Metal... Gear?!


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But CoD has had a singleplayer campaign since the beginning. It's something you would expect to be included.

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That controller doesn't look very comfortable though.

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I already know this isn't for me, I just don't see this keeping me interested for longer than an hour. So why would I spend 70 or 80 euros to find that out?

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Still not interest.

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lol the game has been rated by 85 critics on Metacritic and it's still at a 95. It's not going to go down by any significant margin anymore.

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I hope they'll wait until 2020.

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A game with a Metacritic average of 95, what a shame

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@ Tallon: or you can't accept that people don't agree with your wild statements. Yes this game was influenced by The Last of Us but that doesn't mean that it 'plays the same'.

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What is your problem? Are you sad this game is scoring so well?

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@ Tallon:

"You're not helping the Sony fanbase look buddy."

And you're doing a marvelous job representing the Nintendo fanbase!

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Do you have a link? Interested in checking it out.

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I'm sure it will do really well. It's been nr 1 on Amazon for days.

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@ chaos: and how were we supposed to know that?

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I get where you're coming from but I'm just really intrigued by what we've seen so far. The atmosphere, visual quality, how original it all sounds... I can't imagine it not becoming anything special. That said I'm really looking forward to seeing some gameplay as well, also because what Mark Cerny (who has seen some gameplay a while ago) said about it: http://www.metalgearinforme...

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Coolest picture of the year! :P

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Well people who are interested to check it out can always try out Zero or Kiwami, both are good entry points (especially Zero is awesome).

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This series really deserves more attention in the west.

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Just stop.

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Crackdown 1 sits at a 83 on Metacritic and Crackdown 2 at a 70. I don't think it's realistic to expect the third one to be of the same caliber as God of War, which now sits at a 95.

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