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why wouldn't they sell their shares right after FF15 gets released.... something isn't right #70
spelled counter-strike and League of legends wrong #7
said no one ever #22
what game engine is this ? #10
Direct X12 is big on the PC side bring close to the metal performence , it already does that in DX11 on Xbox One DX12 does nothing for performance lol #24
hmm ok who cares #5
Imagine the Advertisements in the middle of your video games ? #92
not that Oculus or Sony need one another for future projects , Sony is realizes M$ wants in on VR project , and making sure they M$ just doesn't buy them out and plays catch up in one paycheck #11
Winning a PS4 would be good fun , but supporting N4G is even better. #1272
8 players is rather bland to me , next gen is less and less players ? #12
the biggest suprise M$ or Sony could ever announce is the acquisition of SEGA or Nintendo #122
i only buy consoles because of team ninja games , id be 100 percent committed to buying a Sony system if this is true #26
hmmm well damn this is crazy , that snowden guy has woken up the world #38
i hope i get my HOTS bonus if i pick this up for PS4/PS3 , diablo is the only console game that ive played thats superior to the PC version #3
$500+Taxes+xboxlive+2games+bat terypack+1extracontroller = over $800? sounds like a dumb investment , could of built a gaming pc for $500 with 2x power and paid 0 taxes off newegg #23
excitement! #1
when is it coming to ps4 ? #22
i like the game better than Final Fantasy 14 garbage , but this game isn't worth my $15 a month ..or $240 for a year to rent your charachter, although i wonder what the End game of TESO would be ? i really like to see what a high end character would be capable of , i truely want to get back into MMO's but it seems like every MMO is plagued by the WoW curse , that every game will always be compared to it no matter what direction they say they're going into ; next up Everquest Next... #8
Dead or Alive 6 i'm hoping #14
wont happen , StarCitizen is a game that dictated by the fans i doubt they want any of their money to be wasted on console development #2
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