Metal... Gear?!


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In my experience Japanese games tend to have less glitches than western games (Bethesda, Ubisoft). The latter thing is actually happening with Kojima Productions using Guerrilla's Decima Engine.

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Those also sound like buzzwords.

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Perhaps some people don't care about it being portable.

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True, but apparently people want to pay for those, not sure why though.

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I've never bought DLC.

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I don't see how they try to promote the Xbox One.

"The top of the notice reads “Super Cheap!!” and “Recommended!!” The bottom part of the notice reads, “If it’s Xbox One S, you can also play video games.” It’s like the playing video games part is an added feature, not the feature."


"But is this sales pitch working? Well, the most recent weekly Xbox One sales for Japan clocked in at 63 units sold..."

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Next week in game magazines perhaps?

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I never played the original, so I'm very grateful for this remake, even if it's not as feature-packed as Zero.

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They will keep doing what they are doing.

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Nice, haven't bought the game yet. Let's hope this comes to the west as well, but I couldn't see why not.

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Sure, and there were no other factors as to why the Wii U failed.

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@ moldy: yes, of course that would be the answer, for any sensible person. The bigger the user base and the library for a system, the lower the attach rate is going to be. It's common sense.

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The reason people talk about exclusives is because they differentiate the different platforms. Multiplatform games can be played on every platform (hence the name), exclusives is what gives each individual console its identity. Not to mention, a lot of the best quality games tend to be exclusives.

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@ Big_Game_Hunters: which is?

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Just opened my copy of the steelbook, looking forward to playing it. :)

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Of course it's coming to PS4. Look at the way they're talking about it when asked about its exclusivity, they're jumping through hoops to avoid giving a clear, direct answer. It's a 'console launch exclusive'.

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Just ordered the game! Hope to receive it tomorrow. I'm also glad to see Yakuza Kiwami in the top 10 (which I also just bought). Both games are a steal at their price by the way.

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Nice! I'm planning to order the game today.

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