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Lots of changes, your friend is full of it.

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It is a multiplat, ya know? Meaning it's available on multiple systems instead of exclusive to one?

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Can't wait!

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Some kind of limited edition

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I loved this game! Definitely had things to improve upon but overall a dope experience 👌

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I can't believe people are actually trying to say that a gaming console doesn't need games😂😂 this is crazy!😭

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I know right...the hell with actually having games on a gaming console😂😂....s mdh

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"I don't see how getting less games is helping anyone on that platform."

Exactly! Thanks, well put!

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"I think everyone knows at this point that you don't get a Nintendo console to play the same games already available on three other platforms. "

The fact that you're just so ok with a gaming console of today not getting games that should be standard for a freaking "gaming console " is crazy to me. And yes, i bought my switch for the exclusives, but i also bought my ps4 and Xbox one for exclusives as well. I never had to beg for multiplat gam...

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Bruh, i had 2 cod games on the wii u compared to absolutely none on the switch. The wii u decimates the switch in AAA 3rd party support. It's crazy because the portability aspect has so much potential.

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Horizon zero dawn showed the capabilities of the pro all while being a new and generation defining 1st party IP. I'm sorry but sea of thieves, crackdown, cuphead aren't exactly showing any powerful capabilities with the x. Forza 7 looks nice but....yeah, it's just another forza.

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Horizon zero dawn says hi

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All i know is that they have a 60fps option and that's how I'm playing!

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I wished they focused on 60fps

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Don't believe that, if you're looking to really take advantage of either console make sure you have a 4k tv. Don't make that mistake.

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Uhhh, i buy lots of games buddy, I'm a gamer.

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You're impressed that a 20 year+ storied franchise could outsell a brand new IP🤔 lmao and the last horizon numbers were at 3.7 million a month ago so there's no telling where it's at now.

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Ps4 and ps4 pro are the sa.e family and sony counts them the same. Same will be for the one s and one x.

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