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It's really cool when we have established professional writers who are qualified to critique other professionals come to n4g to help the rest us understand how bad the writing is for the games we like. Do you all feel as lucky as I do? I mean, its really great that Neckbear takes the time to playthrough these games and offer his critical expertise. Really though, so awesome. I can't wait to play the next game he writes and does the voicework for. Its gonna be the best. #2.3
lolololol yes... Preparing thunder... #1.3.3
Interesting to see a Daily Nebraskan story on N4g. Good ole' UNL... #1
You seem upset. #27.1
Dougie is bad at trolling. What's a "looser", btw? Also, it doesn't count if you're talking about your big bro's computer. Let him sit back down at his computer, Douglas. The adults are having a conversation. #30.2
You tell em, Sammy! What a great review! Social justice prevails! The Japanese are misogynists and stupid!

I meant none of that. #1
Yeah those os4 fanboys are THE WORST! I hate the os4! #4.1
If you don't like people criticizing your story, don't read the posts. See how your logic works? GTFO. #7.1.2
I didn't even know the game was being released and its on my "to buy" list. Kind of sad about that. #5.1
But... what if I want people to know how edgy and jaded I am? I want people to know that no game scares me... What better way to do that than become a glorified blogger er.. I mean game journalist and tell everybody how unscared I am? Sorry, svoulis, I just can't understand your point of view. #5.1
Yes, this game is torture-porn and I'm the victim every time I play it.... GTFO. Awful. #4
Dear Gaming Community,

Killing is fine but sex is taboo. Sex destroys our moral foundation but killing builds character. Play more CoD, yo. #yoloswag420noscopeblazeitfag


ESRB #1.1
That's cool, I've been wanting to try this out. #2
Looks pretty cool. #1
And you get disagrees for some reason... #3.1
Gee, this makes me sad. What is this, again? #5
Darn? #21
Well, that had to be some prime trolling for the game makers to put up with. Yosuke Hayashi, you rascal. Still, since Ayane(for some reason..) is in the game, it just wouldn't be right to not have a little jingle-jangle wiggle waggle...if you know what I mean. #5
I have one, thanks though. #7.3
"So yea go ahead and "disagree" with me EMO kid, but not everybody wants to perv on animated women."
You're a badass! How's that working out for you.... being all badass? #1.5.2
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