Metal... Gear?!


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Disappointing. But at least it comes with the DLC, which I haven't played yet. Still for a so-called 'Deluxe' edition they could've done more.

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Too bad, I like the US box more.

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I expected this to be a launch title. Missed opportunity.

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Mario Odyssey isn't coming out in Q1 is it? But yeah, there is almost too much coming out in the beginning of the year...

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Nintendo needs to understand those people have moved to mobile phones. They're not going to buy another gaming console.

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Handhelds have had cards this small for years. PS Vita games are even smaller than this.

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It's pretty disappointing to hear it looks worse compared to the Wii U version (even if only a little bit), but this needs confirmation. Anyway, still a really fun game.

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I would like to believe that but we've heard this before.

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Agreed both games look great and fun to play.

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That was a story trailer, they've already shown plenty of gameplay. Try harder, by all means.

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Remember, they still have to censor it, that takes time too... :/

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Mario Kart 8 is an awesome game but I'm still somewhat disappointed they didn't just develop a brand new Mario Kart game for it.

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I went with the Neon Joy Cons.

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Great news!

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Actually, Nintendo sees it as a home console that you can take with you, not the other way around.

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Ridiculous prices.

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I'm a Nintendo fan, but... good lord.

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Well if your line up is already so weak, 1 cancelled game makes a lot of difference.

Yes IF Scalebound was 'trash'. It could also have been good. And Microsoft also released Recore, which didn't have a great reception either.

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