Metal... Gear?!


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On the facial animations seen in the trailer:

"This has been a definite problem and what you see in the teaser is not the final development. It is a work in progress and is due to a change in the nature of the character models, rather than the facial animation itself. So what you see in the teaser is not a sign of the final game and you will see a lot of improvement before the final game."

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I own all consoles and exclusives matter to me precisely because of that. Otherwise, what's the point of owning multiple systems to begin with?

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That says more about your taste than about the PS4's line-up.

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Yep, I already have the steelbook pre-ordered. :)

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It's just a report on the sales charts for that specific region. What's the problem?

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Can't wait to play this!

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"The figures were released by Weekly Famitsu"

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Personally I need to see it before I believe it, because we've been hearing promises since the reveal of the Xbox One, and in my opinion the system far from delivered so far.

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All nice words, now they need to be put into action.

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What do you mean 'once again'? At least they're investing in studios and new IPs.

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Makes sense. Who would still want to buy the old model?

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Very nice!

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Yeah, I actually think it's a very good price for what you get.

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He's staying at Valhalla Studios, just under a different role.

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'Nahin also said that several Atlus franchises have seen huge growth in Europe over the past year.

“It’s been interesting to see the awareness of the Yakuza franchise and the IP as a whole grow. I feel like Yakuza 0 came out of nowhere for a lot of people, but we’ve seen the fandom and [user] base grow a little bit more with each title. We also published Persona 5 [in the US], which is still selling really well, and it definitely seems people are now more aware of the ...

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It was announced as an 'exclusive stand' during the Project Scorpio reveal.

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That it's an awesome series, and that it's not like GTA at all (something many people assume when they first see it).

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I will, I'm planning to get it sooner or later.

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Sony fanboys? You mean Eurogamer who got the scoop to reveal the Xbox One X?

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