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It really did look amazing, was the only trailer that really worked with the orchestra too, IMO.

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For something that's in-game this looks seriously impressive. Love Spiderman, would love a game like Spider-Man 2 but y'know... Newer and bigger.

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Wow, I didn't think there would be a State of Decay 2, honestly.

Nice that DR4 is on PC, at least. Fingers crossed it's a better port this time.

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Makes me wonder if they were working on something else in the background, and if we're likely to see anything of it after TLG finally releases.

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Which is strange, because The Last of Us was so spot on with the portrayal of the characters and the actions they perform.

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Teasing more Halo on PC, just not the main Halo games, eh?

I want more Halo, but I can't say I care about Halo Wars...

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Benefits for developers maybe... Unless you factor in that these machines will likely be their target, and then they have to further downgrade for a base PS4/XB1 version.

For consumers I predict one big hot mess.

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This sounds really promising for the XB1 library, but I hope it doesn't just become a weaker PC.

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Fingers crossed for something that's a BIG LEAP ahead of Dragon Age: Inquisition! Compared to stuff like The Witcher 3, that game felt dated, and Mass Effect needs a big overhaul IMO. Looking forward to it, regardless.

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This really could be what refreshes the FPS genre! I have high hopes for this, praying it plays as well as it looks!

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Well, it only makes sense. No point in a Platinum or whatever if you essentially had God mode on.

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720p? Hopefully they will optimise before release but I'm feeling doubtful...

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Sounds ambitious, hope the team is feeling up for it!

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Shame that the 7th core isn't enough, but it's not a massive surprise to be honest.

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Great, that's good news to get excited for! I want this Uncharted to go out with a bang

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Still crossing my fingers for more PC releases, there's no game that could convince me to buy an XB1.

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Get the feeling it won't live up to the hype anyway, Mordor only got attention because it was one of the first "next gen" titles that didn't suck.

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I hope they haven't taken any facial expressions from AC concept art! ;)

Though, seriously, I wonder if there are hundreds of different destructible objects, or about 20 that we'll see over and over.

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My early impressions on using DX12 with RotTR are lukewarm. It doesn't seem to be running much better, and the new AO is only available in DX11...

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Ouch, strong words! But after the years of punishment they put Rare through, I'm inclined to believe.

Makes no sense that they didn't at least push Fable Legends out the door before cancellation.

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