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Can't wait for PlayStation Allstars that's gonna be a blast. Loved the betas.

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Wow, this situation really sucks for COD fans /hidessmile

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Why pay for an out of date magazine that I'll only read a third of, when we have blogs and Google search?

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I'm great at some games, sub-par (initially) at others. I'm king of 2D platforming, own at LittleBigPlanet, ha ha. Really slick at PSASBR as well.

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That's not exactly fair. If you read the article, the author is just reporting a bit of a WTF comment made by a Sony rep, that told us otherwise. It's not like anyone every assumed/thought the Vita version entitled them to the PS3 version.

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Hmmm, I've heard mixed things about Crysis 3's 3D. Gonna have to pick it up, even if just to give it a test spin; have seen it really cheap at retailers often.

Also, Mortal Kombat didn't look bad in 3D, but I thought it was such a HUGE missed opportunity. There's a ridiculous amount of great pop-out 3D gore/Fatality opportunities in Mortal Kombat, and they almost never took advantage of that. It looks really slick, but it could have easily been the type of gam...

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Love me some Paper Mario. Glad to hear this is good.

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I forgot the Wii U was getting it.

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I don't get why Sony's exclusive Need For Speed tv Spot doesn't even mention the Vita. Seems like a big missed opportunity.

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Wow first EA brands many of their studios around the world to BioWare, now Mythic (who I'll admit, I've never heard of in name) is dropping BioWare's name.

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Here's the thing, spec wise it's great and really powerful for the price (when I bought it last year anyway) but nearly no apps on Google Play support it. I'm not sure why exactly, I'm sure they would run if downloaded directly, but GPlay just won't list tons of them for the device. There's ways to work around this, but it's a huge buzz kill for sure.

Like I said, spec wise it's decent, so the UI is very smooth.

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There's actually a reason for that. I created the image previously to accompany this article http://www.playstationlifes... discussing the possibility of PG being right, and SuperBot possibly lying in order to actually surprise us with something (seems less likely every day)

Then yesterday, I figured the image was ...

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So true, the SNES is great. I bought a foreign Android tablet with buttons (JXD s7100) primarily to play SNES games (especially Super Mario World)

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Picked me up Vikings attack for 7 bucks.

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Kratos for President! He really knows how to cut right to the issues.

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If you don't want to wade through a generally boring interview click the PlayStation LifeStyle link to get to the punch about the confirmed all stars character and arena DLC

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Awesome, can't wait to pick it up. GF loves Sackboy and Modnation, this is gonna be perfect for us.

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Thank you for the translation! I actually wrote the post (wasn't the one to submit however) and I was really curious what was being said.

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Baha, awesome. Similarities are striking.

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Hopefully persona helps sell a Vita or two. Vita's really hurting right now :-(

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