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Surveillance app you mean

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It's like disowning your child.

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LOL! Honest and sincere...! The sheer irony!

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I'm grateful for PS.

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Won't be surprised if Blow is on Sony's payroll to spout this garbage.

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It is not about choosing between Sony Playstation or Microsoft Xbox for me since I can prefer one without hating the other. I do however choose to align myself against the fanboy community that I think is most hypocritical, unreasoning and mindless.

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Shuhei liar confirmed

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So the question remains why buy today what you really only want to play tomorrow, especially when there are so many uncertainties associated with a console at launch? If there are no compelling games to play at launch, smarter thing to do is wait, because you will then be making a more informed choice.

Blind faith trumps such logic of course.

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There was really no need for Sony to apologise, as apparent from the number of apologists here.

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Thanks for the only perspective that makes some sense here. Couldn't see the logic in the other theories presented here.

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What this shows is how important competition is for the consumer.

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RROD Xbox360s were replaced FOC as well but a lot of people didn't think that was ok.

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Her son's PS3 broke and she's camping to get him a PS4... Ok this is one scenario where it'll REALLY suck if the console bricks out of the box!

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That's failure rate for first 3 to 4 years, not out of the box.

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Where did you get your 8-10% acceptable failure rate from?

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So you have already decided that a good score for Xbox games must mean bias... Haha

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Oh really? Hope you had also so discerningly hit the disagree button on all the comments above condemning MS for this jab then.

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They are just taking us for fools, thinking we will foolishly buy into such lame rhetoric. But of course we will not...

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Sure thing Yoshida, you were more focused on games and that's why such a basic feature was left out... The kids will believe that no doubt.

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