Metal... Gear?!


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Always physical for me.

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Nice! Are you going to use the stuff inside or just keep them as collector's items?

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Sadly no picture yet of the cassette tape that comes with the limited edition.

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"Consoles began for real with PS2 from Sony, and then with X360."

Kind of a weird thing to say, if you ask me.

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As long as I'm given the choice, fine by me. I will always prefer physical.

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A shame, you're missing out.

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But won't that divide the install base? Because that's one of the advantages of consoles: you know that everyone has exactly the same hardware, for which you can optimize your game.

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They could still offer a paid service for Games with Gold (free monthly games), but have online gaming for free as it is on PC.

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Not all PS4 owners have PCs.

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No, the entire point of an exclusivity deal is that it temporarily can't be played by other people.

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Okay, so if their vision is to make Windows 10 and Xbox One some kind of 'shared ecosystem', wouldn't it make sense to make online multiplayer free for console users as well?

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Not for PC, but PS4 owners still have to wait a year. Which is understandable because Microsoft paid for the exclusivity deal, but still.

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"We spend zero time thinking about what games other people can’t play. It’s not something that’s core to who we are."

Then what about that Rise of the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity deal?

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Still no physical version? That's a shame.

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True but what I mean is that people who own a PC or XB1 may have already bought the game for one of those systems because they didn't feel like waiting.

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Hopefully they will optimize the game for PS4 and include the DLC.

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Wonder how it will do on PS4. It probably doesn't help that the game is already a year old when it comes out on that system, but still, with the PS4 install base is should do well. I'm waiting for that version too.

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Robin Atkin Downes, great actor. He did an awesome job in MGSV.

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Big deal...

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