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Did Spoonsx even say it was a great game? I recall just reading, "I actually enjoyed it." You should probably let big bro have the keyboard back, your Asperger's is showing. #1.1.5
I concur! Btw, you ever find those eyeballs you were looking for? #1.1
Pretty interesting you can speak for most people. #4.1.3
I guess you'd have to play it to know. #1.4.3
You are super edgy! Damn. #3.12
Yeah, I thought M.L. Football was super fun when I was growing up. Its very nostalgic. #1.1.1
"However I have to say Sony first party is not to my liking anymore; for now at least." It sounds like you already know what you want. Personally, I have a gaming PC so buying the xbone makes 0 sense. However, if you like MS IPs and you don't have a gaming PC then you might as well buy one if you feel like you can't wait. If your $300 isn't burning a hole in your pocket(or however much the xbone costs) wait a month and see what Sony has at E3 before dropping the dough. #16
I like it. It could use a bigger budget for the special effects considering its a show about people with super powers but otherwise, its good. #1.12
"While making you lose sales"? Wtf are you talking about? Free press would only help sales. #2.7.2
Well I think that's the problem... If Nintendo wants a cut of any let's plays of their games and other companies don't want a cut...well, I think we both know who's going to get more coverage. As the Wii U is Nintendo's slowest selling console ever, it might benefit them to loosen up on charging Youtubers so they can get some free press. Then again, Amiibos and the 3DS sales might let them continue on the way they do. Also, one shouldn't underestimate the power of... #2.5.3
@wonderfulmonkeyman: In his pissed off rant at Nintendo, he said he actually spent around $900 on Nintendo hardware so he could do let's play videos with a couple of his friends. Which video did he say it was all donated? #1.1.2
If you had actually played the game you'd know its not an issue. A fine attempt at stealth trolling, though. I give you a B-. #10.1.2
Cleric beast, first try. Father G? He beat my ass like I stole a package or something. I went in having no idea what to expect and when he transformed the hilarity ensued. #8.2
On the contrary, I really enjoy exploring the various Bloodborne environments. #8
lol you seem upset. #1.5.2
The article pic didn't seem to be related to the story. What's it from? #11
I actually really enjoyed the game for the short while it lasted. Also, I thought the action was great although it just wasn't enough. Still, I really liked the protagonist and a few of the side characters and the lycans actually managed to give the game a bit of spookiness now and then. Personally, I would have really enjoyed a horde mode on the side or something along those lines so I could just run around and shoot things...lots of things... #3
Huh, who knew? #1
@LifeInNZ: Yeah, pretty sure that's he's saying. Thank you for reiterating, though. Very helpful. #2.4.2
Dat fake-bake, tho? I can see Nathan hitting up a tanning salon. #7.2
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