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Oh it's gonna be big, absolutely no doubt. This is possibly the biggest console exclusive they have right now next to Halo.

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A lot of people are complaining Marvel is ugly. It certainly doesn't look as crisp as UMVC3.

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I guess it's only natural for digital sales to increase over time, as digital platforms become more viable.

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Fight of Gods doesn't even look good, but it's getting all the attention it needs now!

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Wow big success! Proves you don't need GoW.

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I hope it refreshes TLOU2, too.

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I wonder what sort of features Microsoft will be keeping exclusive to Xbox, instead of sharing the love with PC...

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Could those scenes have involved some sort of MESSAGE or anything SUBSTANTIAL? Because I can understand why Cage would remove those.

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So, just America then? ;)

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Well you would expect it to be more powerful! Development being easy sounds good, I hope that means more native 4K titles.

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Kinect could've been something amazing with more accuracy, but alas, we got what we got. VR is something a lot more studios are getting involved in, so it really goes without saying.

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Super interesting! Really can't wait to see how this comes together, it all sounds too good to be true

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It's a shame the second screen held the Wii U back so much - good that developers don't have to worry about it anymore.

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How many times have claims like this been made by racing game devs since the beginning of 3D gaming though?

Though I guess if anyone are to be taken on their word, it's the GT team.

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The first was good, but too bare-bones. Looking forward to seeing what they can do with it now.

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Gonna stay hesitant on this one until we see much more of the singleplayer

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I have high hopes for this - Black Flag was my favourite game in the series, and I really like the setting here. High hopes.

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This is true and I hope to see more games releases early in the year and during the Summer! Sick of having a Winter bloat

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As usual, I'm waiting for Digital Foundry to get their hands on a build before making any decisions - though, if the console versions have a 30FPS cap... That's definitely one way to influence my platform choice.

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Looks like this'll be the best place to play FFXV until it comes to PC, especially if the unlocked framerate mode is more stable!

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