Metal... Gear?!


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Yeah you bought the wrong platform.

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I like the focus on narrative, this game looks like it'll be awesome.

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I don't think it's necessarily one thing or the other, good graphics or fun. You can have both. But anyway, as long as the Switch gets some great new games I'm fine with it, although I have no use for the portable aspect.

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Well that's fair enough, the 3DS has had three Fire Emblem games, or five if you count the different parts of Fates as separate games.

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@ Batzi: Yeah I'd say there's a pretty good chance.

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There is not rushing something and then there is this.

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Yeah it should be there. Kojima already retweeted Geoff's tweet btw.

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Alright, what are we betting for?

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I was responding to the article, which says they should focus on 'games as a service' instead of single player games. I disagree. I think they need both.

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I've played pretty much everything I wanted to play, yeah.

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Going to be a long night for Europeans. But judging by past shows, it will be worth it.

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I think it's safe to say Half-Life 3 is never going to happen.

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I'd rather have new games.

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Sounds very promising. I hope they will deliver.

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No, the 3DS serves a different purpose and Nintendo knows it. The 3DS is more practical as a pure handheld than the Switch.

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Agreed. The hate this game receives is very disproportionate.

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Of course, but what's the problem with giving the option? That way you don't have to pay for 3D that you won't use.

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I was thinking the same thing. Halfway through the article turns into something else entirely.

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In retrospect, the PS3 was a pretty amazing system. Even when it comes to price. Compared to its competitor it was more powerful, had a built-in Blu-Ray player, rechargeable controllers, free online, built-in wifi and a much better failure rate. The initial price still proved to high for the general consumer though.

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