Metal... Gear?!


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@ P-Bomb: exactly, Yakuza 6 isn't releasing in the west until next year.

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Actually, if you compare these numbers to a huge mainstream title like Forza 7 (presented as an Xbox One X system seller), it only speaks for them.

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Because it had several reports that needed to be fixed before approval.

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@ Malacath: except they affect the game. The progression system is made in such a way that it encourages the use of micro transactions.

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Well, not me.

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"Launching as part of our free December update, we’ll be introducing a brand new single player mode called “GT League”. Based on the old “GT mode” of previous titles, players can now look forward to racing through a series of cup competitions from beginner to pro levels, and and even partake in endurance races!"

Good news for those who were missing a more traditional single player campaign!

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Pokemon sales are insane as always.

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Doesn't work. I've never bought that stuff and they're still there, because there are always other people who'll buy it.

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I'm certainly interested.

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Oh boy! I'm very amused right now.

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From a business perspective maybe (I doubt that too, but okay), but not from any other perspective.

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Now go make a current gen release!

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When were Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 announced again?

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Since the launch of the Xbox One there have been less and less first party games coming out every year.

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Started? Am I reading this right?

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What games?

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Or no games, even easier.

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"Digital will have made up for some of that drop-off (based on the performance of other games this year). Although, based on EA's digital figures, that won't be enough to make up for the shortfall."

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lol @ network.

I buy different systems for different game libraries. This is the main thing that makes them distinct from each other, and the only reason I even invest in multiple systems.

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@ spreadlove: alright, go play Call of Duty then. What's the problem? Those games aren't exclusive.

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