Metal... Gear?!


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Nice, it's a great system.

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Well yeah, I'm also disappointed by how often Yakuza 0 gets shafted, people barely talk about that game.

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Well deserved!

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@ Death: I was being sarcastic, that was my point. 3 million is a great success for PUBG, but every time a PS4 game sells a few million people will start talking about attach rate in an attempt to downplay the numbers.

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"which means Sony will have to come out with new hardware to get native 4K resolutions"

Well, that's my point, they don't. They are doing fine as it is, still being the market leader worldwide.

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It was Switch.

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According to the logic of many Xbox fans here, that's a horrible attach rate. Over 90% of Xbox One users did not buy the game!

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In the US you mean.

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I wouldn't say that is the 'sole reason'. It's just that the PS4 is the better option. There are very few interesting games on XB1 that can't be played on PS4, and there are a lot the other way around.

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I don't see how, Sony already released their mid-gen upgrade and I don't see Nintendo coming with a 4K Switch anytime soon.

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"In terms of exclusive games in the charts, it was dominated by PS4. Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy is at No.6, Gran Turismo Sport at No.8 and Horizon: Zero Dawn at No.10."

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I'm sure it will have microtransactions, the question is will they tone it done compared to Battlefront II or go all out?

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Xbox One X: 9. Wow.

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That Mario Tennis game looks pretty nice, should be better than the Wii U installment.

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"Yea, which is why they said a *different vision* but it will still be the same concept of GaaS."

How do you know that? He didn't say that. And of course there will be GAAS games on PS4, but the point is where the focus is.

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@ gangsta: it probably means a focus on single player games. This is what Shawn Layden said about it at PSX:

"Layden mentioned that at SCE Worldwide Studios there is a lot of “devotion and love” for storytelling, and narrative, what people call “single player games.” Sony has most of its eggs in that basket because — according to Layden’s opinion — “that’s the thing they do well.”

He doesn’t want to go to any of the teams and tell them “I read in a m...

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@ gangsta: well, what do you want to hear? When Kodera first took over House's role, people were a bit worried because of his background. He just joined Twitter yesterday and he immediately was asked about this. He didn't ignore the question, but answered it in a clear, open and reassuring way. That is good news. Of course we will have to wait and see, but the signs are good.

Also, regarding his words on PlayStation's vision, he wasn't talking about a differ...

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@ gangsta: so he said that but you just don't want to believe it. Fair enough, that's another discussion, but we were talking about what he's saying now. He said we don't have to worry about GAAS, Sony's vision is different and he will continue Andrew's work. That's what he said so those are the facts right now.

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It's not about wanting your money, it's about how they do it. They can get my money by continuing to support diverse single player games and new IPs.

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@ gangsta: he literally says he wants to continue the work of Andrew House. And he also says not to worry about the GAAS issue and that Sony's vision is different.

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