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Metal... Gear?!


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There's also a much cheaper regular version and even an ebook, if this edition isn't for you.

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Getting Rise of the Tomb Raider. Gears 4 and Battlefield will have to come later, and perhaps Titanfall 2 (still undecided).

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For anyone who doesn't own a PS4 yet I'd advice to get the Pro, because why not? The price difference isn't that big anyway. But yeah, if you already own a PS4 you can just keep using that (which is a good thing).

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Nice trailer, hopefully the sp is good.

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Nice! Will Europe get this edition as well?

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It's still more than 2 hours. In general, those numbers are surprisingly high, especially taking into account they are averages.

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It has been edited because the title has to be the same as the original article.

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Interesting. First Limited Run Games, and now this. Good to see physical copies aren't going anywhere, there is clearly a market for it.

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Yeah, it's getting ridiculous now.

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"Oddly enough, PlayStation 4 owners only spend 2 hours and 15 minutes gaming on average per day. That's quite surprising given how Sony claims it's the best place to play but gamers don't seem to be gaming that much on their system."

2,5 a day seems pretty long to me. It's not as long as the Wii U and Xbox One but I wouldn't call it 'not gaming that much'.

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Still, I'm not sure this will really matter to the average consumer who just buys the console to play games. Sure, it would have been nice to have the option but I doubt it will really affect the success of the device.

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Nice! They'll need to hit 120k though, it's a stretch goal. But it will probably happen.

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December 31st is clearly a placeholder date.

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"Are you excited to play Final Fantasy XV even though the (majority) guys at Square Enix pretty much see the female characters as objects? I mean have you seen Cindy?"

And the male cast don't look like male models? What's the difference?

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I bought The Last of Us Remastered after a price drop, despite already playing it on PS3, because it's such a great game and I hadn't played the DLC yet.

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Depends on what games they are, wether you've already played them and how much effort was put into the remaster.

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This one maybe? :P

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What is The Last of Us doing on that list?

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Nah I'm good for now. I have a 1080p tv and regular Xbox One.

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I have neither...

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