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Microsoft says a lot but still follows what sony does. I wish they would follow their way of making great exclusives.

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Oh, just another racing game.....

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So it's apparent that he listened to fanboys. Ok

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Where is this "uncertainty for single player games " coming from? Seems to me that's just a problem on his platform 🤔

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" I just got Horizon and my gold Slim is coming today from Amazon. I bought PS4 for the exclusives, however I'm in the minority of overall console owners."

So you realize you're not helping your own case😂sony got you to purchase their console for their exclusives, mission accomplished 😂

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You do realize a lot of AAA multiplats don't ever sell 5.5 million right?(even though it actually sold over 7 million) Lol, everything isn't gta and call of duty. And of course more multiplats would sell because of being on MULTIPLE CONSOLES/PLATFORMS!😂 however, it is the 1st party exclusives that give your brand and console its identity. If Microsoft continues to follow that line of thinking, they will forever be runner ups!

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I welcome it, i need a reason, some kind of reason to turn my Xbox on again.

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Hmmm, so i suppose to spend hundreds of dollars on a 4k tv and scorpio with 9 gigs of ram and all this supposed "power" to play 360 games? Yeah, I'll pass....

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They're giving me great new games to play on my new console i spent hundreds of dollars on while my Xbox one s collects dust to go with those dusty old games they're trying to get me to play again after a generation of playing them for 8 long years. That's as pro- gamer as it gets.

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Absolutely can't wait to this!

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I want to know what the product that i spent hundreds of dollars on has in store for me present and future.

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Yeah, and fallout 4 came out buggy as all hell😂

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Can a brother get a gold pro?😢

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If backwards compatibility was so important than ps4 wouldn't be trouncing the xbox one like it is. Good morning......goood afternoon......good night! Thanks for coming🖐

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Dude, do you really think it is convenient to chat through your personal cell phone rather than through your console like every other normal console in 2017???? Really, where do they find you people???

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Lmfao, and people like you are the reason Nintendo keeps doing this $#!t. "It's Nintendo "....everything they do is just accepted by blind fanboys who live by this phrase. Smdh

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All cods that were released on the wii u were 60fps and the swith is more powerful than wii u, ps3 and 360 so i don't see a problem with that. Especially since portable mode only renders in 720p.

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It will of course be downgraded because it's a portable system, however I'll be happy to pay it from a portable aspect! I will double dip as well, and i hope there's many more 3rd party games to come.

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Oh my gosh folks, and like clockwork here we have our 1st blind fanboy trying to damage control this undeniable mishandling of one of the most simple, standard features of today's gaming... smdh

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I see Nintendo fanboys trying to actually damage control having to use a phone for party chat, it's hilarious 😂😂

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