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Do you really think Nintendo innovatives but sony and Microsoft doesn't??? Imagine console gaming with only Nintendo. You'd certainly appreciate where sony and Microsoft brought gaming today then.

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"We don't know the hardware iin this" are you serious? We know it's based off the tegra 1 chip, which is a mobile chip, that says it all.

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Lol, i don't really see hate, i see people who while i may get one because I'm a rare person who likes to own and play on all consoles even for a handful of games, of course the majority which Nintendo's fails to appeal to repeatedly with their console offerings are voicing their distaste loud and clear. as from everything we know about this system, i can't say i blame them.

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This is actually a good idea.

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There's hardly any of today's kids playing on Nintendo consoles. Most are older people who grew up on Nintendo. There's way more kids playing on Playstation and xbox, Nintendo needs to stop trying to be parents and let parents be parents.

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So if i actually liked the way zelda looked in unreal engine in that 2011 e3 wii u tech demo more than this final version looks that means that i just wanted what the "other companies are offering?" It's 2017 and i spent $1,700 on a 4k tv but I'd like to play mario or zelda in at the very least 1440p I'm asking for something that's outlandish? The amount of years it took Nintendo to convert to basic HD is just acceptable because they're Nintendo huh? No wonder th...

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And that logic and mindset alone is the reason Nintendo's console fanbase keeps getting smaller and smaller yet they believe they're doing things right....smdh

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😂😂😂 i can't.....

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The ps4 and xbox has what's called "3rd party " support to carry them between exclusive games, hence the switch lineup isn't the same thing.

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The funny thing is from all the Nintendo fans saying the vita was failing in comparison to 3ds because no one wanted to or had time for a console game on the go. Now the tables turn and playing skyrim on the go is an amazing idea.

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Get a grip on yourself buddy, if you wanna buy a system for the same games that should've been on the system before it, fine. But as a gaming fan in today's gaming landscape, you have to see why people are questioning Nintendo's moves at this point. It's fair and valid criticism, still shouldn't affect your purchase. There was a lot of negative articles on the ps4 pro, i agreed with some of the criticism, didn't stop me from buying and enjoying it.

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Through a phone app?

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Of course it is, limit preorders to create fake demand, the Nintendo way.

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Uhhh, I'm sorry, when i was young i definitely enjoyed and wanted to play Nintendo, but my kids don't give a you know what about mario man.

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Forgive me if i seem to have no faith in anything you say at this point phil.....

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😂😂😂 this article.....

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Best way i can put this is, i grew up with Nintendo, but Nintendo hasn't grown up with me. If you think that mario gameplay appeals to the "hardcore" gamer, i think you're sadly mistaken. Not saying if i owned the system that i wouldn't play it, but at this point in my life of gaming at my age, it's gonna take More than a new mario and zelda game to get me to commit $300 to this console.

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Lmfao, so it's not a god of war game because you say so? Lol. You must be one of those people who never like to see a game evolve over time. You like the same thing over and over.

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Welp, either way chances are they're coming and wont be cancelled.

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