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This all sounds cool and interesting but I've been burned by CoD before... Fingers crossed?

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Sony really need to clear up their messaging when it comes to things like this! You'd think they have enough cash to make it exclusive.

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It looks borderline photorealistic! I wonder what the difference will be between PS4 and PS4 Pro...

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I wonder if they'll keep making accessories like this in future...

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15 hours is plenty of time, though I kind of assumed all games would have PS4 Pro patches from now on, honestly.

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I'm super excited for this, Platinum rarely fail to make an amazing game!

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Tomorrow is going to be a very special day indeed!

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Hoping for a smooth 60FPS on PS4 Pro!

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Would be interesting to see bigger multiplatform games like this on the Switch, if they're not too downgraded!

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I wasn't sure about the previous Styx, but this looks better in almost every way. Can't wait to see for myself!

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Third party support will almost definitely be better than Wii U - after all, this system is actually going to sell! Though, yeah, big AAAs like Titanfall 2 probably won't make the transition.

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I believe the Switch could do great, but they really need to nail down the messaging. Fingers crossed!

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Glad he's moving on to new things, we can wait for more Gravity Rush, but new IPs are always needed!

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The Last Guardian has got to be my fave, it needs more love than it gets!

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That's a hell of an estimate! But I think it might even take a bit longer still, unless more devices like Gear VR come out to help get decent VR into public hands. And, err, yeah, I hope the Switch is good too,

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Great price for a very good game!

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They will, I'm sure of it. The Wii U will be looked back on incredibly fondly by all who actually owned one.

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I think this is the first system that feels like something new - as in, it's not a home console, but not really a handheld either. It's going to appeal to a lot of new, different consumers. In terms of game development, though, I think it's a natural next step for a lot of the titles we see on Vita, etc.

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With the exclusives and recent deals this is no surprise! Wonder if Scorpio will turn the tides next year? Hmmm...

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