Metal... Gear?!


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That sounds promising.

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Hm, I wonder what's more of an irritating waste of time, the game or this review...

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This is a new level of pathetic. Nice cherry-picking though, you really spent some of your precious time on it!

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I own an Xbox One (since launch) and I think they need more true exclusives other than the big three (Halo, Gears and Forza). Xbox could use some variety if you ask me.

Edit: I bought Quantum Break on launch day, and last month I got Gears 4. Haven't bought Recore yet because I wanted to wait for some patches to fix its issues, and there are other things coming out that have my priority for now.

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But you have to admit this type of game is perfect for VR.

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For a title like this, I was expecting the platform ratio to be strongly in favor of PS4. But yeah, 1st vs 14th is pretty extreme.

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I would certainly welcome an Order sequel.

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I feel the same way. As long as there's always enough to play, I don't see the problem.

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Nah, I'd prefer to know a bit longer in advance, it's nice to stay updated over the years and look forward to the game. Following the game industry for years I've learned to wait and be patient, and it makes it all the more special when you can finally play the game.

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Announcing release dates at a later date when they are more certain sounds good, but I do hope they keep announcing games relatively early because I like to know about them in advance and learn more about them while waiting for the game to come out.

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Agreed, I would really like another Order game.

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Games are what matters, not power.

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No, it's a story about human bonds. Exactly because it's set in such a hostile world where everybody is just trying to survive it only serves to shine some more light on this theme.

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That sucks, you missed out on an amazing game.

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Day one!

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Thanks! Good to go now.

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Somebody revive me...

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Great! I pre-ordered my copy (Collector's Edition) months ago.

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Not his fault you bought the wrong console.

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