Metal... Gear?!


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Try harder.

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It's also coming to the US and Canada, apparently:

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I'm tired of waiting, what is taking them so long?

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That Storm Grey Special Edition looks very nice!

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Of course they should have done that, but the damage has already been done now and they should do what they can to fix things with patches.

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We will see. You could be right, but perhaps the game will turn out great, as was the case with Team ICO's previous titles. I've waited ten years, I'd rather wait another two months for a more polished game than have the game a little earlier with more bugs in it.

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It is a good thing. They're taking the extra time to polish the game. Does that really need explaining?

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Maybe it hasn't been explicitly promised, but you would assume a game to be working as it should before it is released.

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"Littered with bugs, excruciating load times, and a severely padded ending, ReCore is a great example of good ideas, flawed execution."

A shame. This game should have been delayed and given some extra polish.

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"Crashes and UI bugs
Long loading times"

Hopefully a patch can fix these things.

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It's December 7th in Europe:

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Sucks, but I do appreciate the fact that they'd rather polish it more than just put it in the stores at all costs.

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"I have no doubt that exclusives are already in the works for the PS4 Pro, and I hope that they make my PS4 look like crap so that I have a reason to empty my bank account."

Really? In any case, I don't think Sony will do this, they don't want to alienate existing users, the Pro is simply meant as a PS4 that can give a better performance, but still a PS4.

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Where does it say that?

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I'm assuming you're talking about me, but just for the record, I never said he 'would never tell a lie on twitter'. But yeah, I must be brainwashed.

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What does any of that have to do with Hamamura's knowledge?

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If that was the case, they wouldn't answer that question to begin with, or try to dodge the question by giving a vague answer.

@ BattleAxe: And I don't have a single reason to believe in this theory, about the conference being changed at the last minute due to the Scorpio reveal. Is there even one piece of evidence for that?

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Oh, my bad.

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Shall we wait until the Slim and Pro are both out, and see how they're actually doing before deciding that they messed up?

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Interesting. I also wonder how the Slim is doing in Japan, since it's already out there.

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