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It'd be cool if this tied in somehow to the MCU, though I'm not sure that's likely... A Marvel Gaming Universe, though? Maybe?

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I do wonder if Bloodborne's generally more thoughtful approach to combat and exploration can be found throughout

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60FPS at least, right?

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I'll probably be picking up an Xbox One X once it has a big library of enhanced games.

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Good news for 1080p TV owners.

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Haha, that's exactly the truth. I do wonder how many people will buy it in addition to XBL Gold, considering they have so few games available in the near future.

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It's a great idea, but let down by the lack of first party titles actually slated for the future.

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Hmm, not sure how I feel about game re-sale. I've often hoped I could transfer a digital game to a friend, but resale kinda feels like it'll cause issues or be suspect to manipulation. We'll see though.

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I wonder if it’ll be more optimised than the Pro patch, which was basically just 1440p and nothing else

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This is great news. I do hope this also means they sort out their PC ports, since NieR is still a bit wonky.

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Let's just hope it's above the quality of most Marvel games... They got the movies right for the most part, now time for a really good game!

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A new standard which games will still have to scale to original Xbox One to release.

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I wonder if that means EA will be releasing their own metrics...

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DOOM on a handheld is a great prospect, very impressive full console games of last year are now today's portable games.

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It’s about time it was on a console that could play it properly

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That’s good, I don’t want the coop to ruin playing by myself. If you know what I mean.

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The hype is real

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Glad Horizon is still getting more content

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Looks cool, but will still wait for reviews - too burned after the last Battlefront.

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Oh it's gonna be big, absolutely no doubt. This is possibly the biggest console exclusive they have right now next to Halo.

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