Metal... Gear?!


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I only buy physical. I don't see this happening btw. There will always be a market for physical media, hell people still buy vinyl.

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True (saying this as an Xbox One owner since launch).

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Hm, let's see, Metacritc: 68 - mixed or average reviews. If that's the best you can do, okay.

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"Jorgensen also added that the reason microtransactions were removed from the game is that customers felt that they were “pay-to-win,” explaining that the reality of things is that there are two kinds of gamers, one has more time than money, and the other has more money than time. The goal is to have a balance between them."

Ah yes, the excuse that this is done as a 'service' to the gamers. Don't make me laugh.

"According to Jor...

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I didn't even say wether I was in favor or against it, just stating what I think would happen. Look at FFXV for example. These types of games don't seem to sell too well on Xbox. And this is not the 360, this generation is an entirely different situation.

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Probably wouldn't really sell on Xbox anyway.

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No one should sell any studio they care about to EA.

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Great scores for Yakuza!

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"Standout success on PS4 hardware specifically which beat all previous PS4 Black Friday weeks except for Black Friday 2013 (week 48) which was also PS4 launch week." Damn.

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Wasn't there a rumor about a PSX announcement? Anyway, a new DMC would be awesome!

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@ Kribwalker and the guys below: you do know that everything you said applies to the Xbox One, right?

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Same here! The King's Edition.

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It's great for people who like games, cinematic or otherwise. There's something for everyone.

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Horizon certainly deserves to be there, so far it's still my GOTY, and in any case it's a big 2017 game which has had a very positive reception.

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And all of those can be played on PS4 as well, on top of its own exclusive library. These multiplatform games are fine, but the Xbox One also needs exclusive games to set it apart from the competition (and no, being 'enhanced' isn't enough).

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As a European the Xbox often really feels like a console made for Americans.

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I disagree. Give other games a chance to shine. Several 2017 games get overlooked as it is, like Persona 5 and Yakuza 0.

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It matters because ultimately it decides the future of our hobby, like it or not.

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