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Subscription model is good, as long as you keep the virtual world completely separated from real money. There is nothing I hate more than trading virtual items with real cash - it completely ruins the immersion.

In my opinion real world money should be payed for real world things such as server maintenance and tech support costs, and it has no place in the virtual world economy.

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On the contrary. The fact that the major system seller for one system is a multiplayer only FPS, and the others is a singlep-player only open-world action game, my choice is clearer than ever.

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I have a bad intuition that the next thing we're going to see from them is massive layoffs.

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I totally agree with you. I hate it when those so called 'free to play' games apply subtle pressure on you to buy in-game items with real money.

In my opinion there should be a complete separation between in-game and real life economy. In-game economy should cover stuff like items, spells, transport and whatever else. Real life fee is about servers, administrators, customer support and such.

The problem is when the game devs succumb to greed and start...

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Can't wait for that Santa Monica new IP!

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Because it *is* 1080p, it just used a more clever and resource-efficient technique to render half of the pixels of each frame to give multiplayer the framerate boost it required.

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I just hope it's not an online-only free to play game like Deep Down. Keeping my expectations low to avoid another disappointment.

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Sony becomes weaker while Microsoft becomes stronger. Maybe this generation war is not over yet.

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Why so late? Release it today.

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I just prefer consoles.

I don't like Windows, especially their last tablet oriented version.

I don't like Steam and their DRM - just prefer DRM-free physical copies.

Mods are nice, but I prefer to experience the game the way the developers intended to.

PCs have nicer graphics, but require significantly more resources since the calculations pass various abstraction layers - DirectX and drivers for example. It's muc...

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Based on the rumors around the net this game is going to be disappointing. I hope it will do well as I run out of games for my PS4.

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If you're playing it on PC better download it through GOG or Humble to support DRM-free stores.

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Slow loading times... it breaks my heart. Those kind of games typically involve a lot of trial and error to do things exactly the way you planned.

It tortured me on DE:HR when I was trying to achieve perfect stealth.

Hope the PS4 version won't be affected by it.

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They're not little. I think about 30% of the screen is covered in permanent blackness. It looks hideous.

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I know film is still being used as I have a camera that uses it, but the data is written digitally, unlike on VCRs.

And the question of whether the FoV is narrower or wider is a chicken-and-egg type of question. You make the FoV wider by expending the frame horizontally and make it narrower vertically, but then you can add more data to the black bars by expending it vertically again.

I'm considering it this way: I have a 16:9 screen, so any frame that is ...

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This is very disappointing. For me, 16:9 is already a bit too narrow frame for video gaming. Making it even more narrow and wasting 30% of my screen on black bars is definitely not going to enhance my experience with the game.

I'm probably still going to buy it, just hope it will not become a trend to sacrifice screen space for better graphics.

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I'm also holding fingers for 1920x1080. I hate black bars in movies and I'll hate them even more in a game.

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Film grain and black bars - two of my most hated 'cinematic' effects :(

The film grain was just a technical limitation of the non-digital storage media. Thanks god, modern movies don't have film grain, are they considered less 'cinematic' because of it?

And the black bars are just plain annoying. Almost everyone has a 16:9 TV this days, why should you artificially narrow your field of view and waste 20-30% of your screen pixels on black ba...

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I'm glad PC fans have exiting games coming, but I think I'll stay with my PS4 for this generation, for the following reasons:

1. I pirated games all my childhood because I didn't have any gaming budget. Now when I'm adult and I have a stable gaming budget each month I like the feeling of purchasing my games and paying the developers. But since I like my games physical and DRM free (*) I'm much more satisfied with console games. And it's not as expensiv...

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Ironically a gaming console was the device that allowed me to finally get rid of the proprietary bloatware that Windows is and migrate to the truly free and open source GNU/Linux operating system.

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