Metal... Gear?!


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Wow, it's been that long. We need a new Burnout game. The third one is still my favorite.

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I would say 500 at the most.

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Nice! I wonder if her character will appear in the E3 2017 trailer, since they're revealing this now.

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No, it was the best game of 2016. That's why it won.

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They already explained why they didn't go with Sully:

"Sully was a serious contender, but the team realized for him to be agile enough, it would mean having to rewind to a young Sully. Sully's history as a Marine, however, didn't neatly fit into what Naughty Dog wanted to explore in an Uncharted game."

Ah, misread.

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Well I try to look at the bright side, at least I have a great paperweight now.

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Wow, so PS4 sold close to a million in March in the UK alone? Looks like Horizon is a real system seller!

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I seriously doubt they would even dare to attempt a 700$ price tag, especially at this point when their direct competition is almost twice as cheap. It would be suicide. I would say 500$ max.

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He's talking about the US though. Worldwide I really don't see that happening.

"Ultimately, however, people buy consoles to play great games. No matter how amazing the tech specs are, if attractive content doesn't show up, the mass market won't adopt."

Fully agreed.

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Nothing official yet. Digital Foundry said it will be more expensive than the PS4 Pro and they estimate it at 500. But nothing has been officially announced yet.

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Well deserved!

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Of course not.

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Hm, I was expecting a video. Still, I'll take it.

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I think it's a good move. This way they can focus their E3 conference entirely on software.

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And GR is a multiplatform game.

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Since when does it need saving?

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I would say no more than 500, otherwise it will be a hard sell I think.

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That kind of sounds like they well have some games to show after all. Though I expect they will save the best stuff for E3.

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