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You nor i have absolutely no idea what sony can spend. One thing for sure is that sony has some of the best studios in the business locked up and thats worth way more than any potential "billions" that Microsoft can spend.

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I didn't even care really about this game until the recent trailers. Now I'm all in.

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The division was a pretty good game before all the game breaking bugs and glitches. Homefront is just garbage.

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Hmmm, let's see. Xbox one, xbox one s, Xbox scorpio. What were you saying about 3 consoles in a 7 year span? That looks like 3 consoles from Microsoft in a 5 year span. And don't hit me with "s model is just a slim." It has 4k upscaling, 4k Blu-ray player, hdr, and does 4k streaming, it's not "just a slim. "

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One thing I've always given to Microsoft is that they know how to do custom consoles. I wish sony would take more pride in making them. Thise who own a ps4 know what i mean. The best one for ps4 was the destiny one imo.

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Guns having very little recoil has been a staple of cod mechanics forever. That's like complaining about battlefield guns having recoil. Two different types of gameplay. Cod is and has already been more arcade.

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Well to be fair we haven't seen multiplayer yet. That jet pack wall running trash may be there.

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Lol, no matter what it's officially called we will call it red dead 2. No need to call people idiots.....

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It sounds like cross play would be a fanboy fest. I'll pass.

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So battlefield is similar to call of duty. Forza is similar to GT. Tomb raider is similar to uncharted, on and on and on. Who cares? Give me the last of us 2.

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Lol, consoles will never die. Only way for that is if isp providers gave us internet for free and we know that ain't happening.

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Looks decent enough

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There's nothing "similar " about these two games. You could make that case of something being "similar " in any two games. Give me the last of us 2! I need it in my life.

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You won't get me this time Rockstar lol. They said they would be at e3, nothing was announced. I'm not falling for it again.

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I'm a few chapters in on the steam version, I'll probably stop playing and wait to get the neo version since they're packaging it with so much more.

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Definitely the best conclusion to a series I've ever encountered.

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Figured that

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Lol, yeah i remember those blisters on my thumbs, the good ol days

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Lol I'm sorry but unless Microsoft gets their hands on naughty dog, santa monica, sucker punch, sony bend etc. I ain't got no reason to buy a scorpio. And besides, i own a powerful gaming laptop.

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Yup sure it will, lets wait..........

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