Metal... Gear?!


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Days Gone was not 'meh', people who saw the behind closed doors demo were very enthusiastic.

Edit: this video for example, they specifically say it's more than just another zombie game (for one, the creatures aren't zombies):

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There is no rule E3 games have to be playable in a few months. I'd rather see what the future holds, for the coming months and afterwards. And Sony's conference was a lot more exciting because of it.

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And who would've funded his project then?

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I thought so too, but the strange thing is that the Q&A that info is coming from has been deleted a long time ago. So maybe things have changed. Here's the original source (or rather 'was'): https:[email protected]..

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"Speaking on the concerns of fans that we may be shifting to mid-generation console refreshes, Andrew House confirmed that Sony is not moving from traditional console lifecycle. “I’m certainly not making that statement”, he added."

Source: http://www.thecountrycaller...

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Hm, I would call God of War, Death Stranding, Spiderman and Resident Evil 7 megatons.

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Most of the games Microsoft showed this year were announced at E3 2015 or earlier, so...

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Glad to hear it.

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I disagree, I like hearing about games long in advance. Of course, there is a limit, but I don't mind waiting a few years, I'd rather have that than not hearing about them at all. Sony's show wouldn't have been as exciting without games like God of War and Death Stranding in it, they look awesome and I don't mind waiting for them.

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It's probably just too early to set a date for some of those games. And E3 is meant to give a look at the future, not just the coming holiday period but also beyond that.

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It looked very unique and intriguing, it really sets it apart from most games. It's very confusing indeed but the trailer also had a distinct look and feel to it and it's very promising.

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I meant the trailer (which is what this article is about). Don't know anything about the game.

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Norman Reedus.

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Completely agree with this article.

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What looks terrible about it? I thought it looked great.

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Yeah, Kojima sure knows how to make great trailers.

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Death Stranding is my favorite.

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NX review?

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So what? There will be plenty to play in the meantime.

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True but maybe this is the first step and they will reveal a true new Crash game later (PlayStation Experience?).

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