Metal... Gear?!


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I thought it was great. Not amazing, but great.

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No, their conference was awful.

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What about his comment is so unreasonable?

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Best announcement of E3 so far for me.

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Why does Marcus Fenix look much younger than he did in Gears 4?

Anyway, this does look great. Looking forward to playing it!

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I thought the MS show was great but I still think TLOUII, DS, GoT and Spider-Man (along with other announcements) is going to take the cake for me. DMC5 was my favorite announcement from the Xbox show but I'll be getting that on PS4.

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Yeah I would agree with an 8, much better than their previous shows.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't that multiplatform?

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I only buy physical.

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At last!

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There is a difference between offering online features, and requiring a constant connection for the console to work. If they're single player games, there is no good reason to require an internet connection.

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Worldwide I think. Not sure though.

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"I had gotten hints yesterday that the Microsoft press conference will have some important surprises outside all the third-party reveals. Today is definitely going to be interesting. Video games are better with MS & Sony throwing first-party haymakers (& Nintendo being Nintendo)" Andy McNamara from Game Informer:

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You can play those right now on PS4 you know.

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That's all you care about? Just so you know most Xbox One owners have a regular XB1.

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It was never exclusive to PS4.

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Only digitally? That's strange.

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Congrats, and well deserved! Glad to be one of them. :)

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Well if they do that the console won't be for me anymore. Not being able to play physical media is pretty much the only real dealbreaker a console can have for me.

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