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Dibs. #1
Actually, did you guys who disagree with the video actually watch it? He makes some good points... #32
Captain Falcon was gonna drop dat mad Falcon Punch on a ho. She probably owes him money. #25
The exclusive stuff is all timed anyways, right? What's the big deal? I understand that PS4 owners get to play test first but otherwise everyone eventually gets the same content, right? #1.1.20
Those backlogs, tho. I totally agree, I gotta stop buying games until I start playing through the ones I already have. #1.1.1
I was thinking about picking this up on PC but I reckon I'll get it on Vita instead. Looks like a lot of fun. #4
Yeah, I agree. Strange when publicity stunts get publicity, huh. #1.1
Yeah, I really want to get something other than the 8gb stick but I don't want to pay the cost of a new console game just to expand my drive space to the point where I can have all my games installed at once. #12.1
I concur, doctor. I received my Vita as a gift but I'm really impressed with it. Still, I would like to see more games despite my backlog. #4.1
Probably just so we see more advertisements. #2.2
Well, it IS possible some people don't like racing games...right? No? #1.1.4
lol, I think you have the person who's offended mixed up but... #6.2.1
When I first read it, I actually thought for a moment, "Whoa, there's a ...... Master Chef game? Will it be like a next gen Cooking Mama...?" I mean well... I guess I have that going for me? #1.3.2
If not many agreed with my assessment of innovative, they haven't looked at a dictionary lately. Sorry if you're salty. #4.2.2
I guess that takes care of not liking the main character, huh. Maybe I should have stated that I didn't like the goofy mohawk guy in the trailers. Sorry if your butt's sore. #6.1.1
Whoa, PD on the original xbox! That's very nostalgic. I can't wait to see a current gen build for it. #1.2.8
Sunset Overdrive looks pretty crazy. Not a fan of the main character but I do really like that it has an open-world next-gen Ratchet and Clank kind of feel to it. #6
Phil, that rascal. I kinda like that guy. #17
Can I try for some pretentious indie-kid points like Volkama and UnHoly_One by being a contrarian douchebag as well? "I could list my reasons, that game has clear and obvious flaws." I can actually list the reasons for you. The reasons are:

1. You never played the game but you automatically dislike things that are popular so you can see yourself standing outside "the crowd". Well aren't you just a singular, precious snowflake...
2. You didn&#... #1.1.10
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Myth the Fallen Lords. Bubble up from that alone. Yeah, Bungie has a pretty good track record. #5.2
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