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I've got your final fantasy...IN MY PANTS.

Exploiting addiction for tear-drenched man head? Well played me. #8.1
I don't get why so many are calling Killzone overrated. I'm pretty sure Killzone has to be much more critically and commercially successful combined with being objectively bad in order to possibly be considered overrated. For example, the Uncharted games are critically beloved, regular, and quite successful - if you wanted to argue (as many do) that Uncharted isn't that terrific, I wouldn't agree with you (probably assume you haven't played any to completion) but at least... #36
I can't wait for this game. It's going to be such a wonderful swan song for the PS3 #3
Who ever he is, he clearly has an eye popping level of experience with the penetrator. #2.2
How do you keep your goatee so perfectly styled? Where hair go? Why so smooth? I have various questions concerning Kratos' grooming regime. #1.5
RIP PS2, you won't be forgotten. #16
I can't think of a single other release in August, smart move. #5
There's something about excessively bloody headshots, and eviscerating the very gods that relaxes me. #2.1
I can't stop playing Playstation all stars. Had the same wonderful issue with smash bros when I was younger. #5
Hmmm interesting. #3
I really want a Mortal Kombat HD collection with Deadly Alliance, Deception, and Armageddon. #33
Devil May Cry steel book here I come! #3
And 5 different level 1s,holy hell! #1.1
I wish it did too, I actually finally got around to buying it last week. #2.2
I'm sure there are people like you, it's a very generalized statement without concrete data. The best I can offer you is that generally speaking, people enjoy understanding what they're listening to. Hard core anime types have got to be in the minority. #7.1.1
Dammit, I really enjoyed trolling your lack of Retro City...such an amazing game. #1.2
Western consumers utilizing the original Japanese vocals has got to be a small number of people. Please tell me I'm wrong otherwise, but the type of consumer who appreciates that has got to be fair niche #7
They're all pretty bad, the English are infuriating to listen to. #1.1
I thought Costume Quest was adorable and a cool concept, but I hated the constant searching and forced over exploration to proceed further. Stacking was terrific though. #1.1
I love side scrollers, the cave looks really interesting. #3
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