Metal... Gear?!


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When people claim PS4 did not deliver good exclusives before 2017 there's not much that can be said.

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People who care about games.

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There has been more than Horizon this year. And surely they'll have some stuff at E3.

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If you think that's all that came out you need to check again.

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Stop embarrassing yourself. And yes, deny it all you want but the Switch does need new games, not just Wii U ports. A middle finger to those who bought a Wii U is not the way to go.

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Nah, I prefer their own format.

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Which ones are those?

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I didn't... because I bought the physical version. ;)

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"by a significant margin"


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I bought the game recently because a gamestore here received new stock. So this is why.

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Don't even need subtitles to get the picture here.

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I assume it will be combined, since it's still part of the Xbox One family.

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I know, but we don't have a lot of other numbers to go by.

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It certainly isn't. I bought on recently and there's a lot of great stuff to play. Limited Run is regularly releasing games for it.

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I like how impressed Neil is with the graphics.

"You better believe I'm going to my team saying: okay, this is the bar now. We have to top this."

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I'm also glad to hear Yakuza 0 was a success for Sega.

"Yakuza 0, which we launched for PS4 earlier this year, was only a success because you — the fans — believed in it, so we’re really going all out for Kiwami as our way to say thank you."

I was a bit worried when the numbers were posted on VGChartz and they were lower than I was hoping, but apparently they are good enough for Sega to consider the game a success, which bodes well for futur...

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Looks like Europe is getting the steelbook as well. At least, it's listed on the PS Blog Europe page, so I assume so.

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The image looks like a bad Photoshop though, the edges of the Switch case stick out from the console box?

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That steelbook will be mine.

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Yes! Awesome! Physical release, steelbook (hopefully for Europe as well, as we didn't get Zero's Business Edition), and for a price of only €34.99!

Also, August 29th, a week after Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Two awesome releases in the same month.

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