Metal... Gear?!


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Since release? It's got its own Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, etc.

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How in the world is Okami HD exclusive though? That's a new level of reaching.

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The Pro is selling better than Sony expected. Not sure how that qualifies as lukewarm.

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I hope they won't make it so that the PS4Pro has to be able to play PS5 games. That way they can't really fully utilize its power. If it comes out in 2020 this gen will have had a very commendable lifespan.

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I'd say 2020.

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"Microtransactions are everywhere, and trying to advance without them feels nearly impossible"

A game that does this doesn't deserve an 8.

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Alright, thanks! Still need to pick this game up but there are so many good games coming out...

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Are there any trophies tied to the online?

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Love LRG, bought a lot of games from them already. Windjammers will be next.

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The Last of Us: Left Behind (played through the Remastered Edition).

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Don't think so, but a lot of the story will probably be lost on you.

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Your opinion...

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@ Kionic: spin? It's just the truth. I just said the XB1X version looks better, so how is that spin?

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Of course the XB1X version looks better. The system is released 1,5 years later than the Pro and for 100$ more. I'll just stick to the base consoles for both the PS4 and XB1.

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One major advantage of a full next gen console over an iterative upgrade is that you know everyone is using the same hardware, and games can be optimized for that. With an iterative upgrade you're still tethered to the lowest settings of that hardware.

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If it was free I would've gotten it. I've never bought a theme, I'll just continue using my Uncharted The Lost Legacy screenshot as a background for now.

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I was hoping it would be free. I'll pass.

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Starting the TLoU II hype for PSX?

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One of the best games of all time.

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