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Well you would expect it to be more powerful! Development being easy sounds good, I hope that means more native 4K titles.

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Kinect could've been something amazing with more accuracy, but alas, we got what we got. VR is something a lot more studios are getting involved in, so it really goes without saying.

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Super interesting! Really can't wait to see how this comes together, it all sounds too good to be true

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It's a shame the second screen held the Wii U back so much - good that developers don't have to worry about it anymore.

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How many times have claims like this been made by racing game devs since the beginning of 3D gaming though?

Though I guess if anyone are to be taken on their word, it's the GT team.

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The first was good, but too bare-bones. Looking forward to seeing what they can do with it now.

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Gonna stay hesitant on this one until we see much more of the singleplayer

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I have high hopes for this - Black Flag was my favourite game in the series, and I really like the setting here. High hopes.

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This is true and I hope to see more games releases early in the year and during the Summer! Sick of having a Winter bloat

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As usual, I'm waiting for Digital Foundry to get their hands on a build before making any decisions - though, if the console versions have a 30FPS cap... That's definitely one way to influence my platform choice.

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Looks like this'll be the best place to play FFXV until it comes to PC, especially if the unlocked framerate mode is more stable!

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Xbox One X obviously has the edge on power, but PlayStation 4 still has exclusives, and VR support. Gamers who care about resolution should go for the X, but I think the library makes the PS4 Pro better for me.

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I wonder is the Air Force are actually likely to recruit anyone with something like this...

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Sounds like some good deals coming! Wish we always got a heads-up!

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Seems odd considering they just abandoned IOI.

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Scorpio might be severely outpacing the PS4 Pro in power, but if it's still bound by what the Xbox One can also perform, well, it's not going to be that impressive... Still have high hopes for native 4K though.

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Devs aren't making the most of what the PS4 Pro can do, I wish they'd push for 60FPS more often.

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Looks like Switch is turning some heads!

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Probably for the best, the series might need a rethink at this point. Perhaps it's time to distance the story from the rest of the games.

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