Metal... Gear?!


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Getting that!

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I'm glad it won, I fully agree.

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What annoys me about that attitude is that they act like they are mere puppets in the hands of these trends. But as one of the three console makers they have a responsibility to help shape the industry the right way. If Phil wants single player games and thinks they are important, he should make sure they get made.

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@ 2cents: it's kind of funny that you get so worked up over this. But just so you know, most people agree 100% with their comments.

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Yes, because there aren't any new games on PS4. None at all.

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No, this is exactly what I want to hear as a gamer. Also, you sound angry.

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@ Septic: if it was 'massively outclassed', why was it nominated in the first place? It's not like there was a lack of games to pick from this year.

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@ Septic: it was nominated for GOTY, so it's fair to say there was at least a chance.

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Could have been any of the ones it was nominated for?

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Many feel it deserved to win Game of the Year.

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Yeah I think it deserved at least one award. But it is what it is.

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Nice! I hope LRG will publish a physical copy.

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I think it will be one of those, yeah. Although my personal pick would be Horizon (haven't played Mario yet).

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@ Big_Game_Hunters: ...Okay never mind then, you don't get it. Or pretend to not get it.

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Geoff Keighley just retweeted this announcement... so, DMC5 reveal at The Game Awards tonight?

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Hope this means we'll get a new installment as well.

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That's not odd at all, it's very logical. The larger the audience, the more diverse their tastes.

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Nice! 2018 is looking incredible in terms of games, so the number can only go up!

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Sounds pretty good.

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