Metal... Gear?!


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"Greatest games"
I'm going to have to disagree.

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Luckily the Playstation Meeting put this theory to rest.

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Cheaper than I expected.

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Maybe Polygon will be satisfied if they know how to turn this next model on:

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That's a glitch on N4G. It says that on every link here.

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Didn't they officially announce it right before E3? Or at least acknowledge its existence and confirm it wouldn't be at E3.

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This is the Slim they are talking about, I assume? Since the Neo is already officially announced, and the Slim isn't.

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Well I think it's nice to have something to look forward to, even if it takes a while to release. But that's a matter of personal preference I guess (of course, it shouldn't take too long, like The Last Guardian or FFXV).

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Not as long as there is enough other stuff to play, which is the case with PS4, if you ask me.

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Yeah, missed opportunity for Konami.

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Pretty strange that Survive isn't there. Is it known when the stage show line-up will be announced?

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How is it fundamentally different? They are both game consoles.

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Well to be fair, they did say in advance Snake wouldn't talk much in this game.

Edit: They did specifically say it in advance. And Snake did talk in the game, just not as much as in previous titles.

Here you go, they said it as early as November 2013: http://www.metalgearinforme...
And another one: ...

Having backwards compatibility is certainly a nice feature, but the reason I bought the XB1 was to play new games.

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After Uncharted 4, I don't understand why people still doubt the PS4's capabilities.

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Okay, just giving my 2 cents. :)

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"Struggling with the loss of his daughter, Joel becomes bitter and nasty throughout the game."

I find this a weird description. He already is bitter (and for good reason), and he actually allows himself to show his emotions as the story progresses.

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The studio was established in December 2015 and they already showed their first trailer at E3. They already have started.

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Yep, I will probably get this.

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It's because of the One S coming out in August, they want to get rid of the current model.

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