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I think that's the right approach. I'm optimistic thinking of it as a good n gory action title ala God of War rather than a Metal Gear.

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I grew up with Nintendo but haven't had a Nintendo console since the N64. I recently picked up the Wii U to sit alongside my PS3 since I love their exclusives, and they're finally HD.

Since it isn't my primary console, and will only be used once in a while for their exclusives, I appreciate the lack of DLC. Their development practices are already fairly "cheap" (we still have palette swap Toad's in New SMB) so I dread Nintendo stepping into the alre...

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This is ridiculous, it paints all gaming journalists in an unprofessional light. Really sickening.

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Reminds me of when they were touting PS3's Mass Effect 2 running on ME3's engine, then when techies (probably digital foundary) compared PS3/360 version of ME2, the 360 one looked better. Visual improvements or not, I'm totally picking this up loved the 2nd, and 3rd Mass Effect's regardless of visual inferiority.

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Finally some solid PS4 rumors.

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I adore motion gaming on the PS3 including Fight Lights Out.

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This is either brilliant satire or really stupid...either way I enjoy it.

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I think GTAV is gonna play up the buddy aspect between the 3 protagonists. Not to sound sexist but I think a female lead would disturb that dynamic.

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There aren't enough side scrolling hack n slashers. I miss Power Rangers for the SNES.

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Glad to see the PS3 doing so well, not too far behind the 360, and Microsoft's console dominates in the United States generally.

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I heard a rumor there's gonna be a LBP MMO on PS4...the hell? Love to see some crazy concept in the LBP universe like that take form.

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Hmmm, I love Ratchet/Clank, but I think I'm gonna wait till the Vita version releases to pick up full frontal assault, I hope the cross-save is as smooth as PlayStation All-Stars.

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I'm surprised as well. I tried playing some of their titles I got free from PS+ (Back to the Future, and Sam and Max) I really couldn't stand those games, the gameplay was just terrible. The Walking Dead is a lot better chiefly due to the story/decisions. I still think they need to work on their gameplay, and technical issues though.

Also I think it's hilarious Tell Tale got nominated Spikes VGA's for best developer this year...the hell? Just like last year wh...

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Magical masked assassin or angry native assassin?

Oh, wait just remembered the Dishonored guy is pissed too, so he takes the corpse crammed cake.

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With the series high sales I wouldn't be surprised. Low initial investment and potentially huge profit margins? What publisher isn't drooling over that?

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The U.S gets all the fun, that's why my country burned down their White House....Jealous spite.

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Aren't Best Buy and Future Shop essentially the same company?

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Nice. Know some people who would jump on Diablo 3.

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Surprised they want us playing Bioshock 2 lol.

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The Unfinished Swan all the way!

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