Metal... Gear?!


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It was good, mainly because of Sony.

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Some freaky enemy designs there.

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But it won't get its own library of games. Sony considers it to be within the PS4 'family'.

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The gameplay looks pretty different to me, but of course there have to be similarities otherwise it might as well be a new IP.

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For now I have no plans to buy any of them, since I already own a PS4 and XB1. I will wait and see what exactly they have to offer, and at what price, before making a decision.

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'As much as the gaming community rallies around the big brands it has come to love, it’s in the development of new IP that gaming as an artistic endeavour has the most room to grow and capture new audiences."

This may be true, but you can also reinvent old IPs, like what happened with God of War. That way, it doesn't necessarily have to stifle creativity.

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Nope, I want to be able to play God of War, Horizon, The Last Guardian, Ni No Kuni II etc.

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Nope: http://www.thecountrycaller...

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Sony specifically said they are not planning to end the generational model for consoles, but it looks like Microsoft is going in the direction of incremental upgrades, which the Scorpio is an example of. The Neo seems more comparable to the One S, a revision with somewhat better hardware that can play 4K video and comes with more storage space.

@ TheOnlyGamer: Why is it so weird to compare the Neo with the One S? I think it makes more sense than comparing the Neo with the ...

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I would say it's more comparable to the Xbox One S, whereas the Scorpio is somewhere in between a revision and a full successor.

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I simply thought the Sony conference was a lot better, it's not a matter of ignoring, it's a matter of what you are looking for. As someone who already owns an Xbox One, I don't have much use for the One S, and I need to see more of the Scorpio first and how much of a difference it will make. Sony focused solely on games, an approach I could really appreciate.

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The regular edition is 30 - 40, that's not bad.

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They also say 'in-game', check out the tweet.

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"Sony has taken Spiderman as an exclusive"

No, Marvel was the one who approached Sony for their new Spiderman game.

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Without exclusives there wouldn't be a point in having multiple systems. Without multiple systems there wouldn't be competition, which would not be a good thing for the gamer. Exclusives are necessary, and give each system its own identity.

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I don't know which games you've been playing, but titles like Infamous Second Son and Uncharted 4 are a huge step up compared to their PS3 counterparts.

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I could see them trying that but it wouldn't end well.

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Yeah because of that there isn't much chance they will do that. But it would make sense within their current philosophy, where Xbox is more of a service and not tied to a specific platform. But now you have to pay for online on one platform and not on the other, kind of strange.

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They didn't show one game. Zelda was obviously the main focus but they showed other stuff as well.

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Are you sure? Wouldn't they have called it 'remakes' instead of 'remasters'?

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