Metal... Gear?!


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I meant the trailer (which is what this article is about). Don't know anything about the game.

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Norman Reedus.

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Completely agree with this article.

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What looks terrible about it? I thought it looked great.

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Yeah, Kojima sure knows how to make great trailers.

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Death Stranding is my favorite.

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NX review?

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So what? There will be plenty to play in the meantime.

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True but maybe this is the first step and they will reveal a true new Crash game later (PlayStation Experience?).

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Death Stranding stole the show for me, overall Sony's conference was awesome.

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I wonder why it has to be a full year after the US, but it's better than nothing.

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I personally don't mind games being announced early, these press conferences are meant to give us a glimpse of the future, it doesn't have to be the immediate future. Of course every console needs a steady supply of games, but that's something different. E3 is the place to show us the future and make us enthusiastic about it, and Sony sure did that.

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Probably, yeah!

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I was hoping to see more of Ni No Kuni 2.

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Best show by far.

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From what I understand the Neo supports 4K video and HDR so it's more like the Xbox One S than the Scorpio.

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Well, if it gets it's own library of games on top of being significantly more powerful I pretty much consider it a successor.

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It's happened before, but 4 years is pretty short, especially for a console that was pretty expensive (500 at launch). Also, in the 'Tier 2' countries the Xbox One came out in 2014.

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So then it's basically a successor to the Xbox One. Or a semi-successor at least. I'm actually kind of glad to hear that.

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Yes. Actually, Microsoft just said that it might get its own games that aren't on the XB1 (Shannon Loftis said this during the Youtube E3 stream).

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