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"Sony has taken Spiderman as an exclusive"

No, Marvel was the one who approached Sony for their new Spiderman game.

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Without exclusives there wouldn't be a point in having multiple systems. Without multiple systems there wouldn't be competition, which would not be a good thing for the gamer. Exclusives are necessary, and give each system its own identity.

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I don't know which games you've been playing, but titles like Infamous Second Son and Uncharted 4 are a huge step up compared to their PS3 counterparts.

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I could see them trying that but it wouldn't end well.

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Yeah because of that there isn't much chance they will do that. But it would make sense within their current philosophy, where Xbox is more of a service and not tied to a specific platform. But now you have to pay for online on one platform and not on the other, kind of strange.

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They didn't show one game. Zelda was obviously the main focus but they showed other stuff as well.

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Are you sure? Wouldn't they have called it 'remakes' instead of 'remasters'?

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If they truly want to dissolve the walls, I hope they will make online multiplayer free on the console as it is on PC.

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One of the best announcements of E3.

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Good article, I agree with most of what is said there.

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Yes, it has been confirmed to be real before E3 started.

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There were rumors about God of War, Spiderman and Days Gone, but no one saw Kojima's game coming. True, it was just a teaser for now, but still a big deal, and much more than anyone could have expected.

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Not necessarily. Take Wii U for example, it's a successor to the Wii yet it supports Wii controllers and games.

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Because I possess a skill called patience.

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Days Gone was not 'meh', people who saw the behind closed doors demo were very enthusiastic.

Edit: this video for example, they specifically say it's more than just another zombie game (for one, the creatures aren't zombies):

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There is no rule E3 games have to be playable in a few months. I'd rather see what the future holds, for the coming months and afterwards. And Sony's conference was a lot more exciting because of it.

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And who would've funded his project then?

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I thought so too, but the strange thing is that the Q&A that info is coming from has been deleted a long time ago. So maybe things have changed. Here's the original source (or rather 'was'): https:[email protected]..

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"Speaking on the concerns of fans that we may be shifting to mid-generation console refreshes, Andrew House confirmed that Sony is not moving from traditional console lifecycle. “I’m certainly not making that statement”, he added."

Source: http://www.thecountrycaller...

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Hm, I would call God of War, Death Stranding, Spiderman and Resident Evil 7 megatons.

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