Metal... Gear?!


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Well it's the first time we'll see gameplay for three out of four of those games. They are also among the most anticipated games in the industry, so it really isn't that surprising. Besides, what company doesn't show the same games multiple times?

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Yes please!

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The average is 8.

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Yeah, the positive reviews barely get any attention and the 'trending' negative reviews are pushed to the front page. It gives a skewed picture of the game's reception.

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Yes, the overwhelming majority liked it, a couple were mixed and a few were negative.

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It's a shame all the positive reviews are ignored, while the two reviews (out of 70+) that gave it a low rating get all the attention.

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It's a pattern I've noticed.

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"And it’s that storytelling that ultimately makes Detroit: Become Human a masterwork of interactive science fiction. It’s smart, it’s timely, it tells us something about ourselves, and — most importantly — its android characters feel like Pinocchio come to life. It’s easy for us to believe they’ve made the leap that speculative writers have been predicting for decades."

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"Although hampered by tired central plots and some predictable, occasionally hokey storytelling, the result is a technical feat in video game development and a meticulously detailed cinematic achievement."

Looking forward to playing this!

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Hm, no comments here.

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Of all the reviews submitted to Metacritic, the overwhelming majority has been positive.

Positive: 56
Mixed: 16
Negative: 2

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To be expected. :)

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@ Kumakai: then they should write a separate article about that, but what's the point of reviewing a game if you're looking at outside factors to judge it?

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No, not even close.

Sea of Thieve: 69 Meta
Detroit: 80 Meta

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Yeah. very comparable situation... lol

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Positive: 56
Mixed: 15
Negative: 2

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They really included that? What does it have to do with the quality of the game?

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We discuss the points of crisiscm made by the author.

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@ mindtwang: actually it was on the site, they must have corrected it.

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Then why is it currently 80 on MetaCritic?

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