Metal... Gear?!


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Still not an exclusive. Or is Nier Automata a PS4 exclusive?

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Because you can play pretty much all of those games on other systems, and the difference won't be worth 500 dollars for most people.

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I think he does care, but his hands are tied by the higher ups and the wishes of the shareholders. It doesn't seem like he has that much wiggle room in reality.

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I do hope Jordan can make a good Metal Gear movie. The odds are against him given previous videogame movies, but at least he seems passionate about the series.

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@ gangsta_red: But it's not a remaster, it's a remake.

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This is the first time they remake the game.

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Because I'd rather play a remake.

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Looks like the story will be crazy. Even some people involved can't understand what's going on in it. :P

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When they show indie games people complain as well.

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Yeah he could do voices for meditation videos.

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I said 'unmatched in this regard'. We were talking about weather effects here.

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You must've hated Breath of the Wild.

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A little too early to say that it has been 'in development forever'. It was announced just a year ago, by the way.

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Talk about backseat fishing!

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Yeah, I fully expected that to be unveiled.

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For me it would be
1. Sony
2. Nintendo
3. Microsoft
4. Ubisoft
5. EA

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Driveclub still unmatched in this regard. It's a shame the studio was closed.

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Looks great!

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The game is worth it. Is it really worth waiting an entire generation to maybe save a few bucks? And that is if TLG gets remade, which is by no means a guarantee.

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Yeah Yakuza 0 really deserves more attention.

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