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Zen Pinball is so good. Probably one of those games that won't benefit too much from being on the Wii U at this point. The only customers likely inclined to shop online on a Nintendo console quite likely already have Zen Pinball for PS3 Vita, or 360.

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The Unfinished Swan is probably the best standalone PSN exclusive this year, I highly advise anyone who hasn't checked it out to download the demo, you'll love it.

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Can't wait for them to reveal the PS4. I just hope they wait until E3 instead of pre-nouncing a week before e3 like they have been.

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I don't think anything should be off limits. "it's either all ok, or none of it is"

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Great to hear. More games the better.

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Awesome article sorta points out everything wrong with this hit driven industry.

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It's funny we're at the point where VS13 was announced near the beginning of this particularly long console cycle, and now we're at the point where we're wondering if it's a next gen title or all together canned.

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Rochard is so good. It's like Mario contra and portal had a baby.

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This is wonderful. I'm a PlayStation Christmas fanboy and I approve.

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Often the press release contains valuable content such as trailers. Good journalists will take the important bits and write about that content without any BS PR spin from the press release included.

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It's amazing just how overwhelmingly the new Dante seems to be despised. Even intelligent comments advocating for, or justifying him to any extent get downvoted to hell.

I don't blame those who hate Dante for doing this, rather it's a very useful way to gauge how universally hated he is.

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These games look so good, especially Joust. Can't believe we'll likely never get to play them.

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I think Capcom felt Dante was too off putting to the Western market. I haven't played nor had any interest in the previous games, but new Dante is posed as a Western badass with a focus on rebellion which I can relate to more easily. It's a much more appealing personality to Western gamers than the aloof Japanese archetype described in another comment here.

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To be fair - Dante was tortured (I think) Drake on the other hand was a thrill seeking pick pocketing street rat. Not familiar enough with other characters to comment.

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You have a wonderful sharp and cynical mind, I deeply appreciate it, and thank you for being you <3

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It's almost as if they have a heart or something.

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I was going to say that I was hoping this would be good, but who the hell am I kidding? There's way too many games in this day/age, a game that I'm only somewhat interested in getting a sub-par review is sort of a mixed blessing in a very self-centered way.

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It does strike me as odd that such a heavily themed, beautiful world could receive such ugly boxart. Also I think Drakes Fortune's boxart is much better.

That being said, I'm totally stoked to pick up BioShock Infinite, the boxart holds no sway over me, though that can't be said for the millions of ignorant customers browsing GameStop.

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Only square seems to announce way more games than they actually release.

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That image has me wanting to Mountain Dew Geoff Keighley.

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