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Heist is incredibly fun... they should take that mode and just incorprate it into the mainbattlefield game , the recoil feels fine , netcode is leaps ahead of BF4, ill admit this wasn't a bad beta and wasn't incredibly mindblowing of a game either .

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day 1

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lol that wallet , im not joking when i say id take 3 of those , 1 for myself and 1 as a backup another as a gift ... the reactions of ppls faces would be so priceless paying for dinner dress in business attire reaching for your PS-Shaped wallet..

edit .. omg its not for this region .. Plz bring to US!

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what was anticipated vs what was shown at last years ?

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notice how he took a picutre in an empty store lolol

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I'm thankful for n4g running this contest , because this contest has made me rethink how amazing it is to get all your gaming news in one place .

everyone enjoy the turkey and the occasional drunk family member making a mockery of his/herself =P

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what day does the sales end ? trying to budget this out in my head

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they make great TV's tho :(

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Xbox will show its hand early and PS will only counter them more effectively

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so question if i dont have these Amiibo's my fighter is gimped in situations w/ alternative attacks or something or 100 percent cosmetic ?

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i was hoping it will arrive before thanksgiving :(

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can you choose the digital games upto $150 ? wonder what it will be starting price $315 + $150 in digital sales ?

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wake me up when they pass Wii U's sales numbers .. ill be asleep till March im guessin

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OOOH US release ??

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its been a nightmare trying to log in ...

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every DX12 game will just about support mantle and every Mantle Supported game will have DX12 support , so for ATI/AMD windows 7 will live on ..

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60 for a year subscription if they include music unlimited , im all in

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i own just about every racing game in the last 2 yrs , this one makes driveclub look like goty .. when it rains it pours for ubisoft , only praying this streak doesn't continue into Rainbow Six Seige and The Division's Hype

"My sentiments towards what I experienced in The Crew‘s beta can be best described as Grand Theft Auto IV without the ability to leave your vehicle or do any of the things that people love about the GTA series." - from article

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thats just to fkn hilarious , sony's troll lvl is just as strong as the famous , how to share your games on ps4 skit .

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