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Ha ha, this is so awesome. Love the critical pieces. #7
I'm tempted to get the Wii's paper Mario for the Wii U but the big time investment, abundance of games I have/need to play, and lack of trophies is deterring me. #4
Ya...that makes sense. I'm of the age where there was a very brief moment in school were we'd use floppy discs to hold word documents/school projects. I only learned later in life that games used to come on floppy's. #5.1.2
I've never heard of Mad Dog McRee EVER...is that normal, or is the series as obscure as I'm suspecting it is? #5
My only issue is using MY game on a friend's PS3 or vice versa. If they implement a system to allow game lending then I don't give a shit if used game sales are stopped. #6
Nice thing about accidental groping? Comes with all the tactile sensation with none of the sexual harassment suits. #4
I think Uncharted is the best example of how multilayer doesn't detract from singleplayer, just gives you another way to play the game. #4
Best thing about a physical copy of Journey? Gifting it to friends/family. #10
Honestly, it doesn't seem like a lot can help the Vita at this point aside from a heavily advertised price drop. #2.2.1
New blood is right, there's so many times I've played against the same people online, or people I've heard of/see on the internet. The game really needs some sales badly. #2.1
Actually, he might be referring to the fact that this concept art was released in October. #2.1.1
Plus is awesome... Quest for Booty $7? Nice. Also retro city is such a great game. #5
What's the price difference between the iOS and 3DS version? Odd that the iOS version is more expensive - usually iOS games are cheaper than their console counterparts. #1.1
With that much content, love, and easter egg hand jobs stuffed into Borderlands 2; they totally deserve it. #3
Lbp karting is so good. #6
Infamous 2 was such a tight gameplay experience. The story was terrific too. #2.1
Far Cry 3 on the cheap-ish is a welcome discount. #1
Such a great deal for those getting a PS3 for the first time. #1
Hmmm, looks great! So neat that it's a sequel to a 10+ year old gameboy game lol. #1
The craziest shit is always the best. #2
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