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I hated the bots, i think putting less bots in the game was a conscious thing. And for the better.

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I may pick it up for half price.

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"A uhd player is a uhd player" "its going to do the same job as other uhd players"

You can't be serious 😂

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I guess it's like being up by 40 points in madden but the opponent scores 1 touch down in the 4th quarter and starts talking trash.

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Nothing they can do, the have to wait for the parts to become available for what they want to put inside for mass production. People thinking they're using a zen cpu but the zen won't be available till 2018. They'll be using a jaguar variant.

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The ps4 is already a great console and this is an even more powerful ps4, that is all i need.

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Exactly, but you can't explain facts to fanboys.

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Not on current gen AAA games. Remasters have that ability.

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Lol, they didn't even talk about vr for the pro. What did you watch?

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Zen won't be out till 2018, scorpio will use jaguar

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Rise of the tomb raider is demanding enough for pc, looks damn good on the pro too.

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Scorpio doesn't exist yet though, see ya on November 10th

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"Looks boring " lol, ok buddy.

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The scorpio doesn't exist yet, the idea does

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Lol, that completely utterly false. Third party support goes to player base. The more consoles in customers hands, the more potential for $$.

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😂😂😂ple ase don't tell me that if what they said is true, "4k 60fps uncompromised " you think you'll get that for $399.99 when a 1000 dollar gpu can't even do that?

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Lol, no one is pretending it's not coming. It's just do far away that we don't care.

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