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Honestly I agree, wouldn't surprise me if they did make this "trial program" a cover up for their mistake. #1.1
We replaced the video with an other on the website, Just in case some people have missed it the first time. #4
The Deal was so crazy, madness just seemed appropriate.

Or I just screwed up and I'm going to roll with it. #3.1
They pretty much look the same to me. Little Differences nothing really major. #5
it doesn't take skill to be unable to find matches due to server issues. The gameplay is very good, and definitely more complex then call of duty. If the servers were functional at the time of the review, the grade would've been better. If you actually read the article, nothing was slammed about gameplay. But I wouldn't expect you to read the article and see the reason for the rating. #5.2
Yeah, trust me I know. I put this up once the deal was revealed and no one bothered to approve it until it was way to late. #2.1
If COD released a beta with this many holes and issues, they'd have gotten the same treatment on our site. Its understandable its not a final release, but to release a beta that damaged is a bad move from the DICE team. If you are going to do something, do it correctly. #6
A new timesplitters would be awesome, but if we were only to get a Future Perfect remake I'd still be happy. #1.1
I cant load the site either, never could 90% of the time. But, you guys should give this one a shot if you really wanna see this.

Let me know if that works out for you guys #62.1.1
Changed, and no it was just an oversight. #2
that may be true, but if a gamer honestly plays a game fanatically, saving that 10-15 dollars could mean a big difference, especially on a budget. #2
from the looks it seems to be a singleplayer save editor. that really doesn't do much in terms of multiplayer. #1
I haven't had that happen once yet, But It's going to happen every once in a while. It's just the luck of the draw I guess. #1.1
This game does look interesting might look out for it later on. #6
While I love things that are free, I think I'll still be rocking the console before some "free to play you gotta buy some nonsense to make you character look cooler games".

Only free to play game I'm looking forward to is APB Reloaded. #2
Who honestly check Myspace anymore?.....just saying.... #4
Destruction times five. This game should be much better then the first #6
I don't mean like shooters, but possibly racing games, maybe some puzzle games, even some variation of an RPG/action game it could be very feasible. Could you imagine an FPS adventure game where you have to grab the items and physically interact with the environment? #5.1.1
This demo is really getting at what gaming can become..great visuals with some solid gameplay. My favorite = head shot debris flying everywhere vividly. #1
Kinect is really going to be amazing once they start venturing into other gaming genres #5
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