Metal... Gear?!


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But I believe Microsoft said the Scorpio won't have any exclusives that aren't on Xbox One, so can it really be considered a successor?

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No mention of Uncharted 4? Surprising.

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If that's true (which I find hard to imagine), then wow. It would make the Wii U the first Nintendo home console without its own Zelda title.

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Yep, also bought Oddworld New 'N Tasty for Vita and both Shantae games for PS4 from them.

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Haven't used it so far, but it's good to have the option.

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Planning to get both.

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Well there is the trailer, that's what it looks like right now, though Kojima said it should look better in the final game.

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It's good to see Sony's worldwide studios working together like this (though Kojima Productions is of course an independent studio, but still).

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Absolutely worth it!

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Yes, fortunately Kojima found a good new engine after losing the FOX Engine.

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Good, this game deserves the recognition. And yes, it looks beautiful as well.

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Just one year ago he established the new studio, I would say progress is actually going surprisingly fast. But of course you would say this, another excuse to spell doom and gloom for a PS4 game.

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Because this is a niche game. Just like the previous Team ICO games. It's not rocket science.

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"Lets face it, this game took 10 years because it wasnt spectacular in the first place."

Uhm, no, it took ten years because they couldn't get it to run on the PS3.

By the way saying it runs like 'garbage' on the PS4 is an exaggeration.

Edit: again, it doesn't run 'like garbage'. Anyone who says that clearly hasn't played the game.

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'Fun' is a pretty subjective term. But The Last Guardian is the higher rated game between the two.

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Who says anyone is upset? He just listed some facts and I agree with most of them. The only confirmation on a PC version we have had is that Medium post that has been deleted shortly after it was posted (you have to wonder why), and seeing how involved Sony now is in the projects (Mark Cerny, collaboration with Guerrilla Games, SIE studios and techniques used for the game) it wouldn't surprise me if it ended up being a PS4 exclusive after all. That said, we still aren't sure and it mi...

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You really think this site is representative of the gaming community as a whole? You will always see games like CoD and Fifa topping the charts, mainstream games with a very wide appeal. Having said that, The Last Guardian actually did well for Team ICO game standards, which obviously are pretty niche games to begin with.

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It's very strange Nintendo never had a real price cut for the Wii U, not even in its final year.

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