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You know the forums are a real ripe area to win, come be active, and you have a way better shot then the random lottery for the front page!

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I love the idea of finally getting to see the Pandareons, not every expansion has to be a giant monster or dragon, and yes while WOTLK sucked hard, Cata got back to the fun roots and harder content.

Can't wait to be a Panda!

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Last Rem is on the list but not Tales of Vesperia or Enteral Sonata??

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Will it be a contender? Prob, but it prob won't win, this year I am placing my money on either Skyrim or Deus Ex or possibly BF3

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Awful list, just awful

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no its med

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I can top that :)

Case- COOLER MASTER Storm Scout

CPU- Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge (3.8GHz Turbo Boost)

HDD- Western Digital Caviar Black WD7502AAEX 750GB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5"

GFX- HIS IceQ X Turbo H695QNT2G2M Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express

PSU- PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II PPCMK2S650

Memory- CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB)
240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ...

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September to like Mid Nov is fall, October to Dec is like 50% winter

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It doesn't say anything about a publisher it sounds like they need someone to finish development.

Always good to see a website jumping to conclusions.

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I'll give this a thumbs up merely because I have suggested a similar process

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My concern is if the next game will be as good, Dragon Age was a great homage and back to the roots of what made RPG's fun and exciting, and the game sold great and was a critical success. And yet Dragon Age 2 comes around and they cut the meat off of most of the stuff, they took away some of the depth in combat, the customization with armor and weapons, the open world.

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Gradia 1 sucked though, Grandia 2 was the standout title of that series, and you can't give props to the system because it had ports of SNES titles.

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I built a beast of a computer this week so I could play all the heavy hitter PC games in their greatest glory.

i7 2600k overclocked to 4.3ghz
Radeon 4950 2 gigs of graphic ram
16 gigs of DDR3 ram running at 1600.
She's a beast!

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Its not a stupid article blizzard already said they would allow people to see their high end custom maps on for SC2 they said it at Blizzcon like 2 years ago

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I still don't get why people are making a big deal of this in Diablo 2 there was an entire site run by players who had to either pay real money or WoW gold for the sites own currency and then they would use that to buy and sell items and characters.

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Ya who exactly is complaining? Hardcore Diablo 2 players already had a forum where you could trade real money or WoW gold for their forum currency and use that to buy items and characters, this just seems to integrate that into the game so protect people doing transactions.

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I was surprised and amazed by Bioshock as well, I still remember downloading the demo in the middle of the night and being utterly blown away when they reveal Rapture.

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MAN why does no one ever complain about me these things? I get plenty of angry PM's but NOOO no one ever says my name when their talking about mods.

Really hurts my feelings.

Plus whoever said other sites have catapulted ahead of us or something, we're like way bigger then most game sites, and I never met anyone at E3 last year who didn't know who we were!

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The daily visit score is a little weird in the way that it clocks each day, while it may not show up for you, that you are getting all the daily visits rest assured we have an internal and more accurate system that properly tracks everyone.

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So what exactly is the problem, game developers want a big showing and Magazines and websites want to have exclusive stuff to make them look different.

Nothing wrong with a nice first preview

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