the arrow pointing at the D. OH! The sexualization!!!!!

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Yay Kalebninja! I'm glad we have a full-blown, always offended SJW in the comments section! Being a 3rd-wave feminist cuck, please tell us how the female form horrifies and offends you! We care! Also, if you could pencil it in, would you please write a couple of paragraphs about how free speech and artistic expression should be censored? Thanks.

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Kek. I'm down.

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@miyamoto Okay, my mind is officially blown. First, at how gutter the first Tenchu test footage is(that jump sound effect..), and second...Wow! I had no idea that was motion capture. I immediately knew what I was looking at when he started moving, though. Incredible. Thanks a lot for showing me those, I had no idea those videos existed.

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detroitmademeafailurejustliket hecityitself

Hmmm, a bit long but way more fitting.

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Tenchu! NICE! Wow, I haven't seen anyone mention Tenchu in such a long time. Really, they're my favorite stealth games from back in the day. Ayame or Rikimaru?

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They might sometime in the future but this was a glitch.

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Huh, a Fate game. Think it'll come west?

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Love dat Fire Emblem, though.

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Are you?

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Damn bro, we could start a mine with all that salt. Well, stay salty if that's what works for you. ;-)

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@Death Considering you need a decent gaming rig, you're still paying quite a bit more just to play the OR. I mean, they're trying to bundle a $1,400 computer with the OR. You really want to try to argue that its somehow cheap? LOL, really!?!?!? The OR developers straight up said that the spec requirements aren't going to be small. You should argue (If you really want to, and I think you do) that the OR is better BECAUSE its so premium. Play the wealthy, PC master race card;...

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How were the old games that used Move? It didn't seem to get a lot of support but I really wanted to try it.

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Yeah, totally. No, wait, I won't miss it at all. I have a gaming PC and I haven't cared about Halo since Halo 2. My PC can play pretty much everything the Xbone can but with better graphics.

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If it fits his narrative, of course he'd ignore those things.

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Well, happy early birthday!

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