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He looks like a buzzard. The creativity of Asians frightens me. #2
Here's someone we could learn a thing or two about #1
Very very deceptive incredibly poorly written article. Ridiculous this is on the front page. #26
Pre-order bonuses often blow, and screw people over. I can't find any retailer who knows anything about PlayStation All-Stars giant pre-order bonus (in Canada) so it looks like I'm fucked in that regard. Even doesn't mention the pre-order bonus (whereas does) #5
I think her all stars appearance should play up her originating from a gory m rated game. Her all stars appearance makes her look like peaches ugly obese sister. #2
Awesome review! Totally convinced #6
Gotta love a top quality exclusive FPS. #4
Boooo, Assassins Creed should die already. #5
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This article is a huge breath of fresh air. So sick of seeing poorly considered PlayStation doom articles topping N4G, and in-sighting a slew of piggybackers. #14
Yup, that's definitely his main problem. Doesn't hurt that he's incredibly strong, fast and his supers dominate, and take priority over most if not all other level 1 supers. Level 3 super lasts very long, and features a tracking projectile you can shoot to slaughter across the screen in moments. But if they nerfed his hasty AP build, then he'd be much better balanced.

I've seen instances, where I'm butchering Kratos in the beginning of a match (he gets... #5.4.1
Keep at it! It's a surprisingly deep game. The key is figuring out the characters movesets, and what move to use in what situation. Good luck :-)

Oh, and Kratos is OP, so don't feel bad if he's owning you lol #5.1
I'm in a similar camp. When I heard Sony was finally getting a "Smash Bros clone" I was incredibly excited. #2.1
Especially with trophies coming at some point. #1.1
I'm of two minds here. I love how incredibly accurate Move is, and I hate to jump into a buttonless interface that's bound to not be as exact/fast as move, but full body control does sound sweet, and will be great for full body work out type games. #9
There are SOOOO many good games on these lists. Our industry seems to have a hard-on for zombies/horror themes, so there's a lot to choose from. Very glad to see Dead Nation get some love, favorite PSN game by far. #2
Beta is open to all users upcoming tuesday, so you'll get a chance to battle sooner than ya think. #2.1
I <3 this comment, so true. #6.1.1
EA is my best guess too, the way he talks about COD seems like it has to be an outsider perspective, or a particularly clever comment from Activision just to throw people off. #1.1.1
I'm curious how much is due to company profit vs low consumer cost. #4
lolz Unfinished Swan comes out tomorrow.

Edit: Super late, shoulda refreshed before posting. #1.1.2
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