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Third party support will almost definitely be better than Wii U - after all, this system is actually going to sell! Though, yeah, big AAAs like Titanfall 2 probably won't make the transition.

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I believe the Switch could do great, but they really need to nail down the messaging. Fingers crossed!

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Glad he's moving on to new things, we can wait for more Gravity Rush, but new IPs are always needed!

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The Last Guardian has got to be my fave, it needs more love than it gets!

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That's a hell of an estimate! But I think it might even take a bit longer still, unless more devices like Gear VR come out to help get decent VR into public hands. And, err, yeah, I hope the Switch is good too,

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Great price for a very good game!

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They will, I'm sure of it. The Wii U will be looked back on incredibly fondly by all who actually owned one.

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I think this is the first system that feels like something new - as in, it's not a home console, but not really a handheld either. It's going to appeal to a lot of new, different consumers. In terms of game development, though, I think it's a natural next step for a lot of the titles we see on Vita, etc.

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With the exclusives and recent deals this is no surprise! Wonder if Scorpio will turn the tides next year? Hmmm...

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Let's hope that price is right, I think it needs to be under £300 by a decent amount

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They could be the best, but they've definitely become less impactful over time... Not sure COD can stand up to the campaigns from Titanfall 2 and BF1 but we'll see!

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Trailer looked great! Hope the rest of the game can live up to it!

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Is this just gonna be standard AAA titles with handheld features, like Street Pass, or something new? Can't wait to see!

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This game looks beautiful, I hope the gameplay lives up to the visuals

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F2P games seem to pull this stuff all the time and get advertised on Facebook and more. No idea how they get away with it.

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They're not incomplete, but VR games won't resemble standard games for a while yet, IMO. Eventually, though, for sure.

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This is nice, appease the fans, prove nothing has changed too much, before proving you can take the series in a great new direction. More excited for GoW5, now!

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Be interesting to see detailed comparisons between the two, waiting for Digital Foundry's take

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Has it at least been optimised so it uses less power on PS4 Pro than the technique would use on other systems? That's how Sony made it sound, would be very disappointing to learn that's not true.

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If it's going to be Suicide Squad themed, count me out.

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