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It has always been said to upscale to 4k, i don't know where people are getting the actual 4k native stuff from.

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Lol, i stopped playing the game a while ago but even i knew about the dlc, what did you expect???

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Who approved this garbage?????

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Well if this is true it doesn't look like we'll be getting the neo this year.

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Lol, the multiplayer is 1080p 60, and even at 900p 30 on single player, uncharted is still the best looking game this gen hands down. Imagine what sony's devs can do with more power.

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Ok the "cod does the same thing every year" argument has completely went out of the window years ago. It's to the point now where the gameplay is so different it doesn't even feel or resemble cod anymore, hence why i stopped playing it. Battlefield is more the same than cod is.

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A bundle at that price would sit on the shelves collecting dust.

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No, consoles ain't phones

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If those pc ports are anything like the quantum break and gears ultimate debacle then Microsoft has a long road ahead of them.

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Well so far their message is legitimately confusing so people have i right to ask questions about their direction.

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I don't think anyone has to try hard not to get people to buy the scorpio, the price will do that anyway.

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Lol, what do call the xbox one s and the scorpio????

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Yup, the possibility that it may sell even less.

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Lol, some people always try to give Microsoft some type of win. Oh well, should we start calling it the "indibox" now? Lol

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Actually no one knows what the neo is using, there are reports that there are two different versions being tested.

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There is no price for this, only rumors, hell, all of this is rumors. But andrew house said himself that the neo will be a "premium" console and they will sell atca profit out of the gate. I really doubt it will be 400 bucks.

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I know I've watched it over 200 times myself, can't help it, i love it.

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Two totally and i mean TOTALLY different types of shooters. Titanfall will be just fine as well as battlefield 1.

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Lol, you funny! "The end of sony" lmao, Hilarious!

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