Metal... Gear?!


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Death Stranding may be further in development than people realize: http://www.metalgearinforme... It is currently in playable form.

Sony probably saved some of the big stuff for PSX as well.

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Condemn BC? Where?

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Sony did not ignore China, they released the PS4 there:

And then there's this:

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@ Senor: No. The 3DS is the successor to the DS. It shares the name 'DS' because it's still a dual screen, same way the Game Boy Advance was still a Game Boy but also it's successor.

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I hope you're right, it would be great if the Xbox division would have more budget to work with and invest in studios and new IPs.

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@ Neonridr: we also know that the Xbox One X will most likely have the best version, so then that would be pointless to compare as well, with that logic.

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So when the Xbox One X is out, you don't want DF articles on that either?

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@DA_SHREDDER: Yeah it's a 4K remaster of the 2nd Runner, with PSVR support: http://www.metalgearinforme...

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It's been confirmed to be a survival-action shooter.

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It's a game about WWII and you're surprised there are nazis in it?

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That does look nice.

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So you're saying 130 million by 2022 is a realistic number?

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Why would you add 3DS? That makes no sense.

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Sony just announced some VR stuff at TGS. Zone of the Enders in VR seems pretty cool.

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It really looks great. Updated visuals while maintaining the aesthetic style of the original.

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The Gamecube did have an advantage over the Switch though, it was an equally powerful console compared to its competitors. The Wii U had that advantage as well, but only for a short while until the PS4 and Xbox One arrived.

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"And is the first portable console to have a home console experience"

PSP / Vita say hi.

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I can't see the Switch sticking around for a decade, honestly. Especially when Sony and MS release their new consoles, which should be within the next 3 - 5 years.

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I actually doubt the Switch will have a ten year lifespan.

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