Metal... Gear?!


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The problem for many people is that Microsoft isn't being honest about it. If they announced it as XB1/PC game from the beginning there would be no problem. But they called it an exclusive up until a few weeks before release. It just feels cheap.

But personally I don't mind, I'll enjoy the game anyway. But the XB1 doesn't have that many 'real' exclusives left, so for those who already own a gaming PC there isn't much point in owning an XB1.

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It's also 430 at this large Dutch retailer:

And 409 at another retail chain: http://www.g...


Also, lol @ 'Unchartered 4'.

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This is Konami's description of the map: Securing the top of this rock gives your team a surveying advantage with a wide range vista of the entire map. To counter this, there are multiple Mortar placements on the lower grounds, making players on top of the rock an easy target. The undulating terrain and the abandoned village structures provide various cover points, making it slightly more difficult to spot the enemy.

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Been using the site for over ten years. It fell hard but things were looking up.

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Yeah but I mean they had just started making all kinds of changes. This was posted just two months ago: 'What does the New Site Mean for the Future of GameTrailers? This is the final step in the long transition from Viacom to Defy. We're excited to explore new possibilities in offering cool stuff for everyone who has beared with us through this arduous journey, and we have a few in the works already.'

And now this, out of nowhere.

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They just released a new forum, where did this come from?

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Looks like it's only growing faster as time passes:

And 2016 will be a great year for PS4 in terms of games, so it should go up even more.

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If they have done nothing wrong why has Kojima contractually been forbidden to talk about the split? But anyway, it's better to move on, as Kojima did. Hopefully Konami can make another worthy Metal Gear title without him.

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If this turns out to be nothing they're just trolling.

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1. Kojima leaving Konami to start independent studio

2. -

3. Life is Strange

4. Chloe Price (Life Is Strange)

5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

6. Yoshi's Woolly World

7. Life is Strange

8. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

9. -

10. -

11. -

12. Ashly Burch as Chloe in Life is Strange

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No, but the amount of nukes still hasn't reached zero, apparently.

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Nothing stops this train.

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Ironic, since most people are trashing the game, so wouldn't that be 'following the herd' and 'sheep mentality'?

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I actually replayed the game recently and I think it's good. Perfect? No. But I still liked it.

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You can always, you know, not click on the article.

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No, there will be more, but this is the only one they've shown so far.

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New DLC maps are coming, they showed off one of the maps: http://www.metalgearinforme...

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@ Kalebninja: alright, nice!

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What happens in March? The game doesn't have a release date yet, does it?

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