Metal... Gear?!


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I wonder what the release of FFXV will do with the install base of the console.

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The story in MGSV was actually quite good, it just wasn't what people were expecting.

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He's not kidding.

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It's still possible.

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They harden in response to physical trauma.

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Because they are smaller releases and present themselves as such. For example, many indie games don't get a physical release.

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Seriously, who buys this stuff?

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I'll bet getting the disc release, never played Beyond Two Souls.

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I still think the hate for this game has been largely unjustified. What the game sets out to do, it does very well. Wether you like that or not is a matter of taste, but doesn't say much about the quality of the game itself.

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Maybe GZ Kaz?

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Yeah, she's great. You should check out this CD where she did covers of several Metal Gear songs, including The Best is Yet To Come and Snake Eater: http://www.metalgearinforme...

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Yes, I don't really mind personally because I don't own a gaming PC, so I'll still be getting QB on XB1. But I can see for those who already have a PC and bought an XB1 for the exclusives, this can be a bit disappointing.

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To be fair, everyone knew beforehand that Rise of the Tomb Raider wasn't really an exclusive. So perhaps people preferred to wait and see what other platforms it would release one.

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The issue for most people isn't that the game is coming to PC, it's that Microsoft presented it as an Xbox One exclusive until the last minute.

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Bullshots, Ubisoft's specialty.

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Yeah, I also own the Alan Wake CE, it was pretty cool, made to look like a book.

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Is the game getting some kind of special edition in Europe? Even just a case like that would be nice.

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"Show me one post where an Xbox fan is upset an Xbox exclusive is also available on PC. The only ones that say it's bad for Xbox owners are Playstation owners."


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